Featured Romo: All 22 Breakdown

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Ntegrase96, Nov 12, 2013.

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    Posted before I read this.
    Good stuff.
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    Would love to see more posts like this from you. You are turning into a Romo realist my friend.
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    Right, I said for the "win or go home" games. It hasn't been the same for the less critical games during Romo's career because in the most critical games he's had a number of "multiple" turnover games. In 4 of his 6 elimination game losses he suffered multiple turnovers. Turnovers kill you in do or die games especially on the road. If you check Romo's winning percentage for the months of Dec/Jan it hasn't been very good because he's suffered a majority of his turnovers during those months. He's had more turnovers than TD's during Dec/Jan.
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    wow...is this true?
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    I was thinking about his elimination games in Dec/Jan. His TD to turnover ratio in his 7 elimination games is 8-12 but his overall Dec/Jan TD to turnover ratio is 47-36.
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    If the reason we're not winning in those games is because of his turnovers, then that same blueprint should work in other games, correct? His 12 tds to 1 int in our losses tells you that winning football games is not just about the play of your QB, it's about all of the 46 active players combined.

    By the way, you're information is way off based, it's not true that he has "more turnovers than TD's during Dec/Jan." For his career, in December/January combined he has played in 33 games while throwing for 45 TDS, 26 INTS, 7249 YDS, and a 90 QBRating. The reason his "winning percentage for the months of Dec/Jan hasn't been very good" is because he's on a below average team, they only win when Romo plays very good and even then it's like a 60% chance of winning the game.
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    The defense definitely sucked it's sucked most of this season but if you think Romo completing only 41.7 percent of his passes for 128 yards with the offense going 0-9 on 3rd down your standards aren't very high. The only good thing he did was not turn the ball over.
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    Romo does not need a psychologist................he needs a dam defense. Maybe he would take more chances if the defense was not giving up 700 yards a game and 40 first downs.
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    The reason we're not winning those elimination games isn't all because of Romo but he's contributed with some awful performances that were laced with multiple turnovers. I'm not putting all the blame on him so don't go there. In 3 of his elimination games he suffered 3 turnovers did those turnovers not "contribute" to the losses? I was referring to his Dec/Jan turnovers during his elimination games and made that correction.

    Romo has been part of some very good Cowboys teams one of which was the #1 seed in 07 and the other in 09 won the NFC East and a playoff game. The major issues with the current team is the coaching and a horrible defense that's been the worst in franchise history after 10 games. The offense is also having issues and Romo has to take some of the blame he's the QB.
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    And 8 years of nothing but 1 playoff win with a different team around him 2 to 3 times. I don't mind if you smooch up to a QB who hasn't and will never win a Super Bowl, but for Jones to do that is the reason fans like myself have been depressed for nearly 18 years. Meanwhile, you and Jones are in to moral victories. Like great stats are moral victories.
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    I'm glad everyone is finally seeing this fraud for who he's always been. A small school over achiever, no one drafted him for a reason. His arm is week, and he relies on explosive receivers and HOF players. (TO/Witten) And he also relied on the vertical passing philosophy of Garrett who's now not calling the plays. He also relied on buying time with his quickness and ability to escape pressure to buy more time to open things up for him down field. But when you play smart defenses, who realizes that if you don't let Romo out of the pocket, and put a little pressure on him up the gut, he becomes that small school undrafted overachiever way in over his head.

    And this is what smart defenses have done to him in important games, and he's always failed in them. The QB is the most important part of a football team and can be the difference in winning and losing, no matter what team he has around him. There is a reason the Green Bay offense sucks when Rodgers goes down. There is a reason Indy can only win 1 game until Luck gets there. Same team around Luck as the 1 and 15 teams, yet he takes them to the playoffs. 1 person, not the team, it was Luck.

    It's not a team sport, it's a QBs game, and the league has turned it in to that more and more. If the rules were the same for the offense and the QB back in the 70s 80s & 90s, there would be records set that would not be beatable today. And so 300 yard passing games means nothing today but Romo fans get all horny over that. Everyone throws for 300 yards today, whoopty. Romo has never been able to properly read defenses, but at least back then he had guts.

    So the things he got away with today are all gone, so now he will only have a great game every 5 or 6 games against sorry teams. Can't beat a good team.

    Now he's gun shy, wont take chances cause his arm is too week.
    Not accurate at all.
    Slow as molasses
    Can't escape pressure anymore
    Holds on to the ball way too long (but he got away with it in the past cause when the pressure gets there, he would escape it, but too slow now)
    Never even looks at his #1 target, stares down his receivers.

    Kitna put great numbers in the Garrett vertical offense when Romo went down. So huge passing yards mean SQUAT to me, never have. Romo was never the answer and we've wasted a decade on this nonsense.
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    you are on a roll my friend
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    I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just tired of wasting decades when things aren't working. Jerry just can't let go sometimes. It was obvious that Aikman was in decline and Jerry kept adding parts around him, even as extreme as to spend 2 number 1 picks for receiver Joey Galloway. He thought he could keep plugging around Aikman instead of seeing the writing on the wall. A QB that can't at least win in the playoffs on a consistent bases is just not the one. How long does it take to figure this out? And then you see John Kitna come in and put up really good numbers made me see that he could take any good QB and have them put up numbers.

    I'm tired of losing and excuses. It's time to start throwing games or making a HUGE trade on draft day, but this time, not for a stupid corner.
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    Hey wait just a minute buster. I dont know if this has ever been brought up, but have you ever considered that this might be a process and it's still evolving? A-ha! Gotcha on this one, didnt I?

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    First, the bold part was funny. And i agree that 300 yard passing game is not a big deal at all in today's NFL. In fact, under 300 passing yards could be considered a bad day for a veteran QB.

    What is more concerning is something i just read on NFL nation - that the cowboys offense thus far this year has the 3rd worst % for converting 3rd downs - the 2 teams worse than Dallas at converting 3rd downs are Arizona led by carson palmer pick machine and Jacksonville.

    3rd down is the down were QB needs to show up - generally on 3rd down you know you are passing and so does the other team - so its the down where the QB has to be effective.

    People were talking about the ravens winning the superbowl last year with defense, but what a lot of people ignore is that Flacco was great at converting 3rd downs throughout the playoffs and in the superbowl as well and that is what made the difference.
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    Been saying this for awhile now, he has the LeBron James syndrome, afraid of failure in the big games at the big moment. Whether it's because of the media scrutiny he will receive or in that moment he can't get his past failures out of his head. Remember James in the finals against Dallas, he just knew in his mind that if it could go wrong then it would go wrong and it showed. Romo needs a breakthrough moment.
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    Absolutely fabulous post Clove.

    Edit: Note -- I'm not fully agreeing with the part of your post where you call Romo a fraud. I don't feel that way. I do fully agree the rest of the post.
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    Some people treat them the same.

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