Photo: Romo All Time Leader - 100 Career Starts

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Kilyin, Oct 20, 2013.

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    I have never seen a team have such a large disparity in how great their QB is and the rest of the team is garbage for an extended period of time. None of those other QBs mentioned had that problem. IMO, we have disgustingly wasted Romo's 10 year window to win championships. Crap OL for 10 years. Crap DL, CBs and safety crap since Darren Woodson left. Having to deal with loser WRs like Roy Williams and "zero pain tolerance" Mile Austin. We've drafted one WR in 10 years worth a darn. Romo should take him $108MM and file suit against JJ! :(
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    And Romo is a "young" 33, having not played any meaningful snaps until halfway through his fourth season. Romo's going to play out his current contract (age 39)- at least.
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    Oh, nice, the "win or go home games". What about the "spotlight games'? Or, the "elimination games", or any other asinine category of game that you want to put Romo in?

    Oh, just to educate you, Romo is only one guy on the team. smfh
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    I don't know if everybody will know what I mean, but if we had the 2013 Tony Romo on the 2007 Cowboys, Dallas would have won the Super Bowl that year. Romo has gotten better while the team around him's talent has deteriorated. Romo is the only reason Dallas has been relevant since 2011.
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    Hahahaha, didn't take long. Were you all teary eyed as you typed this?. Give the guy a break man. People lose credibility when there's pie their face; not saying you, just in general. Unless the shoe fits ;-)
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    Oh, dude...both shoes fit him, that is for sure!
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    Or the "games that really matter" meaning the games won to get to that point didnt really matter . . . . . . .
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    Well, those are considered individual rushing yards, receiving yards, tackels, etc.
    Won-loss records are obvioulsy team stats unless they are playing golf or tennis.
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    Only IF he can increase his playoff win total to more than 1.
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    You just don't get it. He doesn't kick anyone's dog. He nails fantasy blondes, wears his cap backwards and has a scratch golf game. All bad stuff.
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    It took Peyton 8 years...
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    The game is changing. But even then - this is awesome. Just need the team to win more games.

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