Romo and Dez interviews on NFL Network

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TX_Yid, Jul 27, 2014.

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    Nothing earth shattering in either interview but good stuff all the same.

    Romo intimated that he is still recovering and taking things cautiously as he works his way back from surgery. Knows that there is a limit on what his back can take as he comes back and is aware of what he is asking his body to do. Reading into it I'd say he's feeling 75 - 80% at this point.
    He's a funny dude. Sitting between Eisen and Irvin, Eisen asked him if he realized that Dez's 13 TDs last season is 3 more than Irvin ever managed in a season.. Tony turned to Mike and replied, yeah we talk about it a lot. :)

    Dez is pure passion. I love it. He loves football and he wants to WIN. He is trying to be everything that the Playmaker was to his teams. He's trying everything he can to pull everyone along with him, to be the best and to achieve. Loves guys who carry themselves as winners and thats what he is trying to be.
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    Lol "yea, we talk bout that a lot."

    Y do I get the feeling that means dez brags bout it a lot lol funny stuff.
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    He was being sarcastic. I doubt if they sit around talking about how Dez has broken a Playmaker record.
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