Romo better than Elway

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by galebedeker, Mar 29, 2013.

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    + 1000 for your post.but why let facys get in the way of the Romo guys?
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    Thanks BF4e. I thought he should have been in the HOF but the tone of the op's post made me believe John must not be yet. How else in the world could he even consider comparing Tony to a HOF'er?
    The only two active qb's I personally would consider comparing to HOF'ers at this time, are Brady and Manning (P).
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    Lots of hero worship in here, especially by people who likely never even saw Elway play. And the whole HOF argument is stupid, since if the Cowboys manage to win a Super Bowl then Romo is going straight to the HOF as well. It's funny that some Romo hater called Romo an interception machine. Elway threw so many interceptions he made Romo look like a ball security-obsessed bus driver.
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    Your seriously embarassing yourself. I saw Elway his entire career with Stanford as the top recruit in the country to the end of his career in Denver. Believe me the biggest difference between Elway and Romo is that when Elway tried to do too much the end result was usually a victory for the Broncos instead turn over filled loss. He did not have alot of talent around him either. His team were outclassed in his Super Bowl losses by superior teams. Elway first ballot HOF and played in an era where they actually played defense instead of basketball on grass. Romo wont even sniff the HOF.
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    Elway similar to Favre in interception %.

    Elway 300 TD's, 226 INT's.
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    When you make a comparison, and one side hasn't done anything to warrant that match-up, it is that side who defends the association from the lessers point-of-view that is reaching and trying to justify their position.

    I like Romo. I think this comparison is a but lopsided in favor of Elway.
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    Romo will be a first ballot HOFer. See how easy that is?

    Never said anything bad about Elway. I just don't worship heroes. Elway didn't do anything better than Tony when it comes to playing QB. And I say that knowing that Elway is probably the best physical QB talent to ever play in the NFL. When you compare Elway to Romo and adjust for eras, they're very similar.
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    It isnt a matter of hero worship. It is a matter of facts. Elway one of the greatest players to ever play period. If he had worn the star he would be royalty around here. The only QB I didnt see play for Dallas was LeBarron, and Elway was better than every one of them, Staubach and Aikman included. Your original post came off as trollish, nothing more.
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    No, you are just showing you either don't know or don't remember John Elway before be got a 2000 yard back and a halfway decent defense. He had multiple entire SEASONS where he threw more interceptions than touchdowns that you weird Romo haters would skewer Romo if be even came close to doing. Elway was viewed as an outstanding physical talent who could run like the wind and throw the ball out of the stadium, but he made lots of mistakes from yes, sometimes trying to do too much. He was not some magical quarterback like the hero worshipers want to believe. His performance was above average and his totals were racked up through longevity. But keep on worshiping.
  10. RS12

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    Let me ask you this. If you put 100 scouts in a room who didnt work for Dallas or Denver who they would rather have as their QB Romo or Elway, do you think even one would say Romo? Think real hard before you answer. What is your next argument, Demarco Murray over Walter Payton?
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    When the history of pro football is written, there will be a chapter on John Elway.

    Tony Romo won't even get a blurb.
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    Making up unprovable hypotheticals is not an argument. If you cannot beat his take on merit then turning to fantasy land does not help your cause.
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    Scouts? What does that have to do with anything? 100 out of 100 scouts would pick Elway over Montana. Do I get to tell the scouts that one guy has four seasons where he tossed more interceptions than touchdowns, while the other guy has 31-10, 36-19, and 26-9 under his belt?
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    You are absolutely corrected.

    Not to hate on Romo or anything but today's QB numbers are over-inflated thanks to all the rule changes and the league's transformation into more of a passing league.

    I don't consider Matthew Stafford a star QB but when it's all said and done he'll probably blow by guys like Joe Montana and Steve Young as far as passing stats are concerned.

    The Hall of Fame voters know this as well. That's why a lot of receivers with gaudy numbers haven't got into the Hall yet. It's not all about the numbers anymore. It's about what you do on the big stage. And that's why I think Romo won't see any part of the Hall of Fame unless he goes on a surprising run and wins a Super Bowl.

    Honestly it may take more than one Super Bowl for him to get in. A Super Bowl plus a couple of NFC title game appearances would be my guess. Some may think that's asking for a lot but I would argue that Romo's long list of coming up small in primetime and post season games can only be erased by going on multiple deep playoff runs.
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    I think that's enough with the name calling etc.
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    I've already beaten his take on merit. See the prior posts. BTW if you think any scout worth employing would say Romo over Elway you're the one in fantasy land.
  18. RS12

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    LOL, I think you had a dream you'd beaten someone's take. You haven't presented a single fact yet. I'm waiting for you to explain how a 10 TD, 17 INT can't be compared to today's era. Should I inflate it to 20 TDs and 34 INTs?
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