Romo better than Elway

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by galebedeker, Mar 29, 2013.

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    As soon as you explain top college recruit in the country, top pick in the NFL draft, 300 career TDs when they actually played defense, 22 playoff appearances 13 wins, five SB appearances two wins, won league MVP, won SB MVP, 35 4th quarter comebacks, first ballot HOF. Pretty crappy resume huh?
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    He won't explain it because he cant. for this thread to even still be up is a joke.Romo is not even in the same universe as Elway.
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    Everything is evident but he has a point about Elway not living up to expectations early on. It was actually worse than that. But Tony doesn't have Elway's arm much less the resume. He does have other attributes that Elway doesn't.

    The acid test is put them on the same team at year four of their careers as starters on another team and pick who starts. My guess is most would pick Elway. Now if he threw several picks my guess is Romo would come off the bench.
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    Jerry will get his chapter, and when Tony wins a Super Bowl Jerry will get credit for sticking with him.
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    Nah bro, Romo is still better!!! ;)
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    Dude, youre two days early for April fools day.
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    Tony Romo doesn't have the mental capacity to compete at the highest level of the sport.

    I don't care what you put around him, that fact will never change.

    At some point(especially now since teams are so close) your QB has to make a play in high pressure situations, do you really think Romo is capable of doing that?And if so, what do you base it on?

    As I think about it, I'll give Romo some slack.I don't believe in him, but I just thought about the fact that Dez Bryant couldn't even shake coverage from DeAngelo Hall in that last game.

    And we all know that Miles Austin useless.Witten ain't running past nobody.

    Anybody else thinking we need a Wr in round one?If we really want to make this thing Romo friendly, maybe we should!Lord knows the Cowboys need to improve their scoring offense!
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    I don't play with unprovable hypotheticals. If it makes you feel better to assume your suppositions are correct then go for it. I prefer empirical proof.
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    Last time I looked, Romo was QB of America's team. Did they all of a sudden move to NCAA?

    Not only is he competing, but he has some records and stats to show for it. Mind you, most of his career is without a competent offensive line and a mediocre defense.

    It can not be disputed he has only one playoff win. Scratch that, the Dallas Cowboys have only one playoff win in 17 years. This is still a team sport right? Has he choked in a few situations? Yes, but so has every other NFL QB!

    It is time to let go of your hatred for Romo, he is our quarterback and deserves to be supported from us fans. If you can't do that, I think there is room on the Seahawks bandwagon.
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    Romo's 7 years as a starter: 91 ints.
    Elways first 7 years: 114 ints.
    Elways last 7 years: 86 ints. (this was when he was playing the best football of his career)

    I don't want to hear anything about the NFL being more of a passing league now when Elway threw for 3000+ 12 of his 15 years. In fact Romo averages 462 passing attempts a year. Elway averaged 482 attempts. Not only does that argument hold zero weight, it is flat out wrong. Elway actually passed more than Romo does on average.

    Elway had 35 4th quarter comebacks in 15 years. Or 2.3 a year.
    Romo has 18 4th quarter comebacks in 7 years. Or 2.5 a year.

    Romo completed 60% of his passes 7/7
    Elway completed 60% of his passes 3/15

    Romo averages: 3676 yards, 25 tds/13 ints a year (more yards, more tds, less Ints, less attempts)
    Elway averaged: 3431 yards, 20 ts/15 ints a year.

    Obviously the big difference is post-season success. But regular season, Romo is playing at a much better pace than John did.
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    playoffs is what i meant as highest level of the sport
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    Whether you want to hear about it or not, it is an absolute fact. It is way easier for QBs to have success throwing the ball now than in Elway's day, WAY easier. The QBs can't even be touched now, WRs can't be touched now.

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    For those of you (Super Kazuya, Muhast) that want to compare statistics between Romo and Elway, consider the top 11 passing yardage seasons and look at what year that most of them came in...

    1. Drew Brees 5,476 2011 NOR
    2. Tom Brady 5,235 2011 NWE
    3. Drew Brees 5,177 2012 NOR
    4. Dan Marino 5,084 1984 MIA
    5. Drew Brees 5,069 2008 NOR
    6. Matthew Stafford 5,038 2011 DET
    7. Matthew Stafford 4,967 2012 DET
    8. Eli Manning 4,933 2011 NYG
    9. Tony Romo 4,903 2012 DAL
    10. Kurt Warner 4,830 2001 STL
    11. Tom Brady 4,827 2012 NE

    Now the anomalies here are Marino and Warner, but Warner's came somewhat recently. Every other one has come within the last 5 years. I added the 11th spot just to show that the trend of all time passing seasons continues with recent seasons. There's no way you can compare statistics between Elway's days and today; especially considering that yardage records are being broken every season.
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    I was watching Elways replays the other night by accident and I couldn't believe the arm and grit to get into the end zone.


    I'm almost scared to see Tony go in there like that after seeing him and his humbly georgous wife and beautiful child walking off while saying "bye" to everyone in the building.

    Man..... What nice people. He's got to go to war like that?

    He has a championship off the field for himself if you ask me.

    If he does it, it's for everyone but himself.....
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    That's not a 'fact.' There is no objective way to define what is being asked much less that it is a fact.

    The Mel Blount rule was put in in the late 1970s. I don't think it's a coincidence that Montana, Marino, Elway, Moon, Kelly, et al came out of the woodwork in the early 1980s.
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    Good post, OP. Don't let the majority get you down or you won't last around here.
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