Romo better than Elway

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by galebedeker, Mar 29, 2013.

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    Yes, the strongness of Romo wil win the ACF any day now!

    /Did you even bother reading what he said?
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    That may be true, but elway actually passed more rhan romo does. And as I posted, he threw wat more ints. I dont disagree with what your saying but rather than just throw around opinions I thought I would post the numbers for everyone to soak in. Perception says that it is a passing league now and qbs throw a lot more, which has some truth, but ultimately elway threw the ball much more than a lot of current qbs do.
  3. Muhast

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    That is true yardage wise, there are a lot more teams relying in passing. But Elway threw the ball a ton, as my numbers show. Elway threw like a current nfl qb. I posted the averages for both and they are surprisingly close
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    :starspin RedBaLL ExpreSS:starspin
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    Cannot even believe what I am reading. Romo better than Elway or Aikman?? Trust me, Romo is NOT going to the HOF, or even win a SB for you. Choker is the only word that comes to mind.

    You folks cannot be serious. Stats do not always tell the story. Leadership skills, being there when it counts. These are intangibles you cannot measure. The mark of a true leader. That is why the QB's make the big bucks because they can make the difference.

    Aikman was a great QB, Elway was a great QB. And I watched them both play. Great players. They got the job done when it needed to get done. Even going to give Flacco credit for that this year. Stats are meaningless.

    How I measured it when I was going to games and watching QB's play, who scared you to get it done?? Quite frankly Romo was never on my list. Not that you play us much, but afraid of Romo, NOT. Elway, Marino, Kelly, yep, those guys scared me.

    I honestly think you made a big mistake in this signing. And locking yourself into cap hell after 2013. I compare this to the Sanchez signing. And the Jets are paying for it, big time. And you will as well.

    Not a good signing, but guess you had no choice because what were the alternatives? Me thinks you need a good GM to start running your team rather than Jerry Jones. But heck, he owns the team and can do whatever he wants. This was one major mistake that will haunt your team after 2013.

    But again, please do not put Aikman or Elway in the same category as Romo. That to me is just not logical.
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    You question the assertion that passing is easier under contemporary rules than it was in Elway's era by citing and example of how similar pro-passing rules enactments in the late 70's laid the foundation for the passing explosion of the early 80's.
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    No, there are a few of them today. I guess when you never saw Elway play 1st hand you'll never get it Randy.
    Elway was awesome.
  8. FuzzyLumpkins

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    I'm saying the 1979 rule was the significant one and the 1996 clarification was only that.
  9. CowboyMcCoy

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    You mean the strength?
  10. Clove

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    We should do a world wide poll, see what others think. I'm thinking 99% favor of Elway, and the 1% Romo fan club.
  11. Alexander

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    Trolling aside, if Romo were even remotely comparable to Elway, we would have won three NFC titles and had the privilege to have lost three Super Bowls by this point in his career.

    Who wouldn't take that right now?
  12. Super_Kazuya

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    If Elway played even remotely like he did for the majority of his career, the Cowboys would have a lot of 4-12 seasons.
  13. jobberone

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    The Mel Blount rule was enforced beginning with the 1978 season to clarify but that has nothing to do with the point Fuzzy was making.

    1977 was the last year of the NFL 'dead ball' era and scoring went from 17ppg on average to about 22ppg now. 78 grew by over a point and almost 3 the next year so yes there was an immediate affect. More importantly attempts rose from 25 per game to 27 then about 30 year two. Now they throw the ball about 35 times a game. Yardage has grown from 141pg to 231pg now.
  14. jobberone

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    Elway played ten years before he turned his INT numbers around. I saw him come in the league and I know how he threw the ball around. Here's his numbers to back it up:

    But he did turn it around in the early 90s and he is in the HOF; and he had a helluva arm.
  15. Alexander

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    Even before he played a decade, he took relatively talent deficient teams onto his back and got them to Super Bowls.

    He also had bad OLs, no running game and something Romo has not had, fairly average WRs.
  16. Super_Kazuya

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    Romo haters are crying because you can't compare Elway's numbers to Romo numbers because of eras, but Elway was mediocre in his OWN era for a large portion of his career. When Shanahan came to town Elway's performance increased and he WAS elite for those last 6 years of his career.

    Consider this, for the first ten years of his career Elway did not finish in the top TEN in passer rating not one time. Not top five, top ten. In his own era. I'll say that again. ELWAY DID NOT FINISH IN THE TOP TEN IN QB RATING FOR HIS FIRST TEN YEARS OF HIS CAREER. Find me a quarterback who fits that description today... I'm sure we would laugh trying to make his HOF case, much less greatness case. But wait, you had to SEE Elway play like crap in order for it to be real. There was magic in all those turnovers, I tell ya.

    Elway was a great QB, who had greatness in him. He was a good QB for most of his career and a great QB at the end. But he has not played at some magical level that no mere mortal can achieve. I think some of you Romo haters got him mixed up with Joe Montana or something.
  17. Alexander

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    I thought you were kidding with your earlier post.

    Now I see your complete lack of perspective is no illusion.
  18. TwoDeep3

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    You ask for empirical proof. You do this in any vein about this team when discussing the Cowboys. No amount of speculation will suffice when trying to defend their recent history as poor in regard to speaking with you.

    Yet, it is that history over the last seventeen years which solidifies all evidence as empirical that the GM and man who's job is to orchestrate a winner is woefully over his head.

    You ignore this and the fact that every year you come to training camp with high hopes, which defies your empirical evidence routine.

    I have been posting with you since way, way back in the day. You have never particularly liked me because of my views.

    I can hack it, as Tex said in Full Metal Jacket.

    But what I wonder is how you justify to yourself the inconsistencies with which you hold others who proffer differing views than you?

    Since truth seems to be all you will accept.
  19. randy932

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    There most certainly is, it's called, reading the rule book.
  20. FuzzyLumpkins

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    I am empirical about everything. Speculation is guessing that I put little to no stock in. If you want to take speculation as valid that is your business. I don't believe guesses. that's just how I roll. I certainly am not going to grandstand on them and base my view on them. I am okay with uncertainty. Anticipation makes life interesting.

    Jerry has been GM for longer than 17 years. That's a fact.

    What do confirmation bias mean?

    And spare me with your guessing about why I like or dislike you. I have no interest in the discussion.

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