Romo better than Elway

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by galebedeker, Mar 29, 2013.

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    'ease' is an emotional state. 'easy' is subjective. you feeling something doesn't mean that everyone does. there is no objective way to define easy such that it is true for everyone.
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    He doesn't agree with your perspective? Say it ain't so , booze.
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    Here are Elway's numbers again which to be fair one should review:

    Elway did lead his team to some CC games including 'The Drive'. They went to three SBs from 86 to 89 but lost all of them pretty big. Elway was 26/41 352 1TD 1INT 86 SB. They scored 10 2nd half points but the lone TD came late. NYG 39-20. 87 SB 14/38 257 1td 3int ten first half points losing to WASH 42-10. 89 SB SF 55-10 Elway 11/29 0td 3ints.

    So ups and downs losing 3 SBs and getting branded. He had some hearty defenses (Orange Crush). It wasn't until the end he was able to win and Shannahan got a lot of credit for turning him around. They were mediocre teams after 91 until 96 winning SBs 97 and 98. He turned around his TD/INT ratio in the early 90s.

    He did finish his career with five SB appearances winning two, 6 CC games winning five, retired 2nd in passing NFL history now 4th, most victories by a starter in history on retirement now 2nd (148-82-1). So that's why he's in the HOF. But until 97 he was considered a great QB who somehow managed to lose the big one.

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