Romo can hit 5K yards this year.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Dec 20, 2012.

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    We are getting more balanced.

    I see more running game and defense winning next two games. I think the ALL ROMO, ONLY ROMO show is close to over.
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    731 yards shy. There is only one time in Romo's career that he has thrown for that many yards in back to back games. It was earlier this year against the Giants and then the Falcons.

    Both losses.

    I'm not rooting for this.
  4. DIAF

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    Yardage doesn't mean crap. It just means you throw the ball a ton. Romo already has more pass attempts this year than in any other in his career and we've still got two more games left. 41 pass attempts per game....if they keep that up, Romo will finish 2012 with over 640 attempts.
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    and Cowboys fans think Romo can be easily replaced.
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    Theebs, your recent absence has caused you to miss the comedic reality of that post.
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    :laugh2: @ calling him a Mark.....
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    It's nice but I'd rather we run the hell out of the ball and get the two W's and make the playoffs.

    The 5000 yards is not necassary to do that. Lets get Romo some help and get this team into the playoffs is what I really want to see.
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    I agree with this. We all know Romo is a stud, but if he throws for that many yards it's likely that we were playing from behind. It's a actually a good predictor based on the trends within how we've played in this whole year. I'm not rooting for it either.
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    I think Garrett tries a run controlled offense at first, to keep Brees & RG3 off the field. These games and how much Romo needs to throw in a way will be dictated on the the defense plays.

    Hopefully they keep them from scoring so we don't get into a shootout. I don't think Romo gets the 5K, and he doesn't care....he just wants to win....and so do we.....
  11. Manwiththeplan

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    Outside of two wins, the only thing I would like to see, are Witten getting atleast 120 more yards and Miles getting atleast 102 more yards.

    Anything else is nice, but kinda, what ever.
  12. jazzcat22

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    Is this the yards needed to give them 1000 yards each, so we have 3 - 1K yard players.

    Also Witten needs what, 6 catches to tie or break Gonzales's reocrd for most catches by a TE in a season.
  13. Manwiththeplan

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    yes on the first, not sure on the second
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    Five thousand this season or against the Saints?

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