Romo cant get a break Fox Sports ask if Wisconsin got cursed by Tony?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rockj7, Apr 6, 2014.

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    And on that same token, a few quotes from opponents aren't an accurate representation of how players feel.

    On that note, the top 100 list definitely involves NFL player votes. Every NFL player is given the opportunity to vote but not every player decides to. In 2013, only 481 players voted, which accounted for 28.3% of all active players. Whether you choose to go by a few quotes from opponents vs 481 players is your prerogative. But to say NFL players "respect Romo" and everyone else is a clueless fan as if its a fact, is slightly far fetched based on the fact that at least 481 players feel Romo is not a top 100 player in the NFL.
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    Well you explain the fascination with Romo by what seems to be very TV, reporter, blogger is? It's not the same old Cowboys hate. It's perception I would think, or hope some would understand the statement I was making. I am pointing out what he has become.
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    That was good for 16th place in the NFL.
    So we're probably #1 in attendance, #4 in merchandise sale and #1 in tv ratings but finished with the 16th best record, one of the numbers don't belong with the rest of them.
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    And that statement is 100% false, how in the hell do you have players who said they never where even ASKED to vote on the list?! If I recall, the COWBOYS didn't even have ONE player represent this "NFL Player vote list". The list is beyond skewed, it's been well talked about around here how much of a joke that list actually is.

    I'm not talking about solely "NFL players" here, I'm talking about Divisional players here, there's a big difference. These are the guys that mark our date on the calendar, and the guys that want to beat us down more then anybody. And they think Romo is a great QB who's top echelon in the league, yet you say he's "the butt of all jokes". Yah, maybe among clueless fans like you buddy. Also, I'd say the guy who faces Romo twice every year has more credibility then some average joe fan, or some joe shmoe player that plays Romo once every four years, wouldn't you say? :cool:

    I find it funny your basing your point of view off a list with very questionable credibility, that should tell you something right there.
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    Trying to care but I can't. .02
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    No player is going to disrespect a player on another team. Especially to the media. It's an unwritten rule. Richard Sherman broke it and ppl didnt like it. Youre gonna get the standard PR answer everytime.

    IIRC, werent a couple of the giants players talking trash in the media leading up to the game last year? I get the feeling that opposing players almost expect Dallas to choke. It's probably in their scouting reports by now. Major tendency.
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    Its questionable because it derails your entire agenda due to your emotional/physical/mental attachment to an NFL player. Its a fact that 481 players voted last year. Whether you choose to accept that is again, your prerogative.

    If you read my post, the reason the Cowboys may not have had one person represent that list is because YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO VOTE. The NFL sends the request out to all 32 teams, which totals over 1600 players. The idea is that all players would send their votes back. However, they never do. Last year, only 28% of NFL players sent their votes back, which totals the 481 players listed above.

    Divisional players? Some of which who have said "I was expecting Romo to throw an INT at the end of the game?" Again, I'm not stating that every NFL player doesn't respect Romo. But at the same token, I'm not saying they do either. You can't make a statement such as the one you did and cherry pick everything the way you are. 481 players were asked who their top guys were last year and none of them said Romo. This is a fact and has been proven to be true on various websites including and profootball talk/Peter King. Let me guess, they aren't credible right?

    EDIT: You need to re-read my posts because I never said Romo was the butt of all jokes. What I stated was that your statement of "NFL players respect him, but clueless fans/media are the ones who don't" was not true. I even reiterated that there are players that do respect him, but you can't make a generalized statement as the one you did when its been proven that at least 481 players don't.
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    This is why I only watch actual games and stopped listening to talking empty-heads on ESPN, FOX, etc.
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    Truth is, journalistic examples like this permeate not only the internet, but much of print and broadcast media also. Sticking to the story does not sell. Sensationalism does. News reporting fell victim to capitalism decades ago.

    It is effective though. You make a product (write a story), supply it to your market (readers) and hope that it sells (not condemned). In this case, you insert Romo into a story that has absolutely nothing to do with him and put it on your website. Some people read it and manufacture ways of justifying it. Sadly, it works.

    The old contention has been that the media manipulates the public by providing slanted information. Maybe that is no longer as true as it once was. Perhaps it is time to admit that people (some of them at least) get exactly what they want from the media. And they love it.

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    I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head. Can you expand on the divisional players expecting TR to choke? I always got that feeling that divisional rivals don't think as highly of TR as they portray in the media.
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    Whoa . . . according to Fox, Romo's karma is contagious and all he has to do is pull for a team for them to lose. Maybe we should have him attending Cowboys games strictly as an observer and pull for the opposition while our backup QBs take his place, huh? Evidently Fox Sports is onto something nobody else has ever thought of yet. Extremely perceptive, those people . . . and amazingly creative to boot. Those guys think of everything!
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    I should have been more clear I apologize. JPP made a comment that indicated he was surprised that Romo "didn't screw up" by saying "He's a good QB, but he normally makes mistakes. At the end of the game, you didn't know what was going to happen. But we couldn't get him off the field this time." I'm paraphrasing but it was very close to the original quote.

    That same day Antrell Rolle gave praise to Romo saying something to the effect that "He;s a good QB. People look at him and say "yeah you know hes going to screw up in the 4th quarter", but Tony is a great QB. You have to tip your hat to him."

    Which eludes to my original point that yes, some players, respect Romo. But there are clearly others that don't that are not only backed up by the above referenced quotes, but also backed up by 481 players and their votes.
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    I guess I don't get the part where if I disagree with your position, I am somehow hating on a player, coach, team, or whatever.

    Hate's a pretty string word.

    Disrespect is overblown, because when people use that comment, they usually haven't earned the respect in the first place and want it without working for it.
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    Yeah its amazing how I didn't say anything to indicate how I feel about Romo as a player and even went on to include that people do respect him. If you do your history on my posts, I'm usually asking Percy for information in how to defend Romo because I'm constantly doing it everytime I go to the barbershop. But he was quick to make this personal and throw shots at me being "a clueless fan." It's funny how anytime you say anything that even APPEARS to be negative about Romo, you are beaten over the head here. Its borderline psychotic the way people are attached to NFL players.
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    Sounds like it would be much more accurate to say 481 players feel Romo is not a top 20 player in the NFL. And even that may not be accurate as I have not seen the vote totals.
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    Funny how this questionnaire about the top 100 falls short for some here because of the number of players that respond versus total head count.

    Yet if you were to change the subject to Presidential politics, this is almost the exact model which elects the most important man in our society.

    Does this make Tony Romo John McCain?
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    This is correct. The NFL takes everyone who participates' top 20 and creates a top 100.

    Let me reiterate a few things before I have the entire Romo Brigade chastise the heck out of me because I feel like its coming:

    I never stated that Romo was the 'butt of all jokes' amongst NFL players. My post in this thread was specific to one member who stated that the only people who don't respect Romo are "clueless fans" and "the media" while his peers feel differently. This generalized statement is not true based on the fact that Romo has been omitted from a list that these said players participate in, albeit only 28.3% based on last year. That doesn't mean players don't respect him. But to say all of them do, when there's sufficient evidence including quotes and the players participating in a voting system themselves, is inaccurate.

    I am sure I will now be branded as a "Romo hater" despite my efforts of defending him in the real world and refering back to Percy's numbers on a daily basis.
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    of all the four sports teams I follow: Dallas Cowboys are by far the most depressing. The owner and starting QB get routinely booed. Its as if the mental institution is running things in the executive offices at stadium. I will keep rooting for them but something has to give soon for this franchise.
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    I wasn't trying to blast you or anything. I saw your post and remembered I always wanted to check how they did that. Seems like the whole voting system is screwy. I would think you'd have them list list top 100 and go with the most votes. Like an election. And the not score the vote by the spot.

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