Romo cant get a break Fox Sports ask if Wisconsin got cursed by Tony?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rockj7, Apr 6, 2014.

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    Well, their defense did give up a lot of plays after their offense inexplicably got them back in it, so yeah...I'd say they got Romo'd.
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    The NFL Top 100 is a flawed popularity contest, one which I posted threads about on the forum years ago. You submit a ballot to x-number of players composed of a short series of blanks. The number of blanks on the ballot is barely more than the total number of voting choices:

    2.Running Back
    3.Tight End
    4.Wide Receiver
    5.Offensive Lineman
    6.Defensive Lineman

    Nine positions. Well, if the ballot totals 20 blanks how does that almost equal the total number of voting choices? Good question. Let's look at running back. Most players will vote for their favorite halfback, but others will vote for fullbacks too. Offensive linemen? Votes are splintered and multiplied between players' favorite at tackle, guard and center. Etc., etc. Each voter ends up with too many favorites to list, whittles down their choices and writes down their picks that are unevenly distributed on every single ballot. One ballot could list three quarterbacks, another one may have only one and yet another might contain five quarterbacks. The whole voting process is screwy.

    The ballot is entirely too small. It produces flawed results regardless of the actual number of players filling out ballots. It not only explains why some names are or are not on the final top 100 list, but also why some names bounce around the list dramatically despite their level of performance during the previous season.

    It should have been fixed by the second year of its existence. It wasn't. That fact only supports the list's sensational nature. And NFL Network knows that is the reason which attracts viewers the most.
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    I know you weren't but I've seen it happen to other forum members before and I guess I'm getting antsy about it.

    The system is most definitely flawed. But that doesn't change the fact that the players have input regardless of how skewed we may determine it to be.
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    If that wife of his is a curse, may God smite me with her...

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