Romo is #3 in passing yards

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Z mann R2, Nov 26, 2012.

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    **** yes. Thank you. Couldn't have put it better myself.:bow:
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    I would be curious to know how many yards Romo has passing in situations that the team was down 10 or more points. Not putting saying he stat pads but he certainly thrives more when we are down and most of the pressure is off him.
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    Its amazing that we have so many issues on this team, so many crap underachieving and undependable players and yet Romo is such a lightning rod for venom.

    So misguided.
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    Nothing to do with with pressure and everything to do with the no huddle.

    In fact, career-wise, Romo's stats go UP in pressure packed situations.
    Funny how some of some of these pre-conceived notions of Romo cannot be proven by actual data.
    There are a few stat-heavy guys on this board that can back this up, and they have on omore than a few occassions.

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