Romo is the man!!!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TD22, Sep 3, 2013.

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    Romo is the man!!!

    NFL QBs (as of 09/02/13)

    P. Manning - Rd 1 (1st) - 1998
    Vick - Rd 1 (1st) - 2001
    Palmer - Rd 1 (1st) - 2003
    E. Manning - Rd 1 (1st) - 2004
    A. Smith - Rd 1 (1st) - 2005
    Stafford - Rd 1 (1st) - 2009
    Bradford - Rd 1 (1st) - 2010
    Newton - Rd 1 (1st) - 2011
    Luck - Rd 1 (1st) - 2012
    RGIII - Rd 1 (2nd) - 2012
    Ryan - Rd 1 (3rd) - 2008
    Rivers - Rd 1 (4th) - 2004
    Locker - Rd 1 (8th) - 2011
    Tannehill - Rd 1 (8th) - 2012
    Gabbert - Rd 1 (10th) - 2011
    Big Ben - Rd 1 (11th) - 2004
    Cutler - Rd 1 (11th) - 2006
    Ponder - Rd 1 (12th) - 2011
    Manuel - Rd 1 (16th) - 2013
    Freeman - Rd 1 (17th) - 2009
    Flacco - Rd 1 (18th) - 2008
    Weeden - Rd 1 (22nd) - 2012
    Rodgers - Rd 1 (24th) - 2005
    Brees - Rd 2 (32nd) - 2001
    Dalton - Rd 2 (35th) - 2011
    Kaepernick - Rd 2 (36th) - 2011
    G. Smith - Rd 2 (39th) - 2013
    Wilson - Rd 3 (75th) - 2012
    Schaub - Rd 3 (90th) - 2004
    Pryor - Rd 3 (supp draft) - 2011
    Brady - Rd 6 (199th) - 2000
    Romo - UNDRAFTED - 2003
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    Yep. Not sure this needed a thread though...
  3. Nav22

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    Drunk Jerry voice: "Romo was a miracle!"
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  4. Idgit

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    It's actually pretty cool to see them all listed there in descending order like that.
  5. Lonestar94

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    I noticed almost half of those players have only been playing 3 or less years.
  6. Idgit

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    If you don't have one, you're trying to find one. If you've got one, you're hanging onto him. 9 of those guys are number-1 overall picks. There's some pretty good players on that bottom of that list, too. :)
  7. DallasJ7

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    yeah, it is kinda cool seeing them all listed like that. it illuminates how fortunate we were to find Romo as an UDFA and have the right coaching in place to develop that UDFA. and it also illuminates that whoever Romo's ultimate successor is, he'll probably be a premium draft pick rather than another low-round/UD developmental guy.
  8. gdogg24

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    Yeah we caught lightening in a bottle with number 9
  9. Super_Kazuya

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    Also kinda renders useless all of the talk about Super Bowl winning QBs being first round picks... since most of the QBs who don't win the Super Bowl are first round picks as well.
  10. rocyaice

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    Where's Ben R?
  11. Lonestar94

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    Big Ben - Rd 1 (11th) - 2004
  12. Fredd

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    Just wanna see Tony at the top of that list next February when we look at the most recent Super Bowl winners
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  13. The Quest for Six

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    Romo, one playoff win..... NOT exactly the man...
  14. Snauty

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    Ryan, 1 playoff win:rolleyes:
  15. iceman117

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    Nice.I knew there was a majority of first and second round picks but when you actually read the list it's basically the entire league. I really think Romo is a heck of a quarterback. I never blamed him for the Cowboys losses in big situations. He really only had 2 good teams around him 2007 and 2009. Aside from that he played with subpar offensive lines with no threat of the running game and average defenses at best. In 2009 when the Vikings killed up with like 8 sacks or whatever I don't think any QB would have made a difference. In 2006 he fumbled the hold but I always felt like he shouldn't have continued being the holder once he was the starter. And in 2007 we lost to a really good/hot Giants team that went on to win the Super Bowl. So I never really blamed Romo as much as some people, I always felt like and still do he is a top 10 Quarterback in the NFL and if the other areas of the team played at his level we could win a championship with him, maybe I'm crazy but I'm glad to have him as our QB. I believe we are headed in the right direction and think Romo has a 3 year window before his age starts to show. I'm hoping he can gets us a championship in that time so he can get the credit he deserves.

    Yes I know I am a Tony Romo fanboy,lol
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  16. JPostSam

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    the man he replaced, drew bledsoe, was the first overall draft pick.
  17. adbutcher

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    that made me laugh, lol.
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  18. Nav22

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    Funny how that works.

    Romo's stats are better than Ryan's, their playoff records are basically identical, and Ryan's supporting cast has been far superior.

    But the media and NFL fans have universally decided that Ryan is better.

    Much easier to show love for an Atlanta Falcon than a Dallas Cowboy. The Falcons aren't a polarizing team, the Cowboys are THE polarizing team. So let's throw a bone to all the rabid Cowboy haters (who outnumber the Cowboys fans by far) and slam Romo as much as we can. The haters will tune in, and hell, so will the fans! Ratings galore!
  19. TD22

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    Romo's day will soon arrive!!!!
  20. Bleu Star

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    Romo is going to have a banner year in Bill Callahan's offensive scheme. For once, we will finally see the middle offensive line stability that's a requirement for the success of any QB.

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