Romo Is The Only Reason This Team Is Competitive

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Apollo Creed, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. Apollo Creed

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    This is one of the worst running teams in football. They are awful at pass protection and Romo actually makes them look better because of his pocket awareness. His receivers drop balls on the reg and run poor routes.

    I understand all QBs have things they have to overcome, but when I look around the league I don't see many teams that demand so much from their guy.

    It goes deeper than just having a poor supporting cast. When you can't run the ball, or protect the QB (essentially are complete trash up front). Defensive coaches know that you can rush three and four guys against Dallas and consistently drop 7 and 8 guys into coverage. Think about how difficult this makes a QBs job. Your pocket is consistently collapsing, you're throwing into double coverages and in between tight zones where you have to make perfect throws. So Romo has no help from play action, no running game to lean on, and when he has to throw he's throwing in tighter windows because teams don't have to walk extra guys up to get pressure/stop the run.

    To say Romo is the problem with this team is absolutely insane. Let's put Kyle Orton out there, see if Drew Bledsoe still has any juice left, call up Vinny Testaverde, Quincy Carter, Chad Hutchinson, Drew Henson, Anthony Wright, Tony Banks, Clint Stoener, I'll stop, you get the picture.

    How bout a defense that forces turnovers? A special teams that can at least be servicable and not a liability? A coach that doesn't squander games late with poor management?

    Romo-friendly? What's that mean.
  2. Mansta54

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    The title alone, says it all and it's dead on point.
  3. RoyTheHammer

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  4. TonyS

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    Apollo. Listen. Loved you in the Rocky movies. Almost totally agree with you on your post. But there are like a gazillion of these things running around the forum. Did we really need another one? I guess the night shift folks need something to talk about. Carry on...
  5. Apollo Creed

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    I really didn't like how Rocky 4 went down.

    Allow me to retort, my thread will go platinum, the others will fizzle and be gone by midnight.
  6. sonnyboy

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    I agree with your general premise and everything other than your take on the defense. IMO its the playing better now than at any time in Romo's tenure. And it's the #1 reason I'm not ready to give up on the 2012 Cowboys.

    And yes a few more forced TOs would be nice. I believe we're going to see more of them over the next 9 weeks.
  7. Apollo Creed

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    Oh no doubt, this is the first defense I've seen since the Parcells years that would be able to compete in the playoffs.

    Offense (Romo) has carried this team for years and as fate would have it, the year the defense plays well - the offense and special teams are below average.
  8. Proximo

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    It just seems like people in general have a tendency and desire to place the majority of the blame on a single person when things are going poorly. We have to have a scapegoat, right? And it works even better if it suits their agenda (queue the Romo hate threads and Garrett hate threads).

    A lot more goes into losing these games than Romo making a couple bad passes or Garrett making a bad call. And on the same token it takes more than one or two people to win a game.

    We haven't had a defensive TD yet this year, but our offense have given away several. We haven't had a kick return all year, but we've given one up (and missed a field goal in the same game). We seem to commit penalties at inopportune times, and just can't seem to put it all the positives together for a complete TEAM performance. The fact that our success seems to correlate with Romo's performance so closely shows exactly how much we rely on him. He has to pick up other players' slack constantly, and typically there is nobody there to pick his up when he needs it. Last year illustrated this even more, because despite his incredible year, games were lost due to the teams other deficient areas.
  9. Stinger_Splash

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    :laugh1: That's pretty funny.
  10. Neverhood

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    The defense is the first reason. Romo is the second reason. Last year I would say u were correct that romo was the reason.
  11. Zman5

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    Personally I thought it was Felix Jones that made us competitive.

    For a top 5 pick.
  12. utrunner07

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    I'd love to see Romo under a different coach before I decide whether he is an average QB or great. He was progressing nicely under Parcells but parcells was a football guy who knew what he was doing and talking about, in retrospect. Jason is not, imo...
  13. Apollo Creed

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    A guy like Romo would thrive in any of these coaches' systems - Shanahan, Kubiak, Reid, Holmgren, Payton, etc.
  14. Mansta54

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    I thought he thrived very well in JG's system too last year and this season isn't over with yet. Lots of football still to be played.
  15. sonnyboy

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    No he's not a large enough part of the offense. Committ to 20 carries and 6-7 passes directed his way and we're in the running.:D
  16. IheartRomo

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    If you made this thread a couple of months ago, I would completely agree with you. However, Romo has been downright awful this season. There's really no way to sugar coat that.
  17. RoyTheHammer

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    Your sig is hilarious, sir.

  18. Big Blue Joe

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    When Romo was injured in 2010, the Cowboys went 5-5 without him. Has the rest of the roster gotten worse since then?
  19. venky

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    If you said this last year, I would have agreed with you.

    This year, Romo is garbage, and we're competitive because of our defense, not Romo.
  20. gimmesix

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    For the most part, I'd say this is true. The exception being the Ravens game.

    Other than that, the defense has done its part to keep us competitive, and surprisingly the offense and special teams (not-so-surprisingly) have let us down.

    Now, anyone putting all of the offensive letdowns on Romo is absolutely wrong, but he's done his part to help keep us from winning, and sometimes being competitive, despite the defensive efforts.

    We need him to play better, not missing open receivers or making poor decisions with the ball. We need the receivers to play better, running the right routes and doing what it takes to prevent interceptions instead of contributing to them. We need the running game to be better, both the backs and the line, so we're not one-dimensional. We need special teams to not have major gaffes because we don't have enough room for error. And we do need the defense to come through consistently when the game's on the line.

    We never seem to get those things all at once, and that's why we're usually in close games ... or blown out when two or three of those things go wrong.

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