Romo Is Undoubtably Our Leader

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Jusl89, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Jusl89

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    To all the doubters, Romo haters, and bashers, just look at how our team collapsed after Romo got hit. We were 20-7, had the ball and momentum, and in 1 split second it all gets taken away from us. Had Romo stayed in that game and not broken his bone, we would have won that game easily.

    You may say the defense failed, but I saw a demolished team completely deflated at the fact that their leader was not with them. So let's stop all the Romo hating RIGHT now, and acknowledge that Romo is the only thing keeping this team together.
  2. The Quest for Six

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    you are a Koolaid drinker!!!
  3. SDCowboy85

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    There is no doubt to anyone who actually follows this team. They don't even function of he's not playing.
  4. The Quest for Six

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    so what was their record before Romo was injured???? I must be missing something....

    how come Pittsburgh went 3-1 when their leader was out for the first four games, with three different quarterbacks at the big ben isn't a leader but Romo is when he lead the team to a 1-4 start when he was in there...

    would you like a double drink of koolaid too
  5. SDCowboy85

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    We get it dude. You don't like him.
  6. zrinkill

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    Its against the rules to say what you are.
  7. craig71

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    Was the score 20-7 when he got his bell rang?

  8. sago1

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    Back in 1998 in a game against the Broncos, Aikman broke his left arm/shoulder or something like that. At that point in the game the Cowboys were a TD behind but Aikman kept making TDs to keep us in the game each time the Broncos scored. It was obviously going to be a real passing matchup until Aikman got hurt. There was a real let down after he got hurt & Broncos went on to beat us pretty soundly. They wouldn't have had that much success if Aikman hadn't been hurt. When a team losses a leader/QB like an Aikman or a Romo, don't doubt for a minute it really hurts the team--particularly if the head coach/coaching staff doesn't have the mental/emotional capacity to rally the team. Garrett replaced him and we went something like 3-3. When Aikman returned, Cowboys went on at least a 5 game winning streak & we made the playoffs.
  9. Section444

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    What is it with you people who think that anyone who doesn't believe that Romo is a top-five player at his position is a "hater and basher"? Such a simplistic/childish mindset.
  10. sago1

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    Maybe the Steelers are a good enough team that they don't need Roth. They've got a good OL, a really top/tough defense & a good running & passing attack. Let's see, Cowboys OL is shakey, we don't have much of a running game & our defense is shakey to say the least. All we got are 3 good WRs & a rally good QB. Unfortunately you don't seem to understand that. Just how good do you think Roth would be if he was our QB with above problems & with our coaching staff. Oh by the way, the media not only in Dallas but around the country would be crucifying Roth as the Dallas QB cause of all the assault allegations directed at him. Doesn't Roth lead NFL QBs in number of alleged sexual assaults?
  11. starchamber

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    If Romo is the true Leader on this team, it only verifies what many have been saying, this team lacks true leadership....Romo is not a strong leader...
  12. RS12

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    I never heard the media say Romo wasnt tough. Forget about the pounding from a non existant O Line, he has to be mentally tough to go out there, it is like working on the bomb squad. They main knock I hear is he is over rated. Not to me, if anything under rated, he has no line.
  13. The Realist

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    I think Brooking demonstrated that this team doesn't really have any true leaders.
  14. Patton

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    Romo is about as good a leader as George Custer, so that's pretty awful to hear.

    DOUBLE WING Well-Known Member

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    anyone who doesnt think romo is our leader needs their head checked.
  16. DIAF

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    I think anytime your starting QB goes out in a pass-oriented offense, and your nearly-40-year-old backup who hasn't thrown many passs in the last 2 years comes in, there's going to be a MAJOR letdown on offense. Pointing at that and saying SEE! ROMOS A LEADER is a bit ridiculous. I dont know if he's a leader or not (I have my suspicions though), but the team giving up isn't proof one way or the other. All that shows is a lack of character on the rest of the team's part.
  17. Section444

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    Just because he's the QB of the team doesn't mean he's the leader of the team.
  18. RoyTheHammer

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    Yea Romo is our leader for sure..

    ..that's why for the first 30 seconds he was on the ground writhing in pain the only player that even came near him to check if he was alright was Dez. Yea.. definately a leader our team rallies around. lol
  19. kristie

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    i remember that game. things didn't go well after aikman left after getting hurt.
  20. dooomsday

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    Oh great, he led us to a 1-4 start with all stars at every position. I would call that a problem, not a strength. He is our leader. An awful one.

    Seattle choke in 06, NY choke 07, Minny choke in '10 and no play offs in 2009. Where does the excitement come from? Indy on Thanksgiving 5 years ago?

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