Romo lovers & Haters, come clean!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Clove, Jun 9, 2013.

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    If Callahan calls the plays all year I will be surprised. I know he's better than Garrett but Garrett could easily retain those duties with a loss here and there, which would be bad for the team.......
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    You mean to hear quite a few around here he sucks and always chokes - which is nonsense. I rarely hear he is NEVER wrong. Even huge Romo fans like myself readily admit that he has made mistakes that have hurt the team. However, his pros heavily outweigh his cons. He is one of the better QBs in the league. He gets far more hate and blame than he deserves. Way more than most QBs so it's not just that he plays the position that gets the credit/blame despite the fact that it's a team game. Romo haters are simply more off base than Romo backers. It's not just a difference of opinion. People who actually understand football know he is good. People who don't know the game or are just Cowboys/Romo haters think he sucks. You don't have to think he's great or even very good, but those who do are a lot closer to reality than those who think he sucks.
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    I hope Jerry doesn't let that happen. I agree it would be bad for the team. Garrett made a joke of himself trying to do both HC and OC. Some coaches can handle it like Sean Payton however it is obvious Garrett can't. I am not 100% sure Callahan is the answer but it will have to be better having a play caller who is just focused on the offense. This should also help Garrett with his less than stellar clock management.
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    I'll make this short and sweet. I was a HUGE Romo guy until the Washington game. He's gonna have to win me back now.. This is embarrassing to say but oh well,,,,Its like I am the perfect example of the hurt girlfriend who got cheated on. It will take a lot to win me back..
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    Romo's the guy who puts Dallas in the best position to win. He was almost a one-man show out there last year for a five-six game stretch. And then came the Washington game where he had some trouble and threw three picks which cost us the season. Do I think we can win with Romo? Yes. Get him a line that can block and a decent running game and I think the 'Boys have a legit shot at a deep playoff run, if not more. Can he carry us ALL the way through the playoffs without much help like a Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers can? No. He is not in the same league as those guys; but he is still a top-12 QB that can win with the right pieces around him. Time if running short, and changes must be made; the protection must improve dramatically from last season, or else I fear Romo won't last long enough to sniff the postseason again.
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    I was a Romo lover for years. I was a hater after the Washington loss. Now that I've calmed down, I'm on the fence.

    I never would have given him that contract extension, because regardless of whether you love him or hate him, you simply don't pay players in decline that kind of money.

    Since he's being paid like an elite player, I'd need to see him perform like an elite player in the most important games for me to be back onside.

    Novel concept, I know.
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    There is always a convenient excuse for Romo on this site.

    Even the skins game and the last pick, there are those who blame that on something else.

    Think back to the Jets game and Romo threw a game changing interception that led to th4e Jets winning.
    There are people here and others that don't post her any more that suggested it was the blocked punt that lost the game when clearly the pick to Revis came after.

    Yes, there are some who will defend anything Romo does and it is never his fault. Hence, he is never wrong.
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    I have not given up on romo yet but I am getting close. that last game against the skins when this team was shorthanded he completely choked. the great qbs in the league know how to rise to the moment and carry there team. instead romo threw it away. I still can not believe that jones signed him to the contract he did it will haunt this team in next five years and probably will not have anything to show for it. I hope that romo can get this team back to being one of the elite teams in the nfl. i am looking forward to the season so here is to a brand new start for romo and the team and hope that this season is a great one.
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    I am a huge Romo supporter. I guess the day I won't be is when all the pieces are around him are there and we don't win in. the playoff games/SB. If we have a running game, defense and we still don't win, then I think it would be tough to support him. I know that you will never have it all complete. I still think we aren't going to have a good oline this year.

    It would be nice for once we had a defense that could hold a team to 1 of 13 on 1st down conversions in a playoff game. Or get two special team TOs. Those things just don't happen to this team. He doesn't get the benefit like his rival NFC East QB has. And that is frustrating.
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    Who said Romo was "the problem?" In team sports, there's never one problem, IMO.

    Is Romo the main reason why the Cowboys aren't winning or getting to the playoffs?

    No, but his lack of clutchness the past couple of years is troubling to some, including me.
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    I have been round and round with various people on this topic. We are entitled to our opinions and that is all they are is opinions, but here is mine.

    I firmly believe Dallas could trot out any QB the NFL has to offer and ultimately many Dallas fans would be questioning said QB.

    The reason is Dallas does not have the horses to win a Super Bowl and since many people put wins and losses on the QB, I believe many Dallas fans would be disappointed in the "clutchness" of said QB.

    Some will point out that Dallas has had a team built to win a Super Bowl and I find that more than debatable since I believe coaching matters.

    Even if I grant that Dallas has fielded one team that was Super Bowl quality, I will add that many many many all time great QBs have failed to have success with a team that was built to win that given year.

    While some Dallas fans are muttering "If Dallas only had (insert name of QB) we would be Champions". Meanwhile above mentioned QB is saying thank goodness I am not in Romo's shoes.

    So if someone wants to blame Romo, so be it, but as I understand it, it is the job of the GM to build a Super Bowl caliber team and I don't believe Jerry has done that.

    Let's cut Jerry the GM and Tony the QB and see who gets picked up quicker.
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    I've always supported romo. I've wavered after a few games this season but I do believe he gives us the best shot to win a Super Bowl with how bad our oline had been
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    This is nonsense. Saying he is "never wrong" is crap. Nobody says it's NEVER his fault. BTW that Jets game was absolutely not all on him. The blocked punt WAS huge. Do you disagree? His turnovers played a part in the loss as well. He certainly deserves some of the blame for that loss and other games over the years. I'm as big a Romo supporter as you'll find and you'll never hear me say it's "never his fault". You're spewing nonsense and if you believe that Romo backers are somehow just as misguided or annoying as Romo haters then we should probably stop interacting right here. Romo bashers are basically ignorant about the sport of football and need a scapegoat. It's a TEAM game and he is one of our best players. Those who need a scapegoat should have a long list of players before they even start thinking about bashing him.
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    I find this whole thread illuminating just for the degree of ignorance on display. The biggest problems with the Dallas Cowboys last year by far were the lack of running game, below average pass blocking, poor coverage, mediocre QB pressure, too many turnovers (Romo was part of this) and far too few turnovers forced.

    I know the public wants to commit to this myth that maybe the Cowboys weren't scoring because of Romo. Except when you look at things we were 10th in scoring once corrected for number of possessions and starting field position. This despite a horrid running game and poor pass blocking. That doesn't happen for no reason - it happens because a QB in playing really, really good. He was playing so good that he kept us in every game except the Bears game and maybe the Seahawks game.

    I come down strongly in favor of Romo because:

    1. He is one of the more accurate QBs in the league

    2. He is the most elusive pocket passer QB in the league

    3. He has tremendous ability to continue to look downfield and create big plays and score on plays that have broken down

    4. He has tremendous ball-handling skills that we haven't taken advantage of recently. It is a bit of a shame because he could really excel in an offense like Shanny's.

    5. He has tremendous ability to generate points in short periods of time which means the Cowboys are still in most game even if they have fallen 3 or 4 scores behind so long as the defense can generate some stops.

    6. He is at his best in the 4th quarter and plays exceptionally well in close games.

    As far as what I hate, he sometimes can throw INTs in bunches when he loses control of himself. He has had a few of those 3, 4 and 5 INT games. In his defense, most playmaking QBs may have the odd game like this and it is acceptable so long as they are kept to a minimum. His actual overall career INT percentage is good and he is not nearly the picture of turnover Tony that people perpetuate.

    IMO, Tony's perception by the media has been that of someone who cannot win big games. To me the biggest reason we have failed to win those games against playoff opponents is because the rest of the team has mostly not been of playoff caliber. How many times has Romo played with a very good running game or a very good defense? Most teams don't win consistently with only a good passing game and that is why we have been 8-8 the last two years.

    I do hope that Kiffen's new scheme improves things. I think the 3-4 has been a colossal failure here despite massive investments and despite 5 different coordinators trying to make a go of it here. With Kiffen and Marinelli around we won't need to divert so much of our resources to the defense just to keep us competitive and that will give Romo the best supporting cast he has had in years. Just think about this: From 1999-2009 we only spent one first round draft pick on an offensive player although we did make two horrendous trades for WRs in that span. This team just hasn't invested a lot in the offense because Romo has made it work despite what I believe to be a significant talent gap. That has now ended with pieces like Tyron, Dez, Travis Frederick, Escobar and Terrance Williams recently added.
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    Couple of years? What are you talking about? He was awesome and clutch in '09. He was injured in 2010. He was great down the stretch in 2011 even if his defense collapsed against the Giants and blew a 12 point lead as Romo threw 4 TDs and 0 INTs. He was even solid in the 2011 finale with a balloon for a throwing hand. Last year he played very well down the stretch which put us into position to win the East. He played poorly against Washington in the last game. That's it. So if you want to focus on that game, then he did not play well in that one game down the stretch over the past 4 years. Numerous 4th quarter combacks over the past couple of years also shoots down the "lack of clutchness over the past couple of years" comment as well. Weak statement from a typically solid poster.
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    TwoDeep said a lot of things I would agree with, sans the class clown bit.

    So, I won't bother rehashing, he said it better than I would. Plus, I'm lazy when I'm doing this from my phone.

    I'm pro Romo. I think he can get us there. I'm cautiously optimistic about this team.

    I am, however, becoming more and more against our fan base. I dread wearing Cowboys stuff in public, not because of the occasional crap I get from Packer and Bear fans ( its mostly amusing ) ... But because I will invariably run into another Cowboys fan, who takes it as a sign to come up and talk to me. And its the same idiotic garbage, everytime. If only I could wear my Cowboys stuff and have other Cowboys fans ignore me...
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    Funny how only a very small percentage of people actually did what the OP asked which was the point of this topic. I'm not on forums enough to know, but isn't that considered trolling? When you post something other than what the topic pertains to? This thread is back to the "Romo haters vs Lovers" arguments that seem to engulf this forum frequently.
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    I LOVE Romo for his Accuracy, his knowledge of the game, his athleticism, his big play ability, never quit attitude, mental toughness, his leadership.

    What I dislike is at times he just tries too hard, when his teammates are not doing their job he tries to make up for them.
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    Really? Number one is your lead story on Tony Romo? How whiny his supporters are?

    Couldn't you at least TRY to come up with something factual or statistical to dislike him for? The worst you could come up with is you don;t like the way he acts after an INT (you do realize you repeated yourself with #2 and #3 right?)

    Do us all a huge favor and go back to not starting threads. We're all better off that way.

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