Romo lovers & Haters, come clean!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Clove, Jun 9, 2013.

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    Romo set them up for the loss. Hatcher sealed it by roughing RG3. Both players made crucial mistakes late in the game.
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    I wish we could have a thread pinned called "The 20 Most Frequently Made Arguments for and Against Romo."

    Then we could save perhaps 1,000 threads over the years to come that are simply rehashing part or all of those arguments.
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    Actually, we were ahead 7 to nothing and it would have been 10 or possibly 14 to nothing had Tony not thrown that first pick at the 30. Then a little later we were moving the ball and were at the 50 and Romo threw the duck pass interception.. who knows, we might have scored there, and then there was the final straw interception that was the nail in the coffin.

    Our defense was banged up going into that game. We had some scrub guys on the field but they were playing with 100% heart and although Romo kept killing the team with his picks, they still kept us in the game only being down 3 points with 3:05 to go and 3 timeouts in an elimination game. For the players we had on defense, they played good enough for us to win that game.

    Tony was 100% the weakest link. It came at the worst possible time too. What was odd is Tony played just fine in the 3 games leading up to this one. For some reason he just lost it in the elimination game.
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    there would be no one better out there this year so u gotta love him
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    Before I get into a conversation with someone about Football I ask them one question. What do you think of Tony Romo? If they tell me he sucks and he's a choker then I know that they no nothing about Football. I then politely tell them I do not wish to talk to them about Football.
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    As someone else pointed out, sad to see this thread, which had great potential intially, get derailed into the classic 'Romo lovers vs haters' arguments.
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    I guess if I had to choose, I would call myself a Romo lover, but I don't look at this in black and white terms. I think he is an excellent player and Dallas has been fortunate enough to have him. I think Romo has been hampered at times by not having a good enough offensive line.

    percyhoward has pointed out Romo's consistency in top 10 years which all "haters" should take notice of.

    In terms of the "clutch" argument, which seems to be the most polarizing a few thoughts.

    In statistics like 4th quarterback rating when the game is close, Romo is very highly ranked, yet his record in "elimination" games is poor. I would tend to put more stock in the 4th quarterback rating because the sample size is much larger. The problem with "elimination" games is the sample size is small and you tend to get into these kind of games when your talent is average, which is what we've been the past few years factoring in injuries. Also in some of the "elimination" games Romo has played well or well enough and other factors have weighted heavily.

    Having said all that, Romo did not play well enough in the Redskins game at the end of the year, and he has to own that. However, based on that, I can't say that he's a choker. Lots of great players have made bad plays in critical situations.

    Here is my wish: that we put an above average line in front of Romo and let him play. The idea that because Romo is good at an eluding defenders, so therefore he doesn't need a good line in front of him is silly. All qb's need a good line. Our best offensive year (and team year based on record) in recent history was 2007. We scored 455 points that year. For reference in 2012 we scored 376. We had an above average offensive line and our offense thrived, even though Crayton was our #2 receiver, even though as I recall Sam Hurd was our #3. We thrived because Romo could hang in the pocket until someone came open. His mobility and elusiveness is not wasted on a good line because even the best lines will give up some pressure, it's just that a jail break does not come up every play.

    For the record, I'm not wanting to jumpstart the continuing argument about whether the front office has ignored OL, etc. (I don't think every decision made by the front office has been terrible). We haven't been good enough for a variety of reasons, one of which we haven't been good enough at finding talent there in the draft. I want to see what Romo can do again with a good line. If he's not good enough to hoist a Lombardi with a good line in front of him, then that's the way it is, but it sure be fun finding out.
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    Dude, on this forum what great initial potential did you see other than the classic Romo stuff? Seriously . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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    You are a wise man.

  10. KJJ

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    There would be a lot more arguments made for Romo than against him. His positives clearly outweigh his negatives or he wouldn't have started for the Cowboys since 06. He's never once been benched during his 6 full seasons as the starter. His regular season numbers yards, TD's, completion percentage and passer rating have been consistently good every season which is why he's been resigned twice to big contracts. His production and consistent play during the regular season gives the Cowboys a chance to compete every year. The reality is that most Cowboy fans have a love/hate relationship with Romo. Some weeks everyone loves him how could any Cowboy fan not he can be spectacular and some weeks everyone hates him at least for a few hrs or until his next good performance.

    The range of emotions from fans can be seen in threads immediately following every Romo performance. Romo can be the best in show one week receiving praise all over the board and be pissed on like a fire hydrant the following week. When he plays poorly it can be October but you'll see fans screaming that the Cowboys need to use their #1 pick on a QB next April....knee jerk! You can't find any positive comments about Romo immediately after a poor performance it's one ridiculous post after another like "I want me some Kyle Orton " :rolleyes: After the season finale with Washington last Dec even FANS who were in Romo's corner were ready to throw the towel in on him. A lot of fans were ready to move on from him check the archives from Feb/March.

    One fan who said Romo sucks suggested trading him for a couple of #1's. My question to that fan was if Romo sucks why would any team give up two #1's for him??? :cool: Naturally I never got an answer. Most of the fans who aren't apologists or who aren't in deep denial recognize the few negatives Romo has and it's mentioning those that creates most of the dissension on this board. I don't think there's a topic that ruffles more feathers on this board than discussing the few negatives Romo has.

    The only time you can discuss his shortcomings without all hell breaking loose is immediately after one of his bad performances because everyone is disgusted with him and in no mood to defend him. Even some of the greatest QB's to ever play the game had a few chinks in their armor but the one thing most of them had in common is they showed up more times than not in the games that mattered more.
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    Although Romo was absolutely a big part of the loss, a defense that allowed a 200 yard rusher has to shoulder a portion of the blame as well.
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    What would you say those negatives are (that's for anyone, by the way)?

    At least it's a question in line with the original intent of the thread lol...
  13. KJJ

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    No question the defense was dreadful in that game BUT almost 70 yards of Alfred Morris' 200 yards rushing came after Romo's 3 turnovers.
  14. Califan007

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    Not quite. Morris only had 19 yards after Romo's 3rd INT.
  15. Clove

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    Haters come off as being reasonable, while the lovers come off as "the man can do no wrong and it's everyone else". It's sad, because stats don't make a QB. Winning does.
  16. KJJ

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    I've discussed Romo's negatives in this thread and like with every discussion discussing his negatives it's led to arguing and some personal attacks. Regardless of how many facts someone has to support their opinion of Romo whether it be positive or negative it's going to stir some FANS up.
  17. KJJ

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    You're saying Morris only had 19 yards rushing after the 3 possessions they had following Romo's turnovers? Morris had 36 yards rushing after Romo's first turnover.
  18. Califan007

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    Ah, I thought you meant Morris had 70 of his 200 yards after Romo had his 3rd turnover.
  19. KJJ

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    Both the so called " Romo haters" and "Romo lovers" can come off as being unreasonable. Some of the "Romo haters" act like he can't play a lick claiming he sucks. You would think they're talking about Mark Sanchez while some of the "Romo lovers" act like he's the greatest QB ever claiming he's better than Staubach and Aikman. The "Romo haters" and the "Romo lovers" get carried away at times. Romo isn't as horrible or as great as some think he is.
  20. KJJ

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    No, I figured up his total rushing yards after all 3 of Romo's turnovers.

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