Romo, Newton, or Flacco

Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by JonJon, Sep 30, 2011.

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    Ok, so my gut says to go with Romo. I think this game with the Lions will end up being a shootout. However, Romo is still injured, and the Lions Dline may get to him often. Then I have Cam who has put up tremendous numbers except for last week, because he played in a torrential downpour. He is going against the Bears. Both are gambles this week. I also picked up Flacco who normally puts up decent stats, but is going against the Jets. Decisions, decisions.....I need help!
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    If I were in your situation this week, I'd lean away from Romo.
    1. His WR situation is FAR less than optimal.
    2. He's vulnerable to being knocked out of the game. He's already hurt, his OL isn't very good, and he's facing a top defensive front.

    My inclination would be to go with Newton.

    But honestly, in a case like this, going with your own gut is as good a reason as any. There isn't an obvious reason to favor any one of the three above the others this week.
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    If Austin plays go Romo, if not i'd probably flip a coin. Flaaco is more stable than Newton, so probably Flaaco. With Austin playing Romo is an obvious pick however, without you can be looking at a repeat of last week which is a horid fantasy game
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    I would go with Newton, even in the pouring rain last week he had solid points.
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    Sorry to hijack the thread but i also have a QB questions involving Romo.

    Schaub vs. Pit or Romo?
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    I thought he was 100% ruled out long ago...and and maybe 60-40 for being back for week 6.

    As for the OP, I have Romo and Newton on two teams. I'm thinking about splitting them, but may go with Tony on both teams. I'd take both over Flacco.
  7. DFWJC

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