Photo: Romo not the reason Dallas can't win

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jblaze2004, Jun 30, 2014.

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    If facts are excuses, then so be it.
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    Giving Romo "any blame" at all = You have no football knowledge. Yeah, ok. When someone tells you that what they really mean to say is "I'm obsessed with Romo and can't stand for anyone to give him blame". Romo is part of the problem around here too.
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    I'm relatively new to message boards, but one thing puzzles me... How is constantly complaining about people complaining much different than the one's complaining in the first place? Seems to me, they both are bothersome to the flow of a message board, and do nothing but rankle both sides of the argument, further taking away from the topic at hand. Just my two cents.
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    Welcome to the boards. Keep in mind it's the If you don't pick your spots this place can wear you out. May I suggest the thread on James Hannah. It's a good read, it's about a different player and it doesn't lend itself to a 12 page war of attrition.
  5. DallasEast

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    I think that is an inaccurate observation. A football team is composed of many variables such as players, coaches, management, offense, defense, special teams, health, injuries, efficiency or lack there of, effort, game plans, playcalling, etc. With that in mind, I believe it is more accurate to characterize the bulk of commentary, primarily mentioning Tony Romo, as intentionally or unintentionally assigning most or all blame on him. That is inaccurate since football is a team sport. At best, five to ten percent of assignable blame can be placed upon Romo, with other players, units (offense, etc.), and coaching composing the remaining 90% to 95% of accountable blame. I think the "blame = lack of football knowledge" analogy would be better described as "conversation alleging too much blame on any particular part of the team = lack of proper consideration concerning the entire team."


    I re-read what I posted. It may get a tl:dr response from some. A better reply would have been, "Some people talk too much about Romo."
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  6. Animosity

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    I was watching the highlights between the Colts and Chiefs in the playoffs... and Jesus, why can't we have a beast QB like Andrew Luck? 1/3 of his starters on the IR, and he made big time plays to win that game. Notice how they don't make excuses like "ohhh.. the defense gave up 44 points". A 2nd year player like Luck went into shootout mode and won that game for the team. No one blaming the defense. Cowboys gives up 28 points, our 100 million dollar super duper incredible elite QB can't outscore the opposing team, and we blame the defense.

    Yeah.. All I need to do is look back at EIGHT YEARS OF FACTS and point out that Romo makes 100 million dollars and has 1 playoff win in 8 years.
  7. TwoDeep3

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    The reason Dallas cannot win is the way the team is structured.

    Having a man as the GM who has no tenure in learning the craft from anywhere but the top with no one contradicting his decisions is the first part of this equation.

    Now add that he castrates his head coach by making himself available for the players to approach. This breaks down the management hierarchy and further puts the head coach in the position to be a marionette.

    Then he heralds himself as the final decision maker in all things football and hires the assistant coaches for the head coach, and in some instances before he hires the head coach.

    He makes himself the decider on football issues where talent evaluation is at a premium and has shown in most cases to be inept at this function.

    He builds the team with what he sees with his eyes and not what he knows to be thew truth in how a defense is built from the line back. He adds players he thinks will fix the problem but turns his back on what makes teams tough defensively, ie. the defensive line.

    Finally he sticks his face into every camera speaking for the day to day coaching decisions as if he is one of the coaches. The temperament of the team is such that the impetus is not on fearing to keep your job but watching a circus you are part of and you as a player have no worries other than succeeding enough to get a big payday from the owner. Then you can go back to being JAG.

    Want different results. Go back to the Spartan attitude that real coaches foster where players strive because of motivation and not a country club atmosphere.

    Romo does toss the occasional pick which results in a loss.

    But he also carries the team far more than not. They all have bad days. he is no exception. They all make bad decisions. He is no exception.

    But what is paramount is the structure of the team because this is where the failing was born and will continue to thrive until Jerry grows a brain or fires his own ***.
  8. zack

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    Luck is a hell of a QB. Unfortunately, they got lucky with that pick and the timing of it. I'm curious of your assessment of his game against the Patriots the next round? They lost 43 - 22. Luck threw for 331 yards, 2 td's and 4 interceptions
  9. Animosity

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    Hes a 2nd year player, not a 100 million dollar 10+ year veteran with one playoff win.
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    My god, yes. He and his decisions are part of the reason.

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  11. zack

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    That is not what I was asking. He also isn't a undrafted free agent. He was the number one pick in the draft. So, what is your assessment of his performance of that NE game? Did you happen to watch the highlights of that one?
  12. ufcrules1

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    Be careful, other fans here will tell you that you have no football knowledge.
  13. Animosity

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    Yes, I did.

    Luck is a second year player who is only going to get better. Young players have bad games. Big deal.

    and it doesn't matter if Romo went undrafted. He is being paid like an Aaron Rodgers or a Tom Brady. Romo is only going to go downhill from here.

    Romo, a 10+ year veteran, would have never been able to do what Luck did vs the Chiefs with 1/3 of his starters on the IR. People would have blamed the defense for giving up 44 points. Luck just outscored the other team. That's a BIG TIME QB.
  14. AmberBeer

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    I don't think anyone here thinks Romo is blameless. That would be ludicrous.
  15. DallasEast

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    1) The definitions of scarcity and opportunity cost
    2) A college level economics course

    Two things some fans (and some members of the media as well) should really comprehend or study before commenting on the merits of a $100 million dollar contract, doled out to the most important position in professional football, in a $9+ billion dollar industry. Then again, the same could also be said of sub $100 million dollar contracts regardless of position.

    /pipe dream
  16. BoysfanfromNY

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  17. cowboy_ron

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    I think I got this now:

    Tony, we're going to have to throw you back to the wolves even though you've thrown for 400+ yards and 4 TD's already because our defense stayed at home on this one, but YOU can't ever make a that?

    Am I close?
  18. zack

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    Look, I like Andrew Luck and I agree that he has a bright future ahead of him. But, it does make a big difference when they roll him out as the best QB prospect ever. He has had more than one bad performance. But using your logic and going back to the 2012 Washington Game, you clearly said that Romo threw 3 interceptions in bold letters. So, how is it that you forgive Luck for throwing 4 really, really bad interceptions? And, his defense held Brady to under 200 yards passing and they gave up a 166 yards rushing. Mind you, one run accounted for 75 yards. So, his play was extremely detrimental to the loss in that game.

    If you are using that he is a second year player as an excuse, I don't buy that. Again, he is supposed to be the one of the best college QB's to enter in the NFL.
  19. cowboys1981

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    The franchise success or lack there of is contigent upon the team and organization.

    How have we managed the cap in salary cap era?

    How have we done in the draft?

    How have we done with the HC spot?

    Answer these 3 questions and you'll have a bigger scope of what the actual problem is and it's been a philosophical one.

    I will say this offseason has been a good one aside from Lee's injury.

    -Contract of Melton made friendly.
    -Drafting Martin and Lawrence to shore up two needs on both sides of the ball.
    -Making the tough decision on Ware.
    -Releasing Austin.
    -Not restructuring contracts like Carrs' and causing money to hinder future cap.
  20. Animosity

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    No one is making excuses for Luck. He had a bad game. He's a 2nd year player. He's only going to get better. If Romo has a bad game, we blame everyone but him. We would blame the defense for giving up 21 points. Colts give up 44 points, and LUCK puts the team on his back and wins. That's a big time QB. Mind you he isn't being paid like Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. I expect more from a guy who is being paid like an elite QB, and who's been in the league for 10+ years... than some kid who's been in the league for 2 years.

    I also don't buy the excuse that he is supposed to be one of the best college QB's to ever enter the league. That's called hype. Luck didn't bring that upon himself. Romo did the moment he signed a contract that made him one of the highest paid QBs in the league, despite having ONE playoff win in 8 years as a starter.

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