Romo or RGIII?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CyberB0b, Dec 5, 2012.

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  1. Apollo Creed

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    His numbers off play action and from traditional drop backs suggest that he's really reaping the benefits of the Skins solid ground game. If he were in a situation like Dallas with no ground game and poor pass protection his numbers wouldn't be so impressive.

    Gotta give Shanahan credit though he puts his guys in a position to succeed and maximize their abilities.
  2. ufcrules1

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    Yup, has nothing to do with RG3.
  3. zrinkill

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  4. NIBGoldenchild

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    :rolleyes: :laugh2:
  5. hra8700

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    You would have to be delusional to say Romo. RGIII will be paid a third of what Romo is going to get for the next 3 years, AND Romo is 10 years older.

    It doesn't even matter who is better right now...
  6. bbailey423

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    how many times does it need to be stated...the ground game is BECAUSE of Griffins presence...the Redskins have ONE....ONE guy on offense that could start in Dallas....Trent one on their OL or at the skill positions could start in Dallas....the weapon of RG3....combined with the playcalling of the Shanny's....has defenses on their heels. Is he going to hand it off or tuck it and run? Or is he going to fake it and throw? Over the course of a game...the mental gymnastics prevents defenses from playing fast....and mental and physical fatigue set in. And that is a bad combination when you consider RG3 is a threat to run or pass....whether it is when the defense is fresh...or wheter they are in the 4th qtr with a worn out defense.

    Alfred Morris is OK. But he was a 6th round pick for a reason. Not many stud football players coming out of Florida Atlantic!
  7. Chocolate Lab

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    He's got something to do with it, but I think you have to give most of the credit to Shanahan. He's always run the ball well because he's determined to do so. Besides the value of running for itself, his passing game is so dependent on play action off it. And he has a great system with that cut blocking to get it done, just like Kubiak in Houston.

    As many have said, you have to give Shanahan credit for maximizing the talents of the players he has, because there's not a lot of talent on that side of the ball.
  8. bbailey423

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    I don't have the numbers in front of me...but how well did they run it when Grossman or Beck were the QBs? Or McNabb? I did state the combination of RG3 ability and the Shannys play calling has been lethal. Heck, Alfred Morris does not even make this team this year if the guys from last year were healthy.
  9. Chocolate Lab

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    I don't disagree with you... Having those absolute scrubs makes it a lot easier to gang up on the run for sure.

    Just saying that a threat at QB doesn't automatically mean you can run it. Just look at us. :eek::
  10. bbailey423

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    wow something to think about. But you know what...people blitz us with no frear. You blitz RG3 and he will slip out and take it for 20. Cats like him are a real nightmare for defenses!
  11. SkinsHokieFan

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  12. HoustonFrog

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    So right. the guy changed the culture and the way the team operates. You can't give this all to Shanny.

    2011--18th in rushing
    2010--26th in rushing
    2009--16th in rushing

    2012--4th in rushing...wonder where that came from....
  13. DFWJC

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    2 things:
    1) The offensive design is not the same ths year as it was in the past. It's tweaked to fit RG3, and that is how it should be.

    2) Skins should be glad they lucked into Morris--he sure is better than the other guys. Basically you are saying, in spite of themselves, they uncovered a dominant back.
    Here's betting he starts when they come back.
  14. xxprodigyxx

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    You can argue that RG3 is not asked to do as much in his offense as Romo is for the Cowboys. However, to make the assumption that RG3 is not asked to do much is stupid. RG3 is asked to justify the blockbuster trade that could sink the franchise for the next 5 years. RG3 is asked to resurrect a laughable franchise. RG3 is asked to be the face of the franchise. RG3 is asked to save Shannahan's job, because I believe he was on the hot seat prior to this draft. Other rookies, and Redskins have seen this before, might have wilted with the amount of weight on their shoulders.
  15. TTexasTT

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    You post way too much.

    I agree with what you are saying. However, I havent seen enough of RGIII to say Id take him over Romo.
    I do admit that Griffin had a whole lot out on his shoulders and has seemed to rise to the occasion with relative ease. He has been very impressive.
  16. xxprodigyxx

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    Serial lurker. :(
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