Romo or Wilson

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by TrailBlazer, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. BrAinPaiNt

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    Seriously.... Wilson is not a stain on P. MANNINGS skivvies. But it makes difference because Seattle defense won the game.

    It is so hard to be a fan of this team with the front office and coaches but it only makes it worse with some of these seriously silly threads.
  2. Clove

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    The biggest thing is, the 2nd year kid is not rattled by the spot light, and he just doesn't make mistakes very often. And sometimes, it's not what you do, but what you don't do. And remember, this is a young kid still learning the position. In 4 or 5 years when he knows what he's doing, who knows what he can be. I choose not to enter the Romo vs this or that QB, because everyone knows I don't like Romo.
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    Room better QB, doesn't elevate players around him; like Carmelo Anthony; Wilson may be a better leader for his team. Overall Romo would probably be my choice if I didn't know better, Wilson doesn't make or hasn't made game losing mistakes.
  4. perrykemp

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    Was surprised to see mentioned in the game that Russell Wilson is one of exactly 3 QBs in NFL history to throw for more than 50+ TDs in his first two seasons in the NFL.

    The other two? Dan Marino and Peyton Manning.

    IMHO, Wilson is more than a bus driver. I don't know how good he'll eventually be -- but he is no game-manager.
  5. SDCowboy85

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    His poise is impressive. To be fair though, it's easy to stay calm when you know the slightest mistake won't cost your team the game and your D will keep you in it pretty much no matter what.
  6. Teren_Kanan

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    I'd honestly have to see another couple years of Wilson (or see him on a team with crap defense) before I could pull the trigger as my franchise QB. I've watched most of the Seattle games this year, there are times when he looks incredibly uncomfortable in the pocket and that scares me. He definitely has huge upside though. Seattle's defense just put up one of the best display's I've ever seen, I'd definitely put them up in the conversation of one of if not the best defense of any single year, that performance was absolutely breathtaking.

    As for weapons, a legendary defense and a solid ground game are stronger weapons than any receivers Romo has ever had.
  7. Teren_Kanan

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    He is definitely more than a bus driver.
  8. Kaiser

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    Romo or Joe Namath's fur coat? Which would you take??
  9. Dash28

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    Pimp status.
  10. gbrittain

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    I'm just trying to figure out how someone can watch that game and come up with that question. Might as well ask Hauschka or Bailey.
  11. JS22

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    This thread is a joke.

    Kevin Kolb could have won tonight with the defense Seattle put out there.
  12. starfrombirth

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    but he has something Romo has never had... a defense and receivers who don't give up on routes and an offensive line.
  13. TheCoolFan

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    Wilson is special. He has the skillset to become another Aaron Rodgers. It's silly to write off a QB's career in their SECOND YEAR because they're not throwing for 400 yards and 3 TDs every game. Were we supposed to say the same about Tom Brady after 2001 and Big Ben after 2006?

    Wilson is a smart guy and student of the game, plus he is around an organization that will help him get to where he needs to go. I have no reason to believe he can't be a great QB one day
  14. tyke1doe

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    Yep. But Seattle is handling Wilson like we should have handled Romo. Bill Parcells tried to do that, but Jerry Jones went and ruined it. :sad:
  15. tyke1doe

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    I'm not going to be too hard on him, but I agree. It's very, very transparent. But, hey, I'm game.
  16. Lonestar94

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    Shut up dude your annoying

    Jesus Christ
  17. burmafrd

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    once again BS. You got what you wanted- another hate on Romo thread.
  18. perrykemp

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    So Kolb throws for 70% completion rate and a 110+ QB rating you think?
  19. tyke1doe

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    Not the way Seattle would have handled him.
  20. Achilleslastand

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    Skillset to become another Aaron Rodgers....
    Hehe that's comical.....
    Hes a bus driver with a wonderful cast around him.

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