Romo or Wilson

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by TrailBlazer, Feb 2, 2014.

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    LOL at the "fans" who bash their own QB more then their rivals. It seems like you need some glasses bud, that "loser" you're talking about is the ONLY reason this putrid team has been competitive. Give Romo half a defense of the Seahawks and we'd have multiple championships. Also, that "loser" could've thrown 5+ interceptions and they still would've won the game. The amazing Russel Wilson had like 90 yards passing at half time, yet the Seahawks were leading 22-0.


    Russel is just a game manager QB who's very mobile, and that's about it. He's the QB you want if you have a top 5 RB and the best defense in the NFL, which Seattle has.

    It's easy to win games when on average your defense only gives up 14 points, and are creating 2.5 turnovers a game. Oh, did I mention their defense only allows a 63.4 passer rating on average? Meanwhile our defense has a measly defensive passer rating of 96, I wonder if that extra 30 QB RTG has any affect? Nah, probably not.
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    And that would be a good thing.
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    That's cool. We have no issues. You are one of those folks who single 1 player out for why the team didn't win. I long ago learned that football is the ultimate team sport. There were 40+ other players who didn't take advantage of their oppurtunities in those situations as well. But that's ok. Some choose to focus on one. I'll ask you, as I have every other person who appears to have this kind of thought process, can you tell me which QB has ever won the Superbowl on his own? I'm still waiting for someone to show me the one time where a QB won it on their own.
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    False. Wilson had to make plays in that SF game and could not afford any mistakes down the stretch. You telling me all 32 QBs do that?

    Ours definitely would not.

    He had no turnovers at all in the playoffs. That is pretty impressive. On 3rd down, I trust Wilson. He zips the ball in there and knows where he is throwing it.

    Romo does not.
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    Russell Wilson, same age 2nd year in the league or Tony Romo 2nd year in the league? Not even close!
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    Yeah our defense got lit up by the Saints and Lions at the end of that year. Not remotely the same situation.
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    I do not agree that Romo could not have done the same in Wilson's place, if not better.
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    Isn't Wilson still a one read then take off and try to make something happen QB?
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    Nobody asked that
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    I like Romo but this got a chuckle from me.............

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    We had TO, the D that year was actually rank #1 for a while...the Greg Ellis went down and. Our safety situation never work out.
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    Yes football is a team sport but if your focus is not on the game you will under achieve and loose focus. We can all we talk about how great those Seahawks players is and they will tell you where it come from. Film study, preparation and dedication.
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    I am curious then. Seattle was largely the same team as the year before. So did they only start preparing and film study this year? Were they only this dedicated this year? Cause I didn't see pretty much this exact same team win the Superbowl last year and I have a hard time believing that this year they just worked harder, prepared more, and studied more. That would imply they just learned that this year and I don't buy that.

    How about New England? You figure Brady just doesn't work hard enough, study enough, or prepare enough anymore? The rest of the Patriots?

    Yes that stuff is absolutely necassary. And if you're not doing it you're not getting to the playoffs and if you do you're not going anywhere. But at some point all the preparation, study, want to, desire, need, drive take a back seat to this thing called Talent.

    If your team doesn't have enough of it you can study and prepare till everyone is blue in the face and you're not winning the Superbowl unless all of your opponents just decide they're not going to prepare at all.
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    Bus driver lol. Thats funny.
    Lotsa people jelly of Russellmania.
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    Wilson is a bus driver in the sense that he is not asked to carry his team, as indicated by the fact that in his two seasons as Seattle's starting qb the Hawks have ranked 32nd (2012} and 31 st (2013) in pass attempts.
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    I'd take Wilson right now. Age. And he's not coming off back surgery.
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    I think that's a pretty narrow take on the term "bus driver".

    Passing volume is dependent on so many different things that simply using attempts to determine whether or not someone is a bus driver is pretty flawed. Jacksonville had more pass attempts than Dallas. Is Romo more of a bus driver than the QB in Jacksonville? Absolutely not. Jacksonville needed to pass because they were getting blown out every week, not because they thought their QB could carry it's team more than Dallas thought Romo could carry his team. Passing because you must and passing because your QB can absolutely carry your team will both give you a high number of passing attempts. Likewise, not passing because you don't need to and not passing because your QB is horrible will probably give you low passing attempt numbers.

    From 1992 to 1995, Dallas was 12th, 24th, 26th, and 28th in passing attempts. Interesting. During the pinnacle of this franchises success, Dallas seemingly had a bus driver QB leading them to 3 championships. Of course the reality is that Aikman wasn't required to air it out 40 times per game but when called upon he was putting the ball on point, and was orchestrating a dominant and efficient offense.

    Nobody is labeling Andrew Luck as a bus driver. Why, because he had an extra 465 yards passing on an additional 170 attempts? Every other statistic favors Wilson. Indy had a good defense, ranking 9th overall in the NFL. Indy didn't have the running game that Seattle does and Seattle's defense was about a TD better than Indy's but Luck had the good fortune of playing in one of the worst divisions in the NFL. Every one of Wilson's divisional opponents had a better defense than the Titans at #16 who had the highest rank amongst Luck's divisional opponents. Houston at #24 and Jacksonville at #28. That compared to San Francisco at #3, Arizona at #7, and St. Louis at #13.

    When I think of "bus driver" I think of a QB who's a game manager by default, not a QB who's simply on a team that's good enough to win without him lighting up stat sheet. A guy who's reeled in because he'll turn the ball over and sink your team if you decided to let him pass. He would do this regardless of how strong the rest of his team is so even on the team with the best defense in the NFL, you just don't let him take chances.

    I think Jay Cutler fits the mold of bus driver more than maybe any other QB in the NFL. He's good enough to start but the more you let him pass the more he's going to screw up. He doesn't have the ability to minimize mistakes on his own so the coaching staff has to do it for him or suffer the mistakes that Cutler will make. If you want more TDs out of Cutler, they're coming attached to INTs.

    I don't consider Russell Wilson a bus driver. I consider him fortunate to play on a very good team which has allowed him to avoid the pitfalls of having to air it out every week just for his team to have a chance. I also consider him to be a guy who, like Aikman, produced when called upon while orchestrating an efficient offense. They aren't dominant but they're a young team and can get to that level if Wilson continues to mature as a player.

    Where's the cutoff anyway?

    Wilson had 3350 yards, 26 TDs, 9 INTs. How much more would he have to do to ditch the label of "bus driver"?

    Romo was at 3830 yards, 31 TDs, and 10 INTs.

    Where in that 480 yard, 5 TD gap is the cutoff where a player loses the label of "bus driver"? Wilson also had over 500 yards rushing and 1 rushing TD for a production total of about 3900 yards, 27TDs.

    I think Wilson is a very good QB. I also think it's ironic that the fan base for a team with a QB who has supposedly been unjustly criticized will turn around and discredit another team's QB at the drop of a hat.
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    Persuasively argued, Hoof. You have convinced me that I have been selling Wilson short.
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    Wilson not because he is better now but because he is so young he can become one of the games best
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    I like Wilson BUT if defenses could just put a spy on him and not have to defend Moreno too you could see a different player. It's been a few years since Romo had the threat of a running game other than maybe late this season and way back in 09. Wilson might turn out to be as good or even better than Romo but things can change in a hurry. Flacco

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