Romo stunk yesterday

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by bpfred, Oct 28, 2013.

  1. Red Dragon

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    3 TDs and no turnovers means that a quarterback's football performance was bad? I'll take that all season long. That would mean a 48 touchdown, no turnover performance over the course of a season.
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  2. 03EBZ06

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    Yup but some folks like to down play defense giving up over 600 yards and 24 points in 4th quarter and just look at 4 takeaways and blame offense and Romo. Romo wasn't at his best but defense had 10 point lead twice in 4th quarter and couldn't prevent Lions from scoring a TD with little over a minute left in the game.

    There are enough blame to go around but to put all the blame on offense and Romo is downright moronic.
  3. Sarge

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    Romo has free reign to audible out of any play he wants or that is called. Some of the play calling blame goes on Romo. I am not blaming the loss on Romo but just putting the play calling in perspective.
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  4. Fonzie

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    If we lose against the Vikings, we're not just a sinking ship, we're the Exxon Valdez. We will be cleaning up this mess for decades.
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    I don't think we lose that game. In fact, I think we are going to be in pretty decent shape in the second half. There are really only two games that seriously scare me, the rest of the way. If we can 6-2 or 5-3, that's double digit wins and the Division. I never really thought we would do much in the playoffs but hey, that's a definite improvement over the last few years and these guys that are getting beaten up now, they are going to get better next year. Lets see what happens the rest of the way before we start lighting the mattresses on fire.
  6. AmberBeer

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    Not in that situation just like I explained. You need more learning evidently.
  7. Doomsay

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    Nice analogy! I worked on the financial fallout from that incident for a half a decade. :cool:
  8. Ender

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    Youre right.
  9. Doomsay

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    Did you actually watch the game? Tony was as off as I've ever seen him, most of those numbers that you cited were attributable to two great YAC plays and one amazing double-covered, up for grabs, Mickey Mouse hands catch in the endzone by Dez (awesome). I'm sure that most of his problems were pressure related, but if you'd apply that passing performance to the remainder of the season, we'd actually be less than a .500 team.
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  10. Bigdog24

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    Romo was just average Romo, 14 of 30 for 206 yds and QBR of 45.9. Yes, he was OFF, WAY OFF but that is the new Tony Romo. Unless he plays backyard football he is nothing but average at best.
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  11. Staubacher

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    Man you actually gave me my first glimmer of hope in two days! I'm serious.

  12. Coy

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    I wouldn´t go that far, a QB with 200 + yards and 3 TD´s and no Int´s doesn’t stink, could he have played a lot better, of course he could.
  13. Gameover

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    Cowboys have averaged only 283 yards the past three weeks. Skins ranked 32nd in def when Cows played them; Phil was 32nd last wk; Det 31st.

    But they told me the offense was good!
  14. Coy

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    I love Romo but you can´t look it that way, he completed less than 50% of his passes and the 3 TD´s were great plays from his Wr´s, I´m sure he would be the first to tell you he has to play better.
  15. TheCount

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    Don't blame them. 20 years of Cowboy ineptitude had trained fans to be stat watchers. Some of us are convinced that a good player and a good season is defined by statistics.
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  16. Primetime42

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    He wasn't what I've come to expect him to be. And he hasn't for the last few games. Leaves me to wonder if something is physically wrong, because the ball is off target a lot.
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  17. AmberBeer

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    Yes, but on the bright side now you know who knows what they're talking about and who doesn't. Those that blame Romo obviously don't.
  18. cowboys2233

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    Yup, the way he threw that near pick-six straight to Lee was a thing of beauty.
  19. beevomav

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    102.9 QB rating <<<< This!
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  20. CT Dal Fan

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    Against the Skins, Dallas had an 86 yard punt return TD, started one drive on the Redskins 15, and another on their 3. There's three possessions "gone" (in a good way) that contributed to the low yardage total.

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