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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ufcrules1, Oct 4, 2013.

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    How can you say that when he audibled? The RDE was showing blitz from a standing gait, so Romo audibled for the play. This was confirmed as well on the left-side LB. Weddle, I believe then changed the call, the RDE going into the traditional stance and the LB dropping back. The deep safety shifted more to the right to provide help onh side of Beasley and the other WR.

    Romo simply didn't make a good throw from the perspective Witten had to adjust.
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    And you would be right. The QB handles the football on every single offensive snap.
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    Let's say the organization and coaches account for a full third. That leaves 66% for the Offense, Defense, and STs. Divided equally (which probably isn't accurate, but this is just seat-of-the-pants, anyway), that's 22% of the team's overall play that you'd put specifically on offense. Of that 22%, if you say the QB position is responsible for *half* of the productivity, that puts Tony at ~11% for the organization overall. ~10X more important than the other offensive players, on average. That's comparable to your ballpark, and a lot of the team's production overall. You can see where him having a huge game, v. him having an awful one would impact winning and losing. In a game where a few percentage points here or there can make all the difference.
    At the same time, you can also see where there's a lot of other factors outside the QB play that can also lose it for you. Tony playing at a very high level when the secondary isn't covering or the OL isn't handling the blitz properly is enough to cause you to lose, just as easily. Giving up a ST touchdown, fumbling in the red zone, whatever.

    Obviously, this is a ridiculous exercise of randomly assigning importance to a position. The only point is that there really is a limit to what you can expect from a good QB and that, when you try to take it all in context, there are a ton of other factors that come into play that you just can't overlook.
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    If it's the play I remember, Tony underthrew it and made it a difficult catch. People say it hit Witten in the numbers. Yeah, after he slowed down and twisted his body in a weird way. Had it been thrown over his shoulder and led him, it would have been a long gain.

    I don't mean to single the play out. It was a run-of-the-mill incompletion.
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    I doubt you were complaining when Romo hit both Harris & Witten for TD's on this type of throw with the DB's back to the ball. It was definitely a high percentage play if he finds Beasley there, but he had already started his throwing motion before Beasley even broke open which the poster fails to point out & like another poster said, with Beasley's size and with the o-line-d line in front of Romo, he might have had trouble seeing that matchup, but in the end it wouldn't have mattered b/c he had his eyes set on Witten before Beasley made his move & it hit Witt right in the chest.. Just like Dez should've made the grab near the sidelines. We can blame Romo for silly audibles or whatever, but that throw was on the money, no matter what else you see on the play... You can bet they see the same thing though on this play & will definitely find Beasley the next opportunity they get. Beasley had some nice grabs VS SD & running routes like that right there will definitely keep him on the gameday roster & will receive plenty of playing time.
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    He should've took his time and checked down to Beasley. But hindsight is 20/20. Witten makes that catch most of the time, idc who's covering him.
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    I agree, he had great protection & needed to let Beasley's route develop for the higher percentage play, but like you said, Witt needs to make that catch.
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    Romo's legacy - He would have been a good QB, but he threw too many passes to his Hall of Fame tight end. :confused:
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    I gotta admit, the throw to Beasley looks like the right throw in this instance.

    Still, QB's don't always see the open guy all the time. He made the wrong decision and a terrific throw and Witten just flat out missed it. I honestly can't fault Romo too much here even if he did miss an open Beasley, because he made a very difficult throw and the guy just dropped it.

    If you want to be upset with anyone, be upset with Witten... but if you are, you'll have to do it without me. Witten has shed blood, sweat, and tears for this team and he missed a 3rd down pass. It happens. Honestly, the team shouldn't have been in that spot to begin with.

    Total team loss as far as I'm concerned. I saw those in Jimmy Johnson's time in Dallas too. They happen to even the best of teams.

    Time to get to work on the Broncos.
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    You don't bypass an open guy 25 yards downfield to wait and see what everyone else does...
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    LOL, exactly. The quarterback isn't even on the field for more than half of the snaps of the game. Then depending on the team, for 30% - 50% of the snaps he is on the field, he hands the ball off and literally *gets out of the way* to let the rest of the team go 10 on 11.

    The problem is, the average Joe Six Pack fan has fell for the NFL/ESPN's marketing push to make quarterback some kind of on field demigod, because marketing Drew Brees vs Aaron Rodgers is appealing to bonehead fans who can't understand the intricacies of the sport (who for example, never even watch the OL to see what they are doing). I also somewhat blame Peyton Manning, who is unique probably in NFL history for the actual work he does as his team's virtual offensive coordinator on the field. Now people think that EVERY team's QB is some kind of on the field super general, all-knowing demigod, super charismatic "leader" who everyone follows, every routine 5 yard dump off is a magical throw, etc. It's all a bunch of hooey.
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    He wasn't clearly open. Weddle was in good position and there was another charger in the area. He was locked in to witten. He should've went through his progression and found Beasley. But As I said before, I don't fault romo for that particular play. Witten usually makes that catch.
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    Romo made a terrific throw? Go back and watch the video. He made a bad throw that made Witten have to do a 180 to even have a chance to catch it.
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    Even funnier, Peyton has won only 1 Super Bowl in 15 years. Further proving the idea that a QB is just a piece of the puzzle. Important, but not the only piece.
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    A 180 that put him as the only one in position to catch the football. Also, right in his chest when he turned.
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    oh stop it with this 180 sillyness... Those guys are paid to catch all sorts of passes & the ball hit him right in the shoulder pads & he was in position to make the catch, just like Dez should've had the reception easily on the sidelines while getting 2 toes down. He didn't lay him out for a kill shot or force him to climb the ladder or dive for it, Romo put it right on his chest.
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    That was the only place he could have put it for witten.

    Should've gone to Beasley though.
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    It was a back shoulder throw and the ball bounced off Witten's numbers. The ball could not have been thrown any more perfectly. And before anyone starts whining about why Romo did not throw it over the top of Witten, it was because Witten was looking over his inside shoulder - where the defender was shading him. If Witten looks over his outside shoulder then Romo throws it over the top.
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    Phillips rivers made us look like Alcon st vs Alabama and we pick one play to diagnosis on offense. Bizarre
    This just in.. Tony romo is not perfect in performance or decidion making, but he's pretty damn good and by far the best hope we have at the position. Settle in people he will be your qb for the next few yrs.
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