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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by ufcrules1, Oct 4, 2013.

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    romo stans say the darnest things lol.

    if we've come to a point where we're vehemently defending egregious errors in judgement like this then just rename the team The Dallas Romos b/c he's obviously become bigger than the team to some of you. there is no gray area here, you have a wide open man in plain sight on's shameful how some of you have decided to buy your heads in the sand when it comes to any form of romo criticism.
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    Way to man up! Cute girl in your avatar. Here is my angels...

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    It was a perfect read and throw..the exact same that got us 7 vs. the giants..with defenders playing over the top and under on Witten, Romo threw a back shoulder pass to Witten that Witten adjusted to but drop..I liked Romo's aggressiveness is this situation..Beasley came open after the ball could have been a big gain or a 5 yard pass on 3rd and long.
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    The point of the thread was to note that as Owens said, Romo's gone to Witten way to much and we have nothing to show for it in 8 years. When you have explosive people on your team, Dez/Beasley (quick) Dunbar/ Williams to a degree, you need to get the ball to one of these people FIRST. Why throw to a double covered Witten and not throw to a double covered Dez? It doesn't matter, we've been mediocre with him, and we'll continue to be mediocre with him while everyone continues to make excuses for his ENTIRE career.
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    Beasley and his uber-impressive 7.9 YPC? That explosive player? LOL

    The bottom line is Romo threw a good ball, to his most reliable receiver and hit him in the numbers for a big play. But the receiver dropped it. It's really as simple as that.
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    I wouldn't say Beasley is explosive but his YAC is a product of him running almost nothing but short routes.

    This year he has 4 catches, 23 yards, 13 YAC. He doesn't go far off the line before catching the ball.
  7. Hoofbite

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    Having nothing to show for 8 years is a completely bogus argument.

    The Lions have been going to Calvin Johnson since he was drafted and they don't have anything to show for it. Tom Brady went to Welker probably more than any other QB went a WR or TE over the past 5-6 years and they don't have anything to show.

    TO saying it is especially stupid because every QB he played went to him and none of them have anything to show.

    That doesn't mean that I don't think there are times when Tony is too reliant on Witten. He probably is but at the same time it's because Witten is a reliable target.

    This thread is just stupid. He put the ball in a position where it should have been caught and it would have been a big play. That's all there is to it.

    If you're going to knock Romo for locking on to Witten, there are certainly better examples of him doing it than a time where Romo made a good throw downfield for good yardage and it was dropped.
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    Typical Romo.
  9. Idgit

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    Yep. He typically puts the ball on the money when you need him to. And his detractors typically are confused as to what good QB play looks like and complain about nothing and don't realize it. Typical, all the way around.
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    Waiting for the day Romo throws to Dez when he's double covered. T.O. despite his childish antics and narcissistic mood swings, did have a point about this bromance. The Romo/Witten connection has piled up a lot of stats but it hasn't gotten us anywhere. Offense is still stuck in the mud and plays like this where your slot receiver is wide open and you don't hit him is why I say Romo is not a 100M QB. We overpaid by 10-15 M.
  11. 5Stars

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    The Anti-Romo stans are at it again. I wonder how long it took ufcunrules to go find that play so he and his little friends can complain about Romo.

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    Maybe we should revist the play t
    It is really embarrassing to be a Cowboys fan at times. Even more embarrassing that this is supposed to be an intelligent cowboys message board. Again threads like these are as bad as the idiots that post on Facebook pictures post by the Cowboys. They post a picture of Miles, but people bash Romo in the post.

    Especially when you have people that can't support the QB who put the ball on the numbers and the guy dropped it. I expect this kind of non sense from Eagles, Giants, and Skins fans. There are 8 pages to this thread for one pass play. Unbelievable.

    Let's move on to the other drop that Dez had in that game. Think we can get another 8 pages of how Romo should have put the ball more inside so that Dez didn't have to tip toe the sideline and hit him more square in the hands?
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    Lol. The haters using TO references. Lol
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    Great route by Beasley. It's a shame that Romo didn't hit him. He will see that in film and feel sick. Would've been awesome if he saw him.
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    You get the award for best use of a useless thread.
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    This entire post.. silly.
  17. Idgit

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    No he didn't. TO was a narcissistic, team destroying idiot, who was interested in the team being good only if that happened because he was the focus of the offense.

    Whether Romo goes to Witten too often or not, and I personally think that's a stupid argument (there's no shortage of downs if you keep moving the chains. Witten creates more offensive plays for everybody by getting the first downs. It's not a zero-sum game until you get to the red zone, at which point it's academic), the example from the OP here is an awful one. The ball was absolutely catchable, and all the second guessing is just that as a result.

    It's possible the Beasley was the better option and that the window of opportunity was open at the same time for both players. I don't know. It doesn't matter, though, because the throw to Witten was right where it needed to be and would have extended the drive had Jason caught it.
  18. Zordon

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    Idgit this is not true. T.O. only raised hell when he didn't get the ball in LOSSES. I clearly remember him not taking the bait from the media when he had low production in wins.

    The throw to Witten was a low percentage throw. He had two men in his vicinity. Beasley was wide open, I don't care what kind of throw he made to Witten, he made the wrong decision.
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    "Only one throw..."

    If I had a dollar for everytime that excuse is brought up whenever a thread like this is made. I made two similar threads in the preseason and I was told the same thing by you Romo Stans....."only one throw"..."only preseason".

    Heard the same thing after the KC game and his inexcusable audible to T-Will in the red zone..."only one throw".

    Games under Garrett's regime have come down to one possession the majority of the time. So it's not just one throw, it can be the difference btw a win and a loss.
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  20. Idgit

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    Of course he's not going to publicly complain after a *win*. Who knows what he said privately? If you're willing to believe he only nursed and fostered resentment over his targets when the team lost, and it was only then that he shared those feelings with Barber and Crayton and Hurd and whichever of his cronies would listen, I'm not sure what to tell you. He was poisonous, win or lose. He paid the price for that and got himself cut. Good riddance, bad rubbish.

    The throw to Witten was not low-percentage. But it doesn't matter if it was low-percentage, because his QB hit him right on his Captain's patch. Anything else re: that play is just noise.

    It's the background white noise about a QB that we waste time defending when there's absolutely nothing to defend. Then, later, when the QB really does make a game-changing mistake that costs the team a win or a chance at a win, those actual mistakes get all bundled up with nonsense like this thread to give the illusion that there's a problem with the QB of this team and 'not being clutch' (however that's supposed to be measured).

    Meanwhile, we gave up 3 TDs, 400 yards, and a 120 QBR again in pass defense, and are a bottom-ten team in that regard again so far for yet another season, and people are wasting their breath on whether or not a pass a receiver had to adjust his body for in order for a pass to hit him square on the numbers was, in actuality, somehow an errant throw. It's just absurd.
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