Romo tries to take snaps wearing Hanie Jersey

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Idgit, Jun 17, 2014.

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    I don't know about that, wouldn't surprise me one bit if some "fans" actually weren't. Though, there definitely is no need for personal attacks. We should all hold hands, stand in a circle around a camp fire, and sing kumbaya till the sun comes up. :)
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    I thought that you were trying to be sarcastic but maybe I was wrong.
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    My post was pretty much straight forward your original assertion makes no sense and your responses to my post lack substance. I understood what you posted, but it and your subsequent response still don't make any sense.

    My question remains unanswered. Why would I (I consider myself realistic about this team and it's direction management and future), hope that Romo was fat and out of shape?

    The "gives them one less thing to complain about line" isn't an answer. There are far bigger issues with this team than Romo.
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    Nevermind bro.
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    Steps to steal draft picks:

    Step 1: Put Romo in Hanie's jersey and let him perform at a high level.

    Step 2: trade the real Hanie for multiple draft picks.

    Step 3: reap benefits.
  6. AmberBeer

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    That was muscle.
  7. 5Stars

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    Oh SNAP...lmao

    (stupid cowboy fans)
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    lmao...! Please stop this humor. Funny stuff right here.
  9. 5Stars

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    I bet he was just hazing his rookie QB...and the Coach. lol ...but he was probably thinking about going to Cabo after this!

    (stupid qb)
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    Yeah, I think someone is WAY overthinking things.
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