Romo will need our support and understanding in 2014

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by GimmeTheBall!, Apr 8, 2014.

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    See, this walk-on QB who statistically became one of the best in the NFL will need to score at least 40 points a game to win. He and his receivers and RBs will need to score at least 40 points a game.

    Mens and womans, after careful analysis and a look at our D (I don't expect any draftee will upgrade our D and I don't see any FA still out there who will be an impact player for us).

    In short, our D is a disaster waiting to happen. More disastrous than last year's if you can belief that.

    Tony Romo, it is on you, and I am sorry that so much will depend on you and the O. You will not be able to rely on the D in 2014, no sir!

    So buck up, Tony, and get ready to thow the ball to Witten a lot (for ball control) and hand if off a lot to our tailback a lot as well.

    Can Romo and Co. do it?
    Is there an alternative?

    Cowboys 6-10
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    ah, another negative nancy...I can't buy what you are selling...I am on the other side of the fence where the defense will be reasonably injury-free and be a middle of the pack unit if they draft well...a middle of the pack defense coupled with a strong offense makes this a 10-6 team and playoff bound
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  5. GimmeTheBall!

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    Incredible that some here think the 2014 D will be . . . viable.

    What possibly gifts you any optimism that the D will keep the opponents to less than 35-40 points a game?
  6. GimmeTheBall!

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    I half not heard such unfounded optimism since last year.
  7. SilverStarCowboy

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    However belief you me, there are11 Draft Choices in a good Draft at positions of need Dallas would half to really screw the pooch on to lose all hope. .. Oh and don't worry even if Jerral Wayne messes this up again there will be some optimism for awhile at least. My bet is the kind of optimism that will spread if they hit a high grade on Draft Day.

    Hold onto your hat there young un'.
  8. CIWhitefish

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    Reality does. To be as bad as you are saying we would have to give up 600 points. We gave up 432. Hyperbole weakens any stance.
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    We are in the same situation as last season (give or take). Hatcher was replaced by Melton and a rook/stop gap will fill in for the 6 sacks left by Ware. What is so different? My main point is that JG could've got us into the playoffs last season DESPITE the horrid D but couldn't. 2 games (we all know which two) were given away from inadequate time management and playcalling. We won't even get into his unwillingness to keep the D off the field by relying on Murray or trying to change things up in the passing game to get our stars the ball (in space) by way of stack formations, motion, pick routes, etc. If JG can figure this thing out (and he should've by now) this team can still make the playoffs by relying heavily on Dez and Murray.
  10. GimmeTheBall!

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  11. Fredd

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    this. not to mention, if we can just stay healthy, then the rotation is already better with having the FAs we signed plus Crawford...the D will be better...and, before we get the "it couldn't get worse" crowd, stow it...get on board with a better defense or stop tanking on them...they will be better this year if they simply stay healthy, regardless of the draft picks (who, because of their youth should be a little healthier, in theory)
  12. PA Cowboy Fan

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    I don't know why anyone thinks we will be healthy. This team is always injured. It's part of our makeup.
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    I agree 100%. Dallas is going into this season with more questions on d than last year. I for sure feel better that maranelli is the dc. But all we've done is try replace hatcher. Which if I read meltons contract right dallas doesnt even know for sure if melton can play. Ware wasnt noticeable last year. Its going to be weird to see him on denver but the right decision was made. Only starter on dl is selvie all other dl positions are a question mark. Huge hole at fs and no talent at lb besides lee. Just waiting for the draft.
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    What will it mean if the team wins one or more games, while scoring less than 40 points in each particular game, with the projected defense?
  15. 65fastback2plus2

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    i concur with the OP. we're going to give up a butt ton of points
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  17. windward

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    So the OP thinks we are going to allow 624 points? LOL

    As a point of reference we allowed 432 points last year.

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