Romo will never best Aikman until he brings us three rings

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Bleu Star, Dec 6, 2012.

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    These threads counter-productive as they create strife between those who are biased for either of these QBs.

    As you can tell my by username that Troy is my favorite player.

    Both QB's have/had their strengths and weaknesses...just as Montana and Young did.

    The rings are a strong component of greatness, but where do those such as Marino and Tarkenton rank?

    I think we are very fortunate to have had three All-World QB's within the fifty or so years that the team has been around. I'm not going to argue who is better.

    I'd take Aikman as of today because of, not only the rings, but also his ball security.
  2. Zordon

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    romo will never best aikman, period.
  3. Bleu Star

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    I couldn't have said it better if I tried.
  4. zack

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    God this is like picking your favorite child. But let's play devils advocate here. What would Romo do with a running game that Troy had to lean on? Look, we played the Eagles last week and they are horrible. But look how different he looked when he actually had a good running game. 10/10 in the second half. Play action passes, although only a few called, but look how successful. I love Troy, but it was a completely different focus and the amount the offense leaned on him.
  5. iceberg

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    yep. he did.

    it was a different team in another time.

    not gonna judge romo by rings. that's BS to me. winning it all takes a lot falling into place for any team.
  6. crashintonickdm

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    romo needs one ring and its up in the air if hes a HOFer. id vote for him.

    ive loved what romo has done for us since 2006. its been a thrill after the 00-05 years were disasters.
  7. BraveHeartFan

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    I actually don't think he has to win 3 to get beyond Aikman.

    I think if he won a ring it would make more and more people put him in a serious discussion for being better than Aikman.

    I believe if he won 2 rings that there would be next to no discussion at all and that Romo would be thought of as the best Cowboys QB of all time by the majority of Cowboys fans.
  8. BraveHeartFan

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    I've seen both and I can absolutely agree with a lot of what you're saying here.

    Aikman was hampered by the offense he played in. Emmitt Smith was the workhorse and that kept Aikman from having to throw nearly as much.

    While Tony gets to throw the ball a lot more because that's today's NFL, and that's a plus toward Tony's stats, he also doesn't get to the benefit of a Emmitt Smith, a Moose, or that really good O-Line that Aikman had.

    Now that's not a discredit to Aikman. He worked with and behind what he was given and he maximized his greatness with that help. No fault there because it was a different time and game then.

    I absolutely believe Aikman could have put up absolutely amazing numbers for his career had he played in that type of system. He just didn't.

    But while people want to bring up that fact as a negative against Romo then you also have to acknowledge the fact that Romo has to pass a lot more do to the Cowboys never having a good running game (except when Murray is healthy now) or a good O-line to really grind out wins and allow Romo to not pass as often.
  9. T-RO

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    This. And the broad consensus is to shut this silly thread down.

    Judging Romo by Super Bowls won is as silly as judging Ware by Super Bowls won.

    It' a complete embarrassment for the fans who bring this up. You wonder, "Can they ever learn something so obvious?"
  10. T-RO

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    Wrong. Utterly wrong. A billion miles wrong.

    Hey listen, I became a Cowboy fan because I came to Dallas after graduating from year before Troy did. Prior to that I had been a Rams fan. (L.A. Rams). I'm a HUGE Aikman fan and fellow alumni. That's my generation.

    But Troy had every advantage that Romo has lacked:
    1. Irvin supported Troy among his brothers while T.O.xic tried to murder Romo's personna in the locker-room. T.O. is the most lethal psychopathic mass-murderer of teammates and coaches this league has ever known. Be sure of it: That residue exists to this day. (don't drink the water).
    2. Troy's team often featured a #1 defense. Not this team.
    3. The 90's Cowboys were run by JJohnson's iron fist. This team is run by a 70-year old alcoholic who ruins everything with softness and stupidity.
    4. There was something in the 90's called the TRIPLETS. What does Romo have that compares?

    Romo > Aikman. All day long. No question at all.
  11. DWhite Fan

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    There is still time for Romo to lead Dallas to a few SB win and silence his critics, provide Jerry finally gets a clue and reins in his GM's ego...
  12. Heisenberg

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    This will be blasphemous to some, but if Romo even gets 1 ring, he'll pass Aikman in my book.

    And I saw Aikman play.
  13. benson

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    Your sig picture is hilarious.

    Her face, wow. That would be my face too!
  14. Bleu Star

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    Valuable input there. Appreciate the minutes you wasted forcing yourself into this thread. Very chivalrous of you.
  15. Bleu Star

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    Thoughtful responses. Thank you. I will admit that I may have been a bit harsh in my OP regarding what it may take for Romo to elevate himself to a status that places him at or above that achieved by Troy. One Super Bowl would do wonders for changing the way many of us view Romo's tenure. One thing is becoming crystal clear. Romo is going to be the franchise quarterback for another 3-4 years. It would behoove him to ensure that part of his negotiation for his next contract revolves around specific concerns with addressing deficits on the offensive line. While this is a different era, I still believe a player can utilize windows of opportunity to influence the end result. Part of those contract talks should include stern language around the trenches. If he cared about his legacy and the Dallas Cowboys, that would be a no brainer.

    While Romo should not shoulder the blame for the state of the team over the last several years, he will definitely be judged by the sum of those parts when it's all said and done. Marino's body of work is an incredible thing to behold but those many quarterbacks that wonderful Super Bowls are always referred to with a greater reverence than the few that just simply amassed enormous stats. I fail to believe that Romo is just a victim of circumstance. Like I said, he should be taking full advantage of those windows of opportunity that come around every 3-4 years to makes his thoughts regarding the state of the team firmly understood by the man that signs his paychecks. That is just good business acumen in my book.
  16. HoustonFrog

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    Some of the responses here are laughable. It's like people don't understand football. Tony Romo is nowhere near Troy Aikman despite stats. I keep seeing these posts about this is a different time and era. Yeah it where the QB throws 45 times a game and puts up Techmo Bowl stats. There were multiple QBs last year that put up 4500-5000 yards. No one did that before. It was about accuracy, smarts and running an offense. You have offensive advantages now where the DBs can barely breathe on a receiver and you run open offenses with more throws. Guys like Tony would have worst stats trying to throw into windows with old school press coverage. Look at offenses and the DBs back then.

    Troy has one if the highest completion percentages in playoff history. He got better and more accurate the bigger the game. I think Romo is great for this team but he isn't more accurate and better in big games. If some if you are going to be silly and say Romo would be great on that 90s team then you might as well just play plug and play with any QB. "David Carr has skills, he would have owned it if he had the Steelers of the 70s team." That is laughable. Almost all HOF QBs had great teams around them...Starr, Unitas, Montana, Bradshaw..all great teams. BUT they still have to lead and make the throws and plays on those teams to make it great. You can't just say Romo would be great too and ignore the reality that is his big game record. Please be smart, there is a reason that Aikman is HOF and half it isn't just trophys. He played in an era where defenses had better advantages and receivers were at a disadvantage and used his leadership and accuracy to make plays when it counted. If that was so easy than more QBs would be considered "great."
  17. noshame

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    Which are lead by QB's. :rolleyes:

    Tony also has far surpassed Troy in costing us games.:laugh2:
  18. rags747

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    How about this:

    Who would have more SB rings?

    Romo on the 90's teams or Troy on the 2K teams ? Serious question...
  19. HoustonFrog

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    I can't take this question seriously. See my answer just above. You can't plug and play people because you don't know what the team/offense will be built on. But I can seriously say that Romo would maybe have 1 and maybe none with the 90s teams because Emmitt had space because they respected Aikman's accuracy on slants, etc so he could burn them. The press coverage was much more severe back then before the new rules and Tony isn't exactly a guy I see running perfect timing routes and fitting throws into tight spaces.

    I can't say much for Aikman now because I think he'd do very well but it wouldn't be this offense and I'm not sure how much they would throw. His stats would be higher and I think he'd have gotten us closer to a SB with some of Wade and Big Tuna's teams. He understood systems and protecting the ball.
  20. Jenky

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    I asked that earlier in this thread. I can say this. Troy would be pissed to no end, and would probably be yelling at EVERYONE for their incompetence.

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