Romo's 1st game

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Yuma Cactus, Apr 13, 2013.

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    Flawed logic. To her, defending Romo by saying he needs a better OLine and a running game is a " benefit"

    Quincy, Hutch, Bledsoe, Henson, etc. weren't defended by having people say they'd be better if they had a better team around them.

    That's because they were lost causes for the most part, and everyone pretty much knew that.
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    I think if Quincy had a good o-line, a good defense, a running game, and good coach he could have been elite. Or is that just for Romo?
  3. Erik_H

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    Well, you're wrong, but you're also stubbornly holding on to that idea, so there's no point in continuing.
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    I'll go out on a limb and say that it's just a group that includes Tony Romo but does not include Quincy Carter.
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    I hope people realize that we went 10-6 and did not win a playoff game in 2003 even though we had what was probably the best defense in the league....

    2nd in points allowed, 1st in yards allowed.

    Q-Car has a 17-21 td-int ratio... In fact, all three years he was with the Cowboys, he had more interceptions than touchdowns...
  6. Galian Beast

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    Hutchinson shared the same trait in his one season as a starter. We've got people with some real short memories.

    Did Bledsoe get the same chane as Romo? Yeah... and with the same line Romo went on to have a tremendous first season starting....
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    The search feature is your friend...

    and I gotta tell you.. The current Romo threads have NOTHING on the Q vs Hutch vs Henson vs Bledsoe threads...

    Those were epic.

    Just looking back, people generally thought the team was decent enough if only they had better QB play. Not a lot of discussion about the other aspects of the team, just the QB.

    Some thought QC sucked.. Some thought he just needed time and more support. Some thought Hutch was better and just needed a chance. Some just KNEW Henson was the real deal, he just needed time to develop.

    Nobody really thought Bledsoe was great, (except for a few ex-pats, bills fans), but he was a breath of fresh air in comparison to the other guys. He looked the part of a QB. He talked confident. And sometimes he played the part. In general, on the field, he was just a stiff. Big arm, but too confident in his ability to go for the long ball and would take a sack vs getting rid of it.

    Board was divided on him, Henson, and Romo. When Henson got the boot, then it was Bledsoe vs Romo...and well, ya know how turned out.
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    The problem here is this.

    Romo needs a good defense.

    This is said for the simple fact that if we are going to keep the same oline, and cut the running game out with that out, in order for the team to be successful, it must have a good defense to counter the predictability and the flaws of running an inefficient offense. Here you want to do all you can to create turnovers.

    Romo needs a good Line.

    I did not separate rush attack and line, because with a good line, comes a good rushing attack. This is said because if we are not going to address the defense to compensate for the inefficiency of the offense, we should address the offensive line so that it does not continue to be the predictable, one-dimensional monster that it has evolved to be.

    It's not that we need, one, two, and three. It's that we need to fix one to either play at it's full capacity, or fix the other to compensate for the flaws in the other.

    Inefficiency of the offense.

    From my understanding, Garrett runs a form of the Coryell passing offense (I may be wrong). This involves routes in the passing game of medium to long range, using a timing based system. Difference between this and the "west-coast" being Coryell was a more vertical passing game, and west coast used more of a horizontal passing game. The coryell offense also requires a strong running game. I assume this sets up confusion with the defense with play actions leaving guys open down the field.

    *Timing based vertical passing game
    *strong running game

    Both of the above require a decent oline. Oline benefits the passing game as it gives the quarterback time to read the field on those medium to long range routes. The Oline benefits the running game as it opens up holes for the running back, so they may establish that attack. It is almost essential to have the line playing well in order for the offense to click.

    So the argument is fix the line so that the offense is clicking on all cylinders, and running as efficient as possible. If we are not going to fix the line to make it run as efficiently as possible, then fix the defense and create turnovers.

    It's really either/or and that fact that both arguments are being made gives notice to how badly the team has been playing, whether it be from the skills of the players or the lack of ingenuity of the people coaching to compensate for their short comings. I think more the latter is the problem, but that's not changing, so the discussion at hand should be what can the team do to win with what they have, and I think the best thing to do for both long term and short term is to fix the oline, as it benefits both the running game and passing game and the team in it's long term longevity. I think the defense can create turnovers through scheme.

    This is a strong draft for the trenches and at safety so it is imperative that 'boys get this one right as it puts us in the path to compete next year and the year after.
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    Quincy? He was terrible.
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    I still can't believe to this day that anybody who watched Quincy Carter play QB could ever think he could ever be an NFL QB.

    He couldn't even throw a spiral!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jerry had the right idea but he just needed RGIII or Capricornic.

    Jerry was just so far ahead of his time that is is out of time......

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    Carter WASN'T accurate. Period.
  12. Vintage

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    Do us a favor. Just quit watching football.
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    Either you are relate to Quinthy or smoke more pot than him if you truely believe what you posted above.
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    I noticed that when in the shotgun the snaps were so brutal just like the are now.. LOL Watch it again if you get the chance. l
  15. Avenging Hayseed

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    Yes,...Quincy DID in fact get those discussions. So did Hutch. Myself,...I tended to stay out of most of the QC/Hutch debates because pretty early on I had decided that they were BOTH a couple of bums. Why on Earth would I argue over a couple of bums? Didnt matter to me who was better either. Would have just been a slightly better bum is all. LOL
  16. Avenging Hayseed

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    Quincy had a nice deep ball,...nice,...not great. Thats where the positives in his game begin and end.

    He was also WILDLY inaccurate throwing the mid range stuff. Mid range throws are the bread and butter of any passing game. If you cant throw the mid range stuff, cant play Q.B. Period.

    Lastly,....what I most hated about QC was the fact that he was quite the little stat padder at times, which is REALLY the wimpy way to go.

    When I say stat padder, not talking about yards. Many, many, MANY times he would have guys running open 15 yards down the field and instead of stepping up and making the throw he would instead dump the ball to a R.B for a NONE yards gain...LOL

    This way when all was said and done he could say...." Oh look, my completion % was pretty decent!" ANYBODY can do that. But it aint FOOTBALL thats for sure.

    Matter of fact,...things got so bad that even Joey Galloway stood up in a team meeting and called QC a Liar right to his face. Galloway and Coslet said that QC simply wasnt throwing the ball where the play was designed to go. And they WERE RIGHT.

    They day he was dumped from this team in the early am hours still wearing his pajama's was a GREAT day IMO. We could finally move forward.
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    Only if you are not smart and have a bad memory.

    Those were not his first passes. He made a couple of nice passes to Sam Hurd, his first completion ever and his first touchdown to Owens against Houston a few weeks before the giants game.
  19. theebs

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    What in the world.

    Ever watch the guy play?

    He had parcells, Sean Payton, tony sporano, David lee.

    What else do u want?

    He was an immature pothead with very little real talent and u are comparing him to romo.

    Cowboys fans should be forced to take a class on the nfl and the history of the team they root for.

    This one is up there at the top with the foolishness from this person.
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    yeah, someone else mentioned that in here. However, this thread was about the game where Tony got inserted in the 2nd half and the end of the Bledsoe era. Romo's first pass{ as successor} was an INT. The title of the thread is probably throwing you both off.

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