Romo's Cyst: Sebaceous or Synovial

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Tom Jones, Jul 31, 2013.

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    I had a pilonidal cyst removed when I was a teenager. Left a gaping hole about like an ice cream scoop size. Had to let it close on its own and it took a few weeks and was gone, but was pretty tender for a while. Everything I've seen and heard from Romo's situation sounds like the same thing, hence, nothing to worry about.
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    I respect Babe, but I doubt very seriously the Cowboys would be letting Romo practice if he is recovering from serious spine surgery. That's not the type of injury or recovery time you take lightly or try to "make statements about" if, indeed, Romo's injury is more serious than some think.

    Besides, I can't get worked up over this. We'll know the truth soon enough.
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    Exactly....this sounds the same as my father's and very likely what happened with Romo. There is nothing you can do to speed the process either. It just takes time.

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