Romo's public perception level is entering Delhomme levels

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Jan 25, 2013.

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    In the Dallas Cowboys last 3 of 4 win or go home games, Tony Romo has a QB Rating of 20 ... or less.

    Wow, worse than expected.

    Something is definitely wrong with Tony in the clutch, this has happened before and it is polarizing for a franchise to experience....Danny White went through the same thing here after Staubach retired.

    It's too bad for Tony, gotta feel for Danny to this day.
  2. ufcrules1

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    Exactly. We have a middle of the pack QB and a middle of the pack team. We are stuck in mediocrityville.
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    When you're not emotionally attached to someone, then and only then can you give an honest, fair and unbiased opinion of a person, or situation.

    How many times does a friend say, "Hey, she's a tramp, get away from here" or a girl say to her friend, "hey, he's a dog, leave him". The person unattached can see clearly, but the person involved thinks all is fine.

    This is the way Romo fans are. They have no clue what Romo is because they are so in love with him and his numbers, they simply become unreasonable. (I was going to use a more harsh word, but rules rules rules). They speak from emotion vs brains.

    This is why the world views Romo as a doofus choke artist. A happy boy running around, don't give a squat about winning, just happy some drunken fool picked him up off the street and named him the QB of the most prestigious franchise in sports.
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    I read your excuse filled post that absolves Romo. My comments stand.
  5. Vanilla2

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    I think this argument works for both sides of the Romo spectrum.
  6. popp1234

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    Nah, only Romo apologists. The guy is not a winner. He is entertaining, however. In fact he is the most entertaining choke artist I've ever seen. Period.
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    I think Romo's highest point of public perception was right after the Cowboys defeated the 11-1 Green Bay Packers by the score of 37-27 in the 2007 season. Ever since then, his perception just went downhill (unfairly, I might add.)
  8. Gemini Dolly

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    I think it went downhill when he took that trip to Cabo. It didnt help the following year when he said his most famous quote, if losing is the worst thing...
  9. BrassCowboy

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    only sheep care what the public thinks
  10. BrassCowboy

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    yeah the trip was not the smartest thing, but I believe Witten went on that Cabo trip as well. backlash? none of the lasting kind anyways

    as far as the quote, it was the truth. Screw the media and how they feed their sheep. Another poster actually pointed out the truth of that quote, media and the fans took it out of context.
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    With that o-line, poor play calling, and no running game I'm surprised how good Romo has been. You try standing back there, knowing your going to get hit, while the o-line blocks no one, and your HC/OC keeps calling slow developing passing plays again and again. This guy is carrying the team. Give him some help and great things will happen.
  12. Eddie

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    ... and the worst GM in NFL history !!!
  13. Dave_in-NC

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    You are correct. He played with one of the worst O lines in the NFL, and had no running game to rely on.

    But don't let that get in the way of your thinking.

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    Does Dellhome have franchise records to his name that he had to surpass levels 2 Hall of Fame and Super Bowl winning QBs to achieve?

    Sorry for spoiling this poo-poo-on-Romo party.

    Mods, you can defenitely close this thread now.
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    Who remembers Delhomme? :huh:
  16. Prossman

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    Romo does allot of good things but he also blows it on national tv with the world watching. What do you expect people to think. As cowboy fans we want Tony to be successful , every other fan loves it when he chokes. If tony started for the giants, eagles, or redskins , i would have a field day throwing him under the bus and dogging their team out. Heck i gave eagle fans heck about Mcnuggett choking in the champoinship games and the superbowl, and Tony chokes atleast 3 times more often than him. Though its against my better judgement, i still hold out hope that if we get a different playcaller,and especially fix our offensive line and take pressure off of Tony Romo, he will get the last laugh and wear a superbowl ring.
  17. DFWJC

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    The fact you took that as truth is telling

    Exactly what game..any game...ever..has Romo had a QB rating of 20?
    In the win and go home loss at the Giants last year his rating was over 100.
    Even that Washington disaster was probably triple that number. He did have 2TDs as well to go with the picks.

    But I'm sure those 12 years of elementary school were the best years of your life.
    Just doggin you

    Lesson here is to not always believe what you here or read
  18. DFWJC

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    I got out in 10 year...but 3 were for spelling:)
  19. Cowboy Brian

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    None of that effects public perception.
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    got a link?

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