Romo's public perception level is entering Delhomme levels

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Jan 25, 2013.

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    That low QB Rating stat was before the Washington debacle. Via ESPN Stats.
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    Those guys need to check their stats. Tony has had a few really nasty games, but you'll always see that even if it's a 3-4 pick game he'll also have some TDs. It's never (not even once) a 3-4 pick game with zero TDs like some of the others (cough, Eli, Cutler, Ryan, etc).
    He had three bad games this year, for example. Only one bad game in the last 9...but it was a doozy.

    So, even the really horrifc Washinton outing, Romo had a QB rating of 55.9.
    A rating of 20 is hard to do of you also have TD passes...probably impossible. I'm pretty sure in his entire career Romo hjas never chalked up a 20.
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    I believe the poster's sig is referring to ESPN's QBR rating system, which works on a different scale than the traditional qb rating we all grew up with.
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    That would make sense.

    Big difference between a QB rating and an ESPN QBR Rating.
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    For over a year, Randy Galloway rubbed in the fact the Cowboys had him here yet passed on him, while Parcells settled for Testaverde and Bledsoe.

    Delhomme was good enough for awhile he seemed like a Top 10 QB, but it's a decade later.
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    I'm done making excuses for Romo. Every year it's either the defense, running game, or o-line. The defense didn't throw 5 picks against Chicago. The offensive line didn't throw 3 picks in an elimination game. Romo needs to learn how to throw the ball away.
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    Well then clearly you cant read and like most people on this board only hear what they want to hear. Thanks for showing your ignorance and proving my point.
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    It's an undeniable fact. We used to be above the idiotic nonsensical rants of the anti-cowboy contingent. Now, our fan base is the build-it-yourself pace car in the "Short Bus 500". How very sad.
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    I feel ya. It's gotten to the point that I want Dallas to win a Super Bowl simply for Romo.
  10. DavidAK

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    Perception is reality.

    I watch the games hoping Romo doesn't choke. My friends watch the games expecting Romo to choke.

    I have this conversation with co-workers/employees all the time. If you don't want to be labeled or looked at in a certain light, then do something about it and change it.
  11. ufcrules1

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    Perception is reality when it comes to Romo. He is perceived as a choker because he is.

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    If you haven't figured it out by now, Jerry Jones could give a darn about public perception because he knows he has the money and power to steer it wherever he wants it to lead.
  13. lostar2009

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    :hammer: :hammer: :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:

    i thought i was the only one who felt this way
  14. TwoDeep3

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    This fanbase isn't a joke. There are those that are tired of incompetence and will say so.

    I think what tickles most of us is the fact there are those that continue this belief that things are going to change, when they don't.
  15. Gemini Dolly

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    I think a lot of the Romo fans are having trouble trying to separate the QB from the person. Romo seems like a stand up guy off the field so they want it badly for him and will defend him like he's their blood brother. I like him off the field, I like to follow his golfing tournaments (btw, Pebble Beach appearance Feb 7) However, if they were to take their emotions out of it and judge him soley on football results, they would realize Romo has had many opportunities to shake off the perception and he comes up short.

    Give him an o-line, get him a running game, get him a defense so and and so forth, but there will always be a time when Romo will face that same situation of having to make the clutch throws. It doesnt get any worse than that lob pass to Washington. With Romo though...

    So far, Romo makes it easy to say perception has become his reality.
  16. DFWJC

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    What are these many opportunities that Romo has blown? You all sound like he must have at least 20....and maybe half that number of good games. When in reality, his good games vastly outnumber is bad ones.

    I'll give the Washington game. But then the six games before that he had 8 TDs, zero picks and a rating of 116.
    So maybe last years win and in at NY? No, not that either. The was outclassed but he sure wasn't the reason. I thing his rating was over 100 in that one too. Some people even go way back to 2007 playoff loss to NY. But someone posted a replay of that would be winning pass to Crayton-where Crayton stopped the restarted. Perfect, clutch throw in a huge game. Perfect. Yet somehow that is used against him.

    In fact, pretty much all of last year he was money..maybe 2 out 16 games did he screw up some.
    So that's 5 bad games in the last 32.
    Yet you all keep making it sound like he's some sort of loser.
    Gets some perspective
  17. Gemini Dolly

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  18. BanditHiro

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    it's going to make next year Super Bowl win even sweeter :D
  19. DFWJC

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    With our weak Oline and the devasting injuries on defense this year...
    4-12 without Romo
    8-8 with Romo

    With a better Oline and without the comical number of defensive injuries and events
    7-9 without Romo
    12-4 (at least) with Romo and contending
  20. Prossman

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    Things are never easy when it comes to tony romo. he does have the greatness to create things out of nothing and also to throw the dumbest passes in crunchtime that break your heart. Heaven and Hell for sure. You can throw up stats to defend him or crucify him with equal vigor. All i want is for him to win when it counts the most.

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