Romo's public perception level is entering Delhomme levels

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Jan 25, 2013.

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    A very reasonable position I agree with. Some of the garbage posted in this thread is over the top and designed to create attention for the poster.
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    perception is far from reality. it's just perception.

    romo can win 6 in a row cause of his skills, yet, he loses the 7th, the previous 6th don't matter.

    romo is a "choker" cause the idiots of the world need him to be.
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    These are two (of the maybe 5-6 total "bad"...out of about 100+ overall "good") games often used to bash Romo.

    Painful endings, but I don't really the the QB blowing any plays as a QB.
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    Stay on topic gentlemen. It's not trolls, each other, idiots yada.
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    Post of the day.
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    Canadian football teams don't count.
  7. Idgit

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    I think we can all agree that nothing Canadian counts, can't we?
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    Yes, yes we can.
  9. SilverStarCowboy

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    Except for Warren Moon..... and the Egg McMuffin.
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    Does anybody have Romo´s numbers in these win and in games? Just wanted to see how he played in all of them, I definitely think that he lost the game in Washington but I´m not so sure that’s necessarily the case in the others.
  11. Rynie

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    Agreed. Being 8-8 every years is like being stuck in limbo. I'd rather have a few 3-13 years to build a great team through the draft.
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    I'm not worried about perception when it comes to on the field. I think it's one of those situations where perception doesn't become reality. That's unless it starts to get into Romo's head.

    The problem we have at Dallas is that Romo is not an elite QB, but the defense is such that it rarely wins games for the team and neither does the running game.

    About 1-3 times a year the defense will keep the game close, but it doesn't flat out win games for us.

    I don't think Roethisberger or Eli are elite QB's for this reason. But, their defense (and running game) has flat out won games for them in the past. Or in the Steelers part, they'll just refuse to allow anymore points from the opponent and then on Roethlisberger's 3 or 4th chance he eventually beats the opponent and gets all of the accolades.

    The only thing I wish Romo would do now is to stop making 5 different adjustments before each snap. It is not doing the offense any good and sometimes you just have to flat out execute and allow your guys to do so. When he starts getting nervous, the adjustments start to pick up and it just further compounds the problems. See the last game of the year versus the Skins.

    We need to take the load of responsibility off Romo's back, force him to protect the football and just let him do his job instead of having to win games for the Cowboys all of the time.

  13. DFWJC

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    I agree some here.
    I don't mind the heavy adjustments sometimes, but yes, it really is overkill sometimes. I also think your oline gets worn out (mentally and physically) easier by having to hold their stance like that so often. He's good at adjutments but at some point there returns are deminishing.
    If we got the plays in sooner it may help too.

    As for the Washington game. I thought from about midway in the 3rd qtr throughout the rest of the game...and even the very play before he made that pick...Romo looked very comfortable and confident. Not nervous at all. He looked just like he did in the previous 6 games where he dominated the 4th qtr and had 4 (almost 5) game winning drives. Even in this game, he had just driven them in for a passing TD and 2 pt conversion. He was fine.

    The blitz just busted him on that play and he got fooled for a nonosecond by the defender. He blew that play. A lot of QBs may have missed that throw in that sitation. My guess is that Rodgers would have just taken the sack to live for another day. I wish he would have thrown it out of bounds.

    I also agree that we'd be better if we didn't rely on him so much. He is not Brady, Rodgers, or P Manning in that regard.
  14. HoustonFrog

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    I really wish people just cleared their head and look at the reality of the NFL and football in general and then had cognitive, rational thoughts on Romo without such far sided bias.

    First the NFL

    1) No team is ever healthy all year long. We had one of the best injury or non-injury records 2 years back and had one the best "guys on IR" percentages and were 8-8. This year we have one of the worst of all of those and were 8-8. Teams with more starters on IR made the playoffs. It shouldn't be an excuse

    2) Parity. This isn't the wild west days of free agency so you are NEVER going to have the perfect RB, defense, O-line, set of WRs, etc. Stop hoping for this cosmic perfect grouping for Romo. The Packers and other teams work with bad o-lines. Steelers did for years and still ran and got Ben killed. It's the system you set up for your deficiencies. You can't blame everything on soemthing we don't have because witht he cap you might get an o-line but lose a WR. Happens.


    1) Guy has put up great stats. Guy has played behind a line that would get some statuesque QBs killed. For what we have he makes the most of it. He can make plays and win games. The guy has the tools and skills and there are no FAs or people like that who will do a better job unless you are making fantasy trades

    2) BUT you are guaranteed 2-3..maybe more..Romo head scratchers a year where he single handedly can destroy momentum, turn a game or make you go "what was that?" It has happened every year. Sorry, no excuses, some throws/plays are mental mistakes. Throwing 5 picks in a game one year doesn't make you a choker or a bad QB. Throwing multiple picks/making bad plays in big games when you have a lead and they directly affect a loss gives people pause.

    So take all that in and the reality is that Romo is our QB..a guy who does the best behind the line we have and a guy who can make plays. You are also saddled with his mistakes and so far there seems to be no "off switch" regarding those. But you can't just say surround him perfectly and he'll be better or injuries hurt him. My take is coaching is an issue. You can't have him throwing 50 times. You have to game plan and execute better from the 1st quarter on. Use his strengths. Will running the ball and defense help...yes. But it doesn't mean that when things go bad you have to throw 40-50 times. Balance it out. I think someone needs to be in his ear that he can trust. But realistically, until we stop shooting ourselves in the foot, coming out unprepared and flat, and falling behind early, then all the extra talent in the world isn't going to help Romo because it will be on him to bring us back. I like the guy but so far what we have is what I just laid out. If there is a "switch" it is going to have to be through putting him in situations where the game plan isn't riding on him. More draft picks, FAs and having perfect health won't help if we don't start game planning correctly for the talent we have.
  15. DFWJC

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    Lots of good points in there.
    I clipped out this one sentence becuase I can't recall him doing this in a big game when we had the lead.
    I'm sure it's happened at least once (or 4-5 times) to any QB that ever played. But honestly, when has he had a lead in a big game (not some early season regular non division game like the Lions debacle last year, but a big game) and thrown a pick?
  16. HoustonFrog

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    I should have edited that. Not really end of year/big games but games like Lions 2 years back, etc. So games in general during the season ALONG with ones where there are just tight games like Skins this year. Just to clarify.
  17. BraveHeartFan

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    Why does public perception matter? The vast majority of the general public doesn't know a dang thing about quality QB play and only go by what the media and their buddies tell them.
  18. GimmeTheBall!

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    I am Romo's biggest critic. Yet, I do not hate him. Nothing would please me more than tossing back a few with Romo and cheering him on whatever team he chooses in the fuure.

    Romo's downfall has been to regress to his sandlot gunslinger days when any ol thow was OK and taking chances was part of the game.
    I cannot trust him to play a good game at crunch time. It is that simple.
    And why would Witten need to go elsewhere? Witten has not disappointed me in the least, much like his buddy Romo has.

    But I agree. Romo should have another chance with another team. I just don't know what team would want a dyed-in-the-wool champion choker. Because he is a choker and nothing can make me think otherwise.
  19. theebs

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    7 days prior romo hit Austin for a game tying 4th down Td to send the game to overtime.

    He had numerous comebacks this December alone.
  20. DFWJC

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    He had four 4th quarter game-winning drives in the last 6 games. Yet, somehow, there are short-sighted people who say he is a huge choker.

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