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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by EGTuna, May 10, 2004.

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    Now I seem to remember a time when the rumors he talked about had some validity, but lately, it's seems that he has absolutely no credibility at all. It really is bizarre how utterly wrong he's been about everything that last 2 years or so.
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    No, I triple dog dare you. :D
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    i agree with the assessment regarding the two young linemen. combined with C al johnson, hopefully, the o-line will be much improved. but as for drew henson... week 5? if the kid IS better than carter - of course he should play. but, considering his hiatus from football, that seems like a long shot. i'll believe it when i see it.
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    How is that Sarge? What has Henson done at the NFL level to convince you that you can beat out anyone?
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    If Henson does look great in camp and preseason, do you guys/gals think that Parcells will start him in game one?
    I just don't think that he would because he doesn't seem to want to rush him. Even if Henson does better than Carter or the others, I still don't beleive that Parcells would throw him to the wolves so quickly.
    I just believe that Carter just has to preform so badly before Parcells would do it. So in a sense, it is Carters to lose. JMO.
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    Parcells WILL start the best QB who gives them the best chance of winning...Last year because of Carter's mobility that was the case and that alone was the reason......This year, I expect him to play a QB who can actually hit wide open WR's...

    That puts Carter last on the depth chart as far as our passer's go...

    A change is coming, just a question of when...
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    Now this is just ridiculous.... Carter did fine in the first third of the season before teams figured out we did not have a running game. He showed an accurate deep ball and a strong arm.

    Quincy is not the type of QB is is going to have sustained success at picking apart teams sitting on the pass with short and intermediate balls. There are not a whole lot of QB's that can, esp. with only three smaller WR's and shoddy pass protection. Most QB's would have been absolutely killed last year behind our pass protection, Quincy did remarkably well at avoiding the rush but often tried to hit a home run ball when he got outside the pocket.

    The real question here is much more complicated. Which QB will give us the best chance to win with the folks we have on offense THIS season. Last year, it was clearly Quincy. If our o-line gives us all day to throw, we have a respectable running game, and Key plays up to par, maybe that gives Vinnie or someone else a better chance to win. Maybe it gives Quincy a better chance to shine.

    Either way, right now we have one QB who we know can be successful with a running game, but struggled when teams dropped safeties and exclusively played the pass. We may have an old QB who is more accurate, but has trouble avoiding the rush and will likely get injured if the O-line does not improve. And finally, we have three long-term projects with skills that may or may not amount to anything.

    I hardly see this situation with Quincy at 4th string. Who knows, maybe Henson comes in and is just such a natural tallent that he blows everyone away. Maybe Hutch buys an AWACS helmet and a ton of Stick'em and lights up the league. Right now, Quincy is #1 and will remain so until something new happens.
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    This was my personal favorite:

    8. In Philadelphia, OT Shawn Andrews balloons up to 380 after dining on cheese-steaks and onion rings. This earns the ire of Terrell Owens, who after alligator-arming another pass, transfers blame once again, and curses out Andrews on the sidelines of a nationally televised game. Upset at Owens for embarrassing him in public, Andrews eats Owens alive. In a show of gratitude, NFL fans nationwide send Andrews a lifetime supply of diet pills and Anna Nicole Smith’s cell phone number.
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    Here's another good one:

    29. Sean Taylor and Clinton Portis have a confrontation of the egos in Training Camp that results in a similar situation to that between Michael Westbrook and Stephen Davis 6 years ago when Westbrook literally punched Davis’s lights out. The result of this year’s confrontation is worse, as Taylor punches Portis so hard that both players are lost for the year.
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    I disagree with Carter throwing an accurate deep ball last season. He did not. He missed wide open WRs frequently deep down the field. He was at his best in the mid-range but even that was nothing to write home about. His performance put him in the bottom-quarter of starting signal callers in the league last year. He needs to improve substantially or he will be replaced soon.

    I hope he does well and improves as many of his supporters claim he will. I do doubt it, though. There is plenty of work ethic and heart but just not enough talent.
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    *Cough, cough* Henson *Cough, cough*
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    Whoa, whoa, whoa........

    Breach of etiquette!

    You can't go straight from a "dare" to a "triple-dog-dare".

    Didn't you watch a "Christmas Story"?


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