Roster Prediction 8/13

Discussion in 'Roster Zone' started by Kaiser, Aug 13, 2017 at 2:15 AM.

  1. Kaiser

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    QB (2) – Dak, Moore
    Bubble – Rush

    WR (5) – Dez, Twill, Beasley, Switzer, Bryce Butler
    Bubble – Andy Jones, Noah Brown

    TE (4) – Witten, Swaim, Hanna, Gathers

    RB/FB (4) – Zeke, DMC, Morris, one of Rod Smith or Keith Smith
    Bubble – Rod Smith, Keith Smith

    OL (9) – Tyron, Cooper, Fred, Martin, Collins, Green, Bell, Looney, Cleary

    3 Specialists – Bailey, Jones, LaDoucer

    DE (6) – Dlaw, Crawford, Taco, Mayowa, Tapper, Moore
    Bubble – Lewis Neal

    DT (4) – Collins, Thornton, Irving, Paea
    Bubble – Ivie

    LB (6) – Sean Lee, Jaylon Smith, Hitchens, Wilson, Wilber
    Bubble – Nzeocha

    CB (5) – Carroll, Brown, Scandrick, Awuzie, Lewis
    Bubble – Marquez White

    Safety (4) – Jones, Heath, Woods, Frazier
    Bubble – Blanton

    That adds up to 52 players, so one bubble player is in now. Two spots will open up temporarily from the suspensions of Irving and Moore.

    At this moment, I would keep Cooper Rush as the 53rd player. I would keep Rod Smith as the FB/4th RB.

    For the suspension slots I would keep Lewis Neal and Marquez White (I think they can cover a lot of DT snaps with guys like Taco and Crawford playing inside).

    Cuts for the Practice Squad would be Andy Jones, Noah Brown, Ivie, and Nzeocha. Keith Smith and Blanton are cut outright.
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  2. FuzzyLumpkins

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    No way Keith Smith doesn't make this roster.
  3. StarBoyz83

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    Thinl they'll get another lber. I can see Wilson getting suspended 8 games or more.
  4. Pessimist_cowboy

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    I'll give it a go:

    QB (3) -Prescott, Moore, Rush


    WR(6)-Bryant,Williams,Beasley ,Butler,Switzer,Brown







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  5. FuzzyLumpkins

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    1. QB - Dak
    2. Moore
    3. Rush
    4. WR - Dez
    5. TWill
    6. Beasley
    7. Butler
    8. Switzer
    9. RB - DMac
    10. Smith
    11. Morris
    12. Smith
    13. TE - Witten
    14. Swaim
    15. Hanna
    16. Gathers
    17. OT - Smith
    18. Collins
    19. Green
    20. OG/C - Fred
    21. Martin
    22. Cooper
    23. Bell
    24. Looney
    25. Theaker - could be Skipper
    26. DE - DLaw
    27. Crawford
    28. Mayowa
    29. Taco
    30. Tapper
    31. DT - Collins
    32. Paea
    33. Thornton
    34. Ivie
    35. MIKE/WILL - Lee
    36. Hitchens
    37. Smith
    38. Nzeocha
    39. Jones
    40. SAM - Wilber
    41. Gilchrist
    42. CB - Scandrick
    43. Brown
    44. Awuzie
    45. Lewis
    46. McFadden.
    47. S - Jones
    48. Heath
    49. Frazier
    50. Woods
    51. ST Frenchie
    52. Bailey
    53. Jones

    Suspended - Zeke, Irving, Moore, Carroll, Wilson

    PS - McFadden, Seamster, Wacha, Jarwin, Smith, Jones, Skipper, Carrell, Neal, Jones

    I'd prefer to keep Andy Jones and ditch Kellen Moore but the above is what I see as likely.
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  6. Silver N Blue

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    Just my personal opinion here but I don't think they brought in Durant to cut him. He knows his assignments and while not spectacular is a player the coaches now what they are getting when he is on the field.
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  7. Kaiser

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    Good point. I do think they brought Durant in as insurance for Wilson being suspended, but I could see him holding that spot if Wilson gets a suspension. I should add his name to the LB Bubble group.

    Also you read blurbs that Kyle Wilbur looks better this year, I saw a few plays yesterday where he looked good. I wouldn't be afraid to start Wilbur at SAM if Wilson is out for a while.
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  8. OldCoach

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    I don't think we keep Hanna and Swaim
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  9. ThemDangMartians

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    ...sounds about right...they'll need b/up more importantly elsewhere!...."To be Discussed soon!"...[​IMG] :star:
  10. Kaiser

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    Could be, but I get the sense that they don't trust Rico's blocking enough to make him the 3rd TE right now.
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  11. timb2

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    QB-Dak Prescott, Kellen Moore, Cooper Rush
    FB-Keith Smith, Rod Smith
    RB-Ezekile Elliott, Darren McFadden, Alfred Morris
    WR-Dez Bryant,Cole Beasley, Ryan Switzer
    WR-Terrance Williams, Brice Butler
    TE-Jason Witten,Geoff Swaim
    TE-Rico Gathers, Blake Jarwin
    LT-Tyron Smith,Chaz Green
    LG-Jonathan Cooper
    C-Travis Fredrick, Joe Looney
    RG-Zack Martin, Byron Bell
    RT-Lael Collins, Emiitt Cleary

    RDE-Taco Charlton,Benson Mayowa
    RDT-Maliek Collins,David Irving
    LDT-Tyrone Crawford, Cedric Thortnon
    LDE-Demarcus Lawrence, Charles Tapper
    WLB-Sean Lee, Damien Wilson
    MLB-Anthony Hitchens, Mark Nzcheoa
    SLB- Jaylon Smith, Kyle Wilbur
    CB-Orlando Scandrick, Chidobi Awuzie, Jourdan Lewis
    CB-Nolan Carroll, Anthony Brown, Marquez White
    FS- Byron Jones, Xavier Woods
    SS-Jeff Heath, Kavon Frazier

    P-Chris Jones
    K-Dan Bailey
    LS- LP LaDoucuer

    Practice Squad

    WR Noah Brown
    OLB Kennan Gilchrist
    DT-Jordan Carroll
    DE Lewis Neal
    CB- Duke Thomas
    OG- Kadeem Edwards
    S/QB-Jamquill Showers
    DE Lenny Jones
    WR-Andy Jones
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  12. FuzzyLumpkins

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    He was insurance that they do not need with the progress of Hitchens, Nzeocha, Smith, and Jones. The epitome of "progress stopper."
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  13. Silver N Blue

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    I hear ya but can they count on Nzeocha as highly touted but injury prone player thus far or Wilson with a looming suspension?

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