Rough Road Ahead...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CoCo, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. bigdnlaca

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    Well, they have taken a step back but they still are good. I didn't say they need to be feared but they aren't a defense where we can look at stats and say they are bad. With how the Cowboys OL had played in the last 2 games, I would be worried against Baltimore's pressure.
  2. Idgit

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    Meh. Most NFL teams are at least solid right now. ATL looks like the toughest game on that list to me. BAL has struggled mightily each of the last three weeks and we get them coming out of our bye. We already beat NYFG in their own stadium. PHI is fortunate to not be 0-3 at this point. And the CAR is obviously very beatable.

    Every one of those teams could readily beat us, because we've got the same sorts of issues most of them have. But I'm not sure any of them (other than ATL) are playing any better than, say, the Seahawks are playing right now.

    This season is going to be a struggle to get to 10-6. We need to get to 3-1 because that get's us 30% of the way to a likely post-season berth. We should be able to hold serve against the Bears at home. I guess we'll see.
  3. elcowboi

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    Keep the turnovers and penalties down plus the defense keeping the score down.....anything is possible.
  4. bark

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    A good shut down corner???
  5. Apollo Creed

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    If we are 5-3 by midseason I'd be absolutley thrilled. This schedule is brutal and thank goodness Tampa Bay basically conceded a victory to us for 59 minutes (bc we all know they play 60 minutes of football, lol Shiano is an idiot).

    10 wins will win the east this year, playing the AFC north and NFC south is no joke, and we all know how competitive divisional games in the Beast are.

    We're gonna win some games many people have marked down as Ls, and we're gonna lose some games that we thought were easy Ws - ya never know in todays NFL built around parity.

    I'm excited to see how it plays out, this defense is finally built for December football, and it may carry us this year - it's about damn time. Take some of that pressure off 9, make him not have to go out and win every single game, thats the most encouraging sign thus far.
  6. InmanRoshi

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    Agreed. Despite their reputation, Baltimore now is an offensive dominant team with a mediocre defense that has to put up big points to win.

    Philly is kinda teetering on a precipice. Hard to say what they'll look like by Week 10. They could be tearing up the league, or they could completely implode breaking in a rookie QB behind a putrid OL.
  7. Cowboys&LakersFan

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  8. Ultimategamer5567

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    We'll could very well come out of this tough stretch 6-3. Jay Cutler should throw about 3 picks, setting us up to score. And as long as Romo stays healthy, they have no advantage on offense over us. So I see a W coming this Monday. Ravens game will be an ugly fight to the finish, but I think we'll pull it off. W. Carolina feels like a game where Cam'll come out guns-a-blazin'. A shootout between both QBs, where Cam ends the scorefest with a last-minute TD run to win the game. L. New York will be chomping at the bits at the chance of revenge for that week one shocker. Eli Manning leads the charge as the Giants blow us out, 28-7. L. The D doesn't look so strong in the first half, as they give up 21 points to Atlanta, but, in the second half, the defense comes alive. Claiborne with a pick-six, then later, a forced fumble by Spencer recovered at midfield. Murray has three big runs, and Tony throws it up to Dez for a TD, and we hold off Atlanta 28-21. W. Philly has smoked us badly these past few years. So I'm expecting us to turn the tide. 21-6. W.
  9. DavidAK

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    I'm more worried about the Giants, Falcons and Philly. Tough defenses and potenial offensive break out games from any of those teams.

    Carolina looks really bad and the Ravens look like they got old in a hurry. Not worried about Joe flacco at all.
  10. jday

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    Even sucking last year, the Eagles destroyed the Cowboys in both contest very convincingly. I don't care how much the Eagles suck this year, the Cowboys can't count them out.
  11. WV Cowboy

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    WOW, the Ravens are 3-1, averaging over 30 pts per game, outscoring their opponents 121 - 83, and averaging over 420 yds per game. (310 passing, 113 rushing)

    I think you should be worried, ... at least a little bit.
  12. dexternjack

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    The Baltimore game worries me more because it is an away game and we also have two weeks to prepare. I don't like it when they get that much time off, they usually come out flatter than usual.
  13. Numbers921

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    Sounds about right.
  14. arglebargle

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    I think it was Sturm who pointed out the interesting statistic about two game road stretches: The second game on the road is only won 27% of the time. so you have got to hope for the weaker team on the backside of the road run.
  15. The30YardSlant

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    Best case scenario we go 3-2 in that stretch. Wouldn't surprise me if we went 1-4, though.
  16. jobberone

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    I wish I knew. I'd make a ton of money.

    This team needs to scrap for anything and everything. It can't afford to take one play off much less take a game lightly playing anyone.
  17. Hoov

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    I watched 2 of the 3 baltimore games. To me, it looks like their defense is not what it once was, however their offense is really improving. Still A winnable game, but not an easy one.

    I do think Atlanta will be very tough in atlanta and of coure Playing the eagles in Philly - you never know what you will get.
  18. DavidAK

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    They scored most of those points against the Bengals and Patriots, two struggling defenses. The Eagles which are not playing all that well beat them, and a browns team with a stingy defense was in position to win that game as well. No reason to be scared or worried about the Ravens. The Cowboys can win this game, and may I say easily. But it depends which team shows up. That's what you should be worried about, what team will show up.
  19. 30yrheel

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    let's all predict some more blow out wins, just like seattle and tampa.
  20. Sarge

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    There really is something to be said for "one game at a time."

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