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    1. Alex Smith
    2. Braylon Edwards
    3. Ronnie Brown
    4. Carnell Williams
    5. Aaron Rodgers
    6. Rolle
    7. Williamson
    8. Cedric Benson
    9. Pacman Jones
    10. Derrick Johnson
    11. Shawne Merriman
    12. Ware
    13. Spears
    14. Mike Williams
    15. Davis
    16. Rogers
    17. Pollack
    18. James
    19. Brown
    20. Barron
    21. Clayton
    22. Johnson DT FL ST
    23. Washington CB
    24. Jackson CB
    25. Miller TE
    26. Barnes OT
    27. Cody OK
    28. Miller CB
    29. Poole S
    30. Jones AR
    31. Tuck DE
    32. Spencer C/G

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    1. Alex Smith, QB, Utah

    2.Ronnie Brown, HB, Auburn

    3. Braylon Edwards, WR, Michigan

    4. Carnell Williams, HB, Auburn

    5. Aaron Rodgers, QB, Cal

    6. Antrel Rolle,

    7. Troy Williamson, WR, South Carolina

    8. Cedric Benson, HB, Texas

    9. Adam Jones, CB, West Virginia

    10. Derrick Johnson, OLB, Texas

    11. Shawne Merriman, DE, Maryland

    12. Marcus Spears, DE, LSU

    13. Demarcus Ware, OLB, Troy

    14. Mike Williams, WR, Southern Cal


    Needs: CB, S, speed WR, OT

    Thomas Davis, S, Georgia
    Comment: The Chiefs were one of the NFL's best teams in the 1990s because they played gritty, smash-mouth defense. But that defense has gotten soft this decade, and so have the Chiefs. Davis rattles teeth with his hitting ability.


    Needs: DT, OT, LB, CB

    Carlos Rogers, CB, Auburn
    Comment: With the signing of a safety (Dwight Smith) and offensive tackle (Jermane Mayberry) in free agency, the Saints have no glaring holes. They can take the best athlete available. Rogers is a steal at this pick.


    Needs: CB, DL, LB speed, OL

    Erasmus James, DE, Wisconsin
    Comment: The glut of 3-4 defenses (Dallas, San Diego and Houston) and end depth (Carolina and New Orleans) contributed to the slide of James. But he's the best 4-3 end in this draft and a bona fide pass rusher.


    Needs: WR, RB, DT, DE

    David Pollack, DE, Georgia
    Comment: With Chris Hovan's departure, the Vikings need a high-energy player in their front seven. Pollack is high energy, and the artificial surface would provide ideal traction for his pass-rush skills.

    19. ST. LOUIS

    Needs: RT, Pass rusher, Size on def.

    Jammal Brown, OT, Oklahoma
    Comment: Marc Bulger was sacked 41 times for a league-high 302 yards in losses. Without pass protection, the Greatest Show on Turf is a carny act. Orlando Pace is a Pro Bowler on the left side. Brown is the draft's best right tackle.

    20. DALLAS

    Needs: Pass rush, size on defense, OT, WR

    Luis Castillo, DT, Northwestern
    Comment: Parcells wanted to get two defensive front-seven players, but that board emptied in the teens. The Cowboys will look to trade down. Failing there, the Cowboys will reach for the next best defensive lineman on his board.


    Needs: CB, G, OT, Speed WR

    Matt Jones, WR, Arkansas

    Comment: The Jaguars have a talented but slow offense with Jimmy Smith and Fred Taylor getting up in the years. Jones is one of the most exciting and explosive athletes on the board with his 4.38 speed. The Jaguars dare to be bold.


    Needs: DT, OT, WR, LB

    Mark Clayton, WR, Oklahoma
    Comment: What is it with the Ravens? No matter where they draft, a good player always slides to them. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed also were drafted in the 20s. Clayton will be a preseason NFL Rookie of the Year candidate.

    23. SEATTLE

    Needs: Defense, WR, RB, G

    Alex Barron, OT, Florida State
    Comment: The Seahawks have spent their money in the off-season rebuilding the NFL's 26th defense. The signing of Andre Dyson eases the need at corner. Look for the Seahawks to take the best player on the board at this point.

    24. GREEN BAY

    Needs: LB, S, OL, QB

    Marlin Jackson, CB/S, Michigan
    Comment: The Packers have long been of the belief that you draft big-school players who know how to play in the cold. An All-America cornerback from Michigan certainly qualifies. Jackson makes the secondary bigger and tougher.


    Needs: CB, WR, TE, big RB

    Jason Campbell, QB, Auburn
    Comment: Joe Gibbs was embarrassed by the offensive play of the Redskins in 2004 (30th in the NFL) and wants to overhaul the passing game. He traded for Santana Moss for speed, now he drafts a quarterback who can get Moss the ball.

    26. OAKLAND

    Needs: CB, speed at LB, DE, OL

    Fabian Washington, CB, Nebraska
    Comment: Since Al Davis took over the Raiders in their AFL years back in the early 1960s, this franchise has been built on speed, speed and more speed. Washington is the fastest cornerback in the draft with a 4.29 40.

    27. ATLANTA

    Needs: DE, S, CB, WR

    Shaun Cody, DT, Southern Cal
    Comment: The good teams load up on defensive linemen, and the Falcons are now a good team. Cody is an inside pass rusher with 20 career sacks who can also swing outside and be a run-stopping end.

    28. SAN DIEGO

    Needs: ILB, OL, DE, CB

    Roddy White, WR, UAB
    Comment: San Diego's leading wide receiver last season caught only 47 passes. The Chargers need some help for tight end Antonio Gates and halfback LaDainian Tomlinson. White averaged 20 yards per catch last season.


    Needs: CB, S, MLB, DT

    Brodney Pool, S, Oklahoma
    Comment: The offense is Super Bowl ready. The defense isn't. The Colts need more size and more playmakers on that side of the ball and figure to draft three of them in the first day. Pool intercepted seven passes in 2003.


    Needs: RT, TE, WR, interior OL

    Heath Miller, TE, Virginia
    Comment: The top two tight ends on the Steelers combined for 16 catches in 2004. Pittsburgh needs to get Ben Roethlisberger a possession receiver. Miller set the ACC record with 144 catches by a tight end.


    Needs: Depth at OT, LB, DT, RB

    Chris Spencer, C, Mississippi
    Comment: The Eagles have no holes on the roster, which gives them the luxury of drafting the best player on their board. Spencer can be an upgrade from Hank Fraley in 2006. This is the one team with the luxury of patience.

    32. Marcus Johnson, G/T, Mississippi
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    Nice copy of Goose's mock Bsheern.
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