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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by supercowboy8, Apr 29, 2011.

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    Question for you silverbear- can Brewster slide inside to guard or is he strictly a OT? what are you thoughts on Pinkston and can he play guard?
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    I know im not Silverbear but you mean Brewer i assume. I would hate to have to draft Brewster again it didnt work out so well the first time ya know ;)
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    I like Pinkston better my self over Brewer and I think Pinkston can play OG

    CB Brandon Burton, Utah
    Burton has all the physical attributes you look for in an elite cornerback. He's dropped this far due to poor performances against elite competition.

    DT Christian Ballard, Iowa
    Ballard has versatility and a blue-collar approach. Needs to get stronger and be more consistent.

    OG Clint Boling, Georgia
    One of the most versatile linemen in this year's draft. Boling started at every position along Georgia's line in his career.

    CB Josh Thomas, Buffalo
    Thomas is a bit tight but displays the size, strength, instincts and top-end speed to develop into an effective press corner in trail technique. He also shows above-average ball skills and should be a strong contributor on special teams early in his career.

    WR Edmond Gates, Abilene Christian
    Gates possesses blazing top-end speed and will become an immediate downfield threat. He is a bit raw at this point but appears to have his best football ahead of him.
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    Kendric Burney's still available as well.

    Ballhawk, sat out last year,short. Good player

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