Round 4 Pick...? VJ

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by da_whiz_kid, Mar 4, 2005.

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    1. Merriman would be a great pickup at 11
    2. I also like Crowder for the next pick
    3. then troy Williamson ( if Dallas goes more D on this pick then...

    4. I was wondering if anybody has mentioned anything on Vincent Jackson from Northern Colorado. He's projected to go third round and I think could be a sleeper pick up for the cowboys... HE'S 6'6" AND a little faster than Mike Williams and is said to use his height to his advantage... he's supposedly a really physical reciever.....

    look him up...

    What do you think about him?
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    I seriously doubt Vincent Jackson will last that long. I think he'll end up being a second round pick. But if he is there, we BETTER draft him. He's a physical speciman that has actually caught a lot of balls in college (unlike Randall Williams). He's big and fast enough to play special teams while he develops as a WR.

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