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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by chicago JK, Apr 30, 2004.

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    Cowboys are looking into trade possibilities for Hambrick

    With Julius Jones slated to be No. 1 back, veteran is expendable

    11:28 PM CDT on Thursday, April 29, 2004

    By JEAN-JACQUES TAYLOR / The Dallas Morning News

    IRVING – The Cowboys want to trade Troy Hambrick, who failed in his bid to succeed Emmitt Smith as the club's featured running back, his agent said Thursday.

    The Cowboys have had trade discussions with three teams, including Oakland, about acquiring Hambrick. The Raiders signed Steelers free agent Amos Zereoue on Thursday.

    "I think that's something they're trying to look at," said Jordan Woy, Hambrick's Dallas-based agent. "I've talked to coach [Bill] Parcells, and we're still not sure exactly what's going to happen. Would he like to stay with the Dallas Cowboys? Yes. But if he's not going to be given a real opportunity to compete, it's in his best interests to play somewhere else."

    Hambrick, a restricted free agent, has not signed the $628,000 contract that the Cowboys have tendered him. He is the club's only restricted free agent not under contract.

    Club spokesman Rich Dalrymple declined to comment, citing the team's policy about commenting on potential trades.

    Hambrick led the Cowboys with 972 yards and five touchdowns last season, but averaged only 3.5 yards per carry. He had only three runs longer than 20 yards.

    Still, he had three 100-yard games, including a 189-yard performance in a December win over Washington, the third highest total in franchise history.

    But Hambrick will turn 28 in November, and the Cowboys would be looking for a younger, more versatile backup for Julius Jones.

    Besides, Parcells wants his backup running backs to be contributors on special teams. Hambrick was a good special teams player early in his Dallas career, but he wasn't as effective in 2002 and he didn't play special teams in 2003 because of his duties at tailback.

    Getting in shape: Coach Bill Parcells has told owner Jerry Jones that he won't have a problem with Pro Bowl guard Larry Allen as long as the 10-year veteran is in shape at the veterans minicamp in June.

    Allen is the only member of the team not participating in the club's voluntary off-season training program.

    "This is a unique situation and that's the overriding factor," said Jones. "Bill has told me that if Larry shows up in shape, 'the slate is clean with him.'

    "There's a respect between both men, and if Larry plays well this season then it will be a moot point."

    A club source said a potential trade with Detroit that would have netted a third-round pick fell through on draft day because Allen declined to restructure his contract. Allen, said the source, preferred to play in Dallas if he couldn't play in Oakland.

    The Raiders selected tackle Robert Gallery with the second pick in the NFL draft and added center Jake Grove in the second round, essentially ending Allen's quest to play there.

    Interest waning: Jerry Jones said he doesn't think quarterback Kerry Collins will play for Dallas this season. Jones said the club has explored its options and – at this time – wants to keep its current set of quarterbacks.

    "Quincy [Carter] is doing great," Jones said. "He's stronger than he was last year and he's throwing well. He knows he's going to have competition, and that's going to make him a better player
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    Why is ******* blocked out??

    It's not a bad word

    **** **** and ***** are bad words
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    So much for the unyielding, control freak Parcells, who some have accused of unnecessarily antagonizing LA, of not knowing how "to handle" his players. So Tuna is letting Allen "do it his way" after all.

    It's up to LA to meet Bill half way and come to camp in condition.

    And yes, bravo, Brown Sugar!
  4. JBell523

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    On a side note, thanks for the info BS...

    I knew you was tellin the truth
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    Well finally someone speaks up about he LA situation. All I'll say is LA better get his rear in shape. It was his decision to stay here. Oakland doesn't want him anymore. He refused to play in Detroit. Parcells is willing to let by-gones be by-gones. It is time for him to be a professional and show up in shape and ready to participate in camp.
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    I will be very disappointed if Larry doesn't come into camp in shape. I would hope he would have some pride in his skill. Although I just have an image of him at the Y sitting at one of those leg butterfly machines with a coke in his hands.
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    BS - once again you've probed to be a source of great info.

    Mods - Why in the world is C0wb0ys a filtered word?

    It's good to see BP is willing to wipe the slate clean with LA as long as he is in shape. our Oline could be dominant next season.
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    Joey Thomas CB Montana St. would have been the target with Detroit's pick. But GB traded up 3 spots past that pick with Jax to get him. Maybe they could have made the trade with Jax instead, maybe not. Keith Smith and Derrick Strait were available at Detroits spot.
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    It is a minor error. We're already working on it. Sorry.
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    And, no Kerry Collins.
  11. Cajuncowboy

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    Uh, no ffense because I really like the site but on a C8wboys board this might be more than a minor error. JMO. :D
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    According to stories dealing with his visits with Oakland and Detroit, they said that he was in his best shape in two years. And remember that the past two seasons he was coming off surgeries that hampered his ability to keep up his conditioning and Larry is a big boy even when he is in decent shape.(The old coaching staff let all the guys get too big imo)
  13. Hostile

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    I've already reported it.

    Plain crazy.
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    You guys are so gullible.
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    Just a thought that ran threw my mind. How much did Larry Allen not being in shape the last 2 years have to do with the "old" Larry Allen being gone? Anyone else think that maybe, just maybe if Larry Allen is indeed in top shape, that we will see the Larry Allen of old? The one that was hands down the best OL in football?

    I know that this might be asking for to much, but IF we could, get the "old" Larry Allen (or even 95% of him, he would STILL probally be the best OL in football, even at 95% of his old self, he was that much better than anyone else), along with the performance from Flozell, that we did last year, and hopefully add in a healthy Al Johnson (the way he was looking last year before going down), even Troy Hambrick could look like an All Star caliber RB. Can you IMAGINE the holes that those 3 could open up on the left side?
  16. Rack Bauer

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    Actually I agree with that. Physically, LA can be as good as he was, or very close to it. LA's problem isn't physical though, it's mental. I just don't think he has the desire to put in the work to be the player he once was.
  17. SMCowboy

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    Although once again, it begs the question, if he is indeed in the best shape he has been in years, doesn't that seem to show that he is willing to put in effort to be the player he once was? And that maybe it was the injuries that were atleast part of the problem after all?

    At the end of last year, Allen definately seemed to have a renewed energy. Was it playing next to a motivated Flozell Adams, was it being able to play in the man blocking scheme that he perfers, was it actually being on a winning team again? Or was it a combination of the three. Either way, he definately did have a renewed energy, he just wasn't in the shape that he had to be in, to be the player he once was.
  18. Rack Bauer

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    That's a big "If" though.
  19. Smith22

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    Way to get your point across Rack.
  20. Zaxor

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    As always done with class and style


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