News: Round of applause for BS- THam article

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by chicago JK, Apr 30, 2004.

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    BrownSugar has been a reilable sourse around here for a long time and her comments are very much appreciated.
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    Technical wise it's a minor error.
    User wise it is a major Bug! :D
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    and what does this have to do with how he handled it last season?

    Perhaps he learned his lesson :)
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    Larry better get on the bus or he is gone.

    BS lives up to Brown Sugar and not the other name. :D

    Good call girl. Keep them coming.
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    how was this determined is what id like to know? his appearance? reportedly, last year he came to camp looking slimmed down, but once the work started, it was evident he was woefully out-of-shape. and if im not mistaken, the first time i saw this said about LA, it was by jerry. i guess my point is you have to consider the source, and what exactly is the criteria for his "best shape in 2 years"....

    as usual, i guess we'll just have to wait and see.....
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    but the things is
    What makes you think LA is getting into shape? He is refusing to work out with the team this offseason. Do you think that is because the team work outs are too soft? Or are the chances better that they made him layoff his bench presses and he wants to get back to it?
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    This was a very interesting article.

    Especially this portion:

    "Interest waning: Jerry Jones said he doesn't think quarterback Kerry Collins will play for Dallas this season. Jones said the club has explored its options and – at this time – wants to keep its current set of quarterbacks.

    "Quincy [Carter] is doing great," Jones said. "He's stronger than he was last year and he's throwing well. He knows he's going to have competition, and that's going to make him a better player"

    Brown Sugar.....Do you have any insight on Collins or on Allen ?
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    Here's to Allen coming in shape and playing this year
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    Yes, interesting write up...

    I wonder if now that things seem to be patched up with Allen & Parcells if he WILL be working out at the ranch?

    As far as Collins, I am sure if Hensen wasn't waiting in the wings he would have liked to have come here...But I doubt a one year starting gig was attractive to him...
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    indeed... of ALL of the words in the English language, the word "Cowboys" is the one that randomly filters itself out? On a Cowboys message board? I smell a conspiracy.......... ;)
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    Well, Wayne the fact that Parcells is capable of admitting he took an ineffective approach, and is willing to try another, simply marks him as a mature, reasonable personality, not a saint or a victim. Or a control fiend.

    I frankly think that the approach delineated in today's article by Clarence Hill Jr, in which Parcells maintains that as long as LA shows up in shape, all will be well, is fated for failure.

    Fated for failure, because from all I have read and seen, LA is NOT a mature, reasonable personality. Letting him have his way on the training issue is fine, tho, because if he comes to camp as winded, bloated, and stiff as I expect, most folks will admit he's the last guy should be allowed to "do it his way".

    But even if he comes in with the agility of a gymnast, he still has to bring with him the psychological ability to make it work - to meet Tuna half way. The physical issues can be overcome. The emotional ones not so easily.

    The press reports LA talks through his agent, whether he is rejecting draft day offers from Detroit, or making his complaints known. It will be interesting to see who he uses next season as an interpreter when he has to communicate with his HC. Jerry? His agent? Or maybe he'll get creative and pick a player to represent him. But he will have to communicate with Bill to make this work. Perhaps Jones should explain to him that's the responsibility of ANY player.

    I've read enough articles maintaining LA is a "very proud, very private" person. So is Jerry Rice. So was Pat Tillman. A player doesn't have to talk to the press, but he does have to talk to his HC and teammates, and I don't think telling his fellow linemen NOT to talk to the press, as LA did last year, was appropriate either.

    LA comes across like a "I'll hold my breath til I turn blue", immature brat. Now Tuna has allowed him to "do it his way", let's see if he is appreciative and comes to camp with a sunnier disposition, and can rise above petty personal disputes.

    In other words, will he act like a man or a child?

    Is LARRY capable of learning his lesson? :)
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    I always treat her posts as if written in stone made from mount sinai :cool:
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    This statement should read that Quincy knows he's the starter by default...Look at our current set of Quarterbacks...THERE IS NO COMPETITION.

    But I guess that's what Bill and Jerry and the rest of the Q supporters want even if it will mean the undoing of the team.
  14. LaTunaNostra

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    As well you should! :p
  15. adbutcher

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    Gasp! I guess there goes the season. :eek:
  16. adbutcher

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    I'll second that!
  17. LaTunaNostra

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    Hee hee, Ad. I've got to get back bigtime on the Tuna-Defense-Spin-Worship circuit now.

    That KerryIsTheMan guy/gal has shamed me. :p
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    Yeah that it's exactly. Bill & Jerry will start Quincy just to spite us.

    (Eyes rolling towards back of head)
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    Here take this shield and lance, you are going to need them.

    Keep fighting the good fight and try to get some work done for crying out loud. :D
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    You should talk! :)

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