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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by nickj224, Apr 15, 2006.

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    With all the recent Michael Huff talk, I decided to watch some highlight footage of him.

    Here is my initial assessment (not that my assessment actually means anything):
    I think most would agree that Roy Williams was one of the all time best college players (at least defensively). While I was watching Michael Huff's highlights, I automatically started comparing some of his work to Roy's college days since Huff played a lot of SS as well as CB and FS. If you watch Roy's highlights side by side with Huff's, Huff does not even come close to touching some of the sick plays that Roy made. To me, Huff is a top 20 pick at best.

    No doubt Huff has potential, but all this talk about Dallas moving ahead of Detroit and everything has got to stop. Huff is good, but not THAT good. There is no way Dallas gives away their draft to get this guy. They moved DOWN from 6 to 8 to get Roy and as it turns out, the only true difference maker they passed up was Julius Peppers at #2 overall (which Carolina would have never given up anyway).

    I still say there is tons of talent in the second round this year. Trade down and pick up some true value, depth and youth. If we don't trade down and Huff is there, he's a must pick at 18. But stop with the trading up talk.
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    He was? :confused: :lmao:
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    Agreed. Why waste the 1st pick on Huff when Ko Simpson is going to be avalible in the 2nd round, allowing us to draft towards an other need. But having said this, why spend a high pick on a FS anyway? I belive that Keith Davis is a compitant enough FS for next season, having just been rescued from the Sean Paytons tainted clutches.
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    You do know you can't really compare the two right ? Because really we don't need a Roy clone, we need a ball hawk in which Huff would fit perfectly for.

    But regardless I don't see Dallas moving up for a free safety.
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    I think Huff is a great player and would love to get him, more on that in a second...
    Huff's value depends on what you need him to do. He has ability to be a GREAT FS. He plays the ball extremely well, has great size, speed, and coverage ability as a FS. He very well could end up with 5-6 INTs his rookie year. However, if you want him to be an every down CB, I think you're going to be a little disappointed. Can he play CB? Yes. Can he line up at CB against the bigger WRs in the NFL? Yes. Can he do it every down of every game for 16 games? I'm not so sure. I don't get the impression that Huff will be great if he has to line up as full-time CB. I think you get your money's worth by playing him at FS and some occasional slot CB. To draft Huff and expect him to play full time CB is foolish IMO. I think its a waste of his abilities. Therefore, is a guy who is primarily a FS with ability to cover the slot worth a top 10? I don't think so. a top 15? probably.
    As for Huff to Dallas, man would he be a perfect fit IMO. He'd give us full-time solidification at the FS position. Plus, we'd be able to interchange Huff and Henry, have TNew, and have Glenn and Reeves as nickelbacks.
    I would love to see Huff in Dallas, but only if he falls to 18.
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    I agree completely.
    Darren Woodson in his prime was able to play the slot cb position very well.
    Huff made all the secondary calls for the defense and is an extremely mature smart football player.
    Huff is not the college football player that Roy was but he does have the coverage,range and ball skills we need at FS.
    Jimmy Williams is very similar in physical ability but does not have the maturity or the head on his shoulders that Huff does.
    Huff is exactly what we need to complete our secondary but let's not ruin our draft to get this guy.
    The FS position has lots of prospects in this draft and there is no reason for us to trade up.
    To trade down makes more sense with the depth at FS,CB,OLB and G in this draft.
    Draft tip... be aware of players who have father's who are coaches or have played in the NFL...those types of players rise on the Cowboys draft board.
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    Like everyone else said, "apples and oranges".

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    RLW, while at OU, was used in a scheme that featured him. Huff, while at UT, was not. Huff played within a defensive scheme. It is unrealistic to compare the two in college. Roy was allowed to free lance at the line of scrimmage. He was an impact player but he would not have been near as marketable had he been assigned to play within the context of the traditional SS role, while at OU. The one thing that can be said of Huff is that typcically, he did get man assignment on the opposing teams best receiving matchup. How good was Huff? Watch the national championship game and see how he played Bush man to man. That should tell you all you need to know. RLW, while an very good player, was not worth the 8th overall pick in the draft IMO. Huff may or may not be a top 10 pick but I do believe that he will be a very good FS in the NFL.

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