Roy Williams Is A Bad Man

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Grizz, Aug 28, 2005.

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    Laying the wood, laying the lumber, blowing him up, bringing the farm, momentum changing hit. There are many colorful ways of describing a big tackle by the defense in football. There is something so primal and immediate when a defensive player gets a running start, lines up the offensive player, and proceeds to knock the snot out of him (another colorful phrase). In the movie "Remember The Titans" a player on defense lays the smack-down (colorful phrase) on a running back, then says to him: "I'm gonna hit you so hard when you wake up you'll need a haircut". I guess that's Rip Van Winkle-ing your a**.

    Last night, Roy Williams was up to his old tricks. Last year we didn't get to see the best of Roy. His game is not suited to roaming the deep secondary, helping out in coverage. The guy is a hitter, an intimidator. He needs to be up in the box, needs to punish the offense, only then do we get to see his game flourish. Last night he was all over the field, doing bad things to the Texans.

    Roy has a little of The Hulk in him. Don't get him angry, you won't like him when he's angry. Texans tight end Mark Bruener never saw the T.V. show or read the comic books. He decided to engage in a little WWE exhibition with Roy right there in the middle of Texas Stadium. The inevitable followed; Roy started turning green, tore his uniform to shreds and proceeded to smash Houston players for the rest of the night.

    Williams was interviewed after the game about the fight with Bruener, he repeatedly growled the phrase "Hulk smash" before finally saying:

    “I told them they messed up,” Williams said. “I told them I was going to knock them out.”

    Apparently Bruener said some things Roy didn't like, the Texans' bench was saying things he didn't like. Anger management be damned. Roy Williams is a bad man.
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    Nice first post and

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    Welcome aboard! Stay away from Juke, he's having problems with his loins.
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    he was definately back to his old self last night. he set the tone for not only the secondary but the entire defense last night. hopefully there is more of that to come

    oh and welcome by the way :beer2:
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    Thanks for the welcome, it's greatly appreciated. Kudos to eveyone posting here, this forum is a goldmine of information and opinion.

    I am pretty impressed with the new defense and the revamped secondary. With Henry and Newman it looks like we have 2 very good corners, Roy is a beast and Keith Davis is holding his own so far. Aaron Glenn is solid as the #3 CB. This defense could be special.
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    Welcome once again, this place is a goldmine indeed.
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    ya ketih impressed me last night
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    :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

    So wrong but so funny.
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    Nice First Post....Welcome to the Board...and Roy Williams really is BAADDDD!!!!
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    By the way :welcome: to the board!!!
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    Love your analogy. Wide receivers sure do start looking a little green around the gills knowing Roy's patroling the area. Welcome!
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    And I agree. RW may not cover as well as some other safeties but the fear he instills in receivers is unmatched at his position and the only real comparison is Ray Lewis in the league. A lot of guys can punish 160 pound WRs but he punishes running backs, fullbacks, and tight ends.
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    Oh man was he fired up last night. He did a UFC take down out there! LOL

    Another thing I noticed. Roy's got a potty mouth! :eek:

    Intensity is a beautiful thing when your as physically talented as Roy Wiliams. Funny thing is, he's mild mannered off the field, but he does a Jeckal and Hyde out there come game time.
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    True. And we all share the wealth around here. Plenty of Nors nuggets for everyone.
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    I just can't figure out when preseaon games mean something and when they don't. :bang2:
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    It means something when talent and ability comes out and it doesn't mean anything when the coach chooses not to spike the ball to score a meaningless three points at the end of the first half in favor of examining our team's reaction.
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    So do you or do you not like what Grizz contributed to this board? :huh:

    Good post Grizz. And yes, watching Roy wreak havoc is a pleasure.

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    Great post.

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    that was a great post.. and a first post at that!

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