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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by SMCowboy, Nov 6, 2006.

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    OK, there are 10 different threads and everyone saying that he is playing out of position and he is terrible in coverage and all. And I am tired of posting the same thing in 10 different threads. So here are the facts.

    #1.) He is tied for the league lead among safeties in passes defensed
    #2.) He is tied for second among safeties in INT's

    Despite this everyone seems to say that he is so terrible in coverage....

    The only realistic explanation are:
    #1.) He does not get burned any more that anyone else the "fans" just think so...
    #2.) He does get burned more often but he also gets involved in plays and makes plays that other safeties would never get to....

    If I had to guess, my guess is #2. Largely because I have never seen QB's throw the ball into double coverage as much against other teams as they do against us....

    That leads to question number two them...
    Why do teams throw into double coverage more against us that anyone else:
    #1.) Because they like throwing the ball into double coverage instead of single coverage somewhere else
    #2.) Roy Williams does a great job of getting involved in plays that most other safeties would not be able to get involved in....

    Choose for yourself on this one, but only one of those possible answers REALLY makes any sense.
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    We should...

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    if there are 10 others, then why start another?

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    I agree Dragon. This is a usless thread. Can someone please condense this into one of the already started threads?
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    DON'T YOU GET IT!!!!

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