RT same as QB last yr.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by btcutter, Aug 26, 2005.

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    It's ironic. Our current right tackle situation is the same as our QB situation last yr. The potential starter gets cut abruptly and now we got an unknow starting at that position. The cowboy media is in spin mode. They are playing up Pettie just like they did with VT.

    I am very worried about RT position. Team will blitz like crazy from that side. Bledsoe is in trouble.
  2. Champsheart

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    Bledsoe will be protected!

    If need be Campbell can help him out.
  3. LaTunaNostra

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    Rogers release may have felt abrupt but his issues have been two years running now...and the position was never in danger of being left in the lurch like QB was after the Q release.

    I don't see Rob Petitti being played up as any savior...no rookie is going to be forced into that role. Quite a diff from the VT situation, which many thought represented an upgrade from Q, sudden tho it was.

    With RT, it's been about finding out who is the best option all offseason, whether Rogers, TT, Rob, or Vollers. It's not being blindsided by a starter's mistake.
  4. jobberone

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    Rob will do ok. It will be a relative weak spot compared to the play of the other OL but he will have help if he needs it. And I expect he will. He will give up his share of plays. But we will have a reasonable effective offense.

    I would worry more about Bledsoe surviving period not just from Rob's mistakes but just in general. We have been spoiled by a relative lack of injuries at the QB position. Our good luck is going to run out eventually and it will be blamed on the "statue" rather than the reality that QBs are going to get injured and miss games.

    It will be IMO unreasonable to expect him to play like Erik in his dominant days. If you expect him to play like a rookie as well as getting enough help to survive, then I think you will be on the same page as Parcells.
  5. jksmith269

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    In the game against the Hawks this past monday Rob did a good job in Blitz pickup and they blitzed a lot when he was in there from his side. He picked the blitzers up from inside out like he's supposed to.
  6. CIWhitefish

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    While the Cowboy media may be 'playing' up Pettiti there is no similarity with Vinny. Vinny was not an unknown and he was not thrust into starting because of injury. He also played pretty well for the most part putting up the second or third most passing yards in team history. Pettite will be fine if the rest of the line stays healthy.
  7. Chuck 54

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    The difference is that we cut the clear starting QB last year because we had Vinnie and BP knew Vinnie could be trusted and wouldn't make as many errors.

    The difference this year is that we were never counting on Rogers to start...BP was giving him a chance and hoping, but Rogers was never a sure thing...if he was even a clear cut starter, the best RT on the team, he'd be on IR instead of cut....I think Tucker would have eventually started anyway, and I still think that will happen, with Pettitti as the backup.

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    This guy will embarass the other "studs" on our line if he doesn't learn to either jump offsides or hold on consecutive penalties, seriously I really like this guy, Petiti but I also think we will see a vet in here about week three or whenever you don't have to guarantee the whole season, also think we will see another FS at the end of pre-season when the cuts come...
  9. Ashwynn

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    I fell better about the RT situation this year then I did about the QB position last year.
  10. ravidubey

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    Dan Campbell can help cover the RT-- no one can hide the QB.

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