RTN: 4 More Reasons for Vince Young to Dallas

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by speedkilz88, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. CowboyStar88

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    Says who? All reports are that Dez is finally understanding the mental part of the game. So this is really a non-issue. Also I don't think VY would have any issues with the playbook. Seems like he has dedicated himself and obviously he graduated college so maybe everyone is selling the guy short. I wouldn't mind kicking the tires on him and seeing what hes got. Obviously he isn't going to challenge Romo for a spot, but he does have some tools and some packages that could be used on the field and if Orton is physically breaking down this wouldn't be a bad move at all and I don't think the media thing is going to be that much of an issue especially with Romo has the franchise QB and the leader on this team and JG as a guy who doesn't really give the media much of anything at all, so obviously he would probably give the media very little access to VY.
  2. unionjack8

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    Vince young is awful. That's all that matters. Oh and he is a turd with zero work ethic
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    This is not true. I mean, if you want to say that you don't like the guy, that's fine but the rest is just crap for the sake of crap.

    Come on.
  4. Gemini Dolly

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    Thats just turrible man. If Dez can learn it, why not VY? I dont think hes as stupid as people make him out to be.

    His work ethic is probably the main reason why im not busting out the pom poms with this idea.
  5. Teague31

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    But if he can successfully run the scout team so that our defense can prepare for Wash and Philly, to me that's high reward
  6. viman96

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    I bet the Eagles thought he would be low risk/high reward as well.

    The Dallas media would always try to bait him into saying something stupid just to grab some headlines.
  7. erod

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    Half our illiterate fanbase would be yelling "VY, VY, VY!" at the games every time Romo missed a receiver.

    No thanks. No clown shows here.
  8. Zimmy Lives

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    Work ethic and attitude. No thanks.
  9. xwalker

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    They could call the QC version "the doobie".
  10. noshame

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    OMG....it's all about the OL, if it's good, we don't need him, if it's bad, he won't help.

    End of story.
  11. conner01

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    hard to justify a roster spot for a guy to game plan with for 4 games a year. likley less since vick or rgiii has'nt shown they can play 16 games
  12. unionjack8

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    no it isnt , its well documented that his work ethic was very poor in tennessee

    The disappointment with Young within the Titans organization went beyond Fisher. Players and front office members reportedly felt let down by the quarterback. NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi said this week that Young’s lack of work ethic is “legendary” around the team.
  13. CowboyStar88

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    heck ya considering they play 4 games against them
  14. joseephuss

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    Not to me. I think that aspect is overrated by the guys writing these recent articles.
  15. Vabeachboy

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    This...agree completely... there's absolutely nothing wrong with bringing him in to camp and who knows?... Maybe he lights it up and we trade Orton for a 5th or 6th...
  16. Clove

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    You know what, I was a huge VY supporter when he came out, and people said he was too dumb to play the position, and I don't know that he was too dumb to play it, he just couldn't throw good enough.

    I don't see the purpose of bringing him in, let's just keep it the way it is for now. Not that Jerry's listening to me.
  17. Everlastingxxx

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    Kindof a low risk. Someone mentioned that he would help the Cowboys scout team when they play the Skins. I think that alone would be worth it since you play them twice and the division may come down to those games. After hearing the mini camp reports that Orton has nothing left, it might be time to bring in some new bodies at backup QB.
  18. 03EBZ06

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    I've never been a VY fan so I hope he doesn't get a chance to wear the Cowboys uniform.
  19. Jay

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    Bringing in Vince Young would be awful.
  20. 17yearsandcounting

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    Definitely feels like they are trying to sell the fan base on VY. Jerry could probably at least sell some jerseys before he inevitably goes crazy or gets cut.

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