RubySim 1.0 has been released.

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dwmyers, Feb 28, 2007.

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    About six years ago I released something called the Open Source Draft Simulator. It was written in C++/STL, did deterministic and stochastic drafts, and took me (and a friend) about two months to write.

    Recently I've gotten interested in a language called Ruby because people speak of the immense productivity gains possible with the language. Last weekend I started rewriting my old program. By Sunday night I had a working version of the rewrite. No stochastics, but the team needs language was better than the old one.

    I've released the Ruby code as part of my Sourceforge project.

    You can download a Ruby interpreter here, the "One Click Installer"

    The program is small. Before commenting and adding error checking hooks, it ended up less than 500 lines of code. Printed, it's about 10 pages now. Most of the code simply loads data. The draft calculation loop is perhaps a page in size.

    If you do and you like what it does, tell me about it sometime. I'm interested in describing how a team can draft. That's going to be the primary focus of this Ruby effort.

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    Hmm, sounds very interesting. Obscure - but interesting.

    Good luck. I love the interest level. That's for sure.
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    Obscure, perhaps, until you start doing Google searches on a framework called "Ruby on Rails." The guy who wrote the Tomcat and Ant http servers is now an unabashed Rails fanatic.

    In other words, I've translated my drafting engine into the hottest language for web page development around. C++ tends to intimidate people because it's difficult to write in.

    Ruby, by comparison, is a compact, friendly language.


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