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    As its creator, Eldorado, stated recently, “It’s baaaack!” Yet again, it’s time for that early summer, no football crazy lull to instead be filled with friendly recognition of our fellow posters. With 19 awards up for grabs, let’s look back upon the past twelve months and showcase the best of the best among us during that time. Here are the rules:

    Ø You cannot nominate yourself. Self-nominations shall be invalidated.
    Ø You can nominate a maximum of three posters per category only. Four or more nominations placed by an individual poster within any given category shall invalidate all submitted and shall not be tabulated along with other posters’ nominations.
    Ø General forum guidelines shall be strictly enforced. For a list of guidelines, click here

    For an overall list of the awards, please check out the Awards Talk thread. Here’s this year’s awards schedule:

    Ø Nominations: all categories (Monday, June 21 through Friday, June 25)
    Ø Nominee tabulation: all categories (Saturday, June 26)
    Ø Awards voting: all categories (Sunday, June 27 through Thursday, July 1)
    Ø Winner announcements: all categories (Friday, July 2)

    Additional info:

    Ø Each award’s category will be represented by its own thread. In other words, 19 threads shall be open for nominations beginning June 21. Likewise, all 19 threads for nominations shall be closed by 8 pm on June 25. The same process will be repeated for the voting on awards.
    Ø General discussion about nominees, the awards, etc., shall be solely restricted to the Awards Talk thread. All threads created by posters both within or outside of the Cowboyszone Awards Forum shall be merged to the Awards Talk thread. No exceptions allowed.
    Ø The top three vote-getters in each nominee category shall be eligible for voting per award. Polls shall be included in the award voting threads to decide the winners. Should ties develop between nominees, additional finalists will be added to the voting process. Example: 20 forum members nominate Poster #1 for Award X, 15 forum members nominee Poster #2 and finally 10 forum members nominee Posters #3 #4 & #5. In this instance, there would be five finalists for the award instead of only three.
    Ø Polling for nominees shall be kept confidential.

    Have fun everyone and good luck!
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    For any posters wanting a custom made award of their 2010 Cowboyszone win(s), please PM me and I will send you the link for the award(s).

    IMPORTANT! Please copy your award(s) to whichever site hosts all of your present images! Be forewarned. I delete images from my photobucket account without notice. So if you wish to keep your award pic(s) indefinitely, it would be in your best interest to save them in a safe place as soon as you receive it. *hint hint* :eek:: :)

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