Rummaging through the waste of an opportunity

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by erod, Sep 16, 2013.

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    Even great teams - which the Cowboys aren't - have 1 or 2 games per season that defy explanation or logic. Troy and the boys used to splat a time or two against the dregs of the league now and again.

    Yes, yesterday looked an awfully lot like so many games in recent pass, yet I still very much contend that this team isn't like those we've seen the past few years. I still think this is a vastly improved team from a year ago.

    But that kerplunk in KC happened, and it must be dealt with today, so here are the some observations I'm left with in the fog of defeat.

    1. Why Callahan isn't running more is beyond me, but (1) is Romo audibling out of run plays, and (2) what is wrong with Murray's vision? Twice, there were gaping holes for Murray to hit for major yardage, and yet he just plowed into the backsides of his offensive linemen for three yards.

    2. Dunbar has made nice plays the last two times he's caught a pass, and both times he's fumbled. That has to be fixed, or he can go sit with the Giants young running back. All the speed and quickness in the world is useless if you carry the ball like that. Dunbar carries it VERY loose.

    3. For all Dez' amazing excellence, he is not in the league of Calvin Johnson until he learns to finish games. Not only did he drop the potential game-winner, Dez was too tired to finish the game and was checking himself out.

    4. Laufenberg made the point, Romo was having a hard time throwing to the left side of the field because of his ribs. Why wasn't the playcaller taking that into consideration? Or, why was Romo insisting on going that way? His throws were noticeably weak and off target when he had to torque his body to throw that way. He took injections for his ribs beforehand. This should improve greatly by the Rams game.

    5. Garrett handled the time outs perfectly. So much nonsense flowed afterward with his approach, but he is right to be aggressive with them because, either way, you have to make a stop. I would rather have no time outs with more than 2 minutes remaining than have two timeouts with 30 seconds left. Coach Garrett handled those correctly; you can't take them with you, and you just have to make a defensive play, which Dallas couldn't in the end.

    6. The call on Claiborne was bad, but not nearly as bad as the offensive call on Dez. Both plays had huge impacts on the outcome, and we could be talking a very different tune today had they gotten them correct. (And I'm not a referee complainer often.) I thought the referees had a very poor day around the league, not the least of which was our game.

    7. Wow, have we found a player in Selvie. When Spencer is back at full strength, that three-man rotation at defensive end looks formidable. In the cooler air this weekend, I'm looking forward to seeing it. Same goes for Hayden.

    8. Bernadeau wasn't awful, but you could see a difference with Waters in the game. It's not a struggle for him to hold his ground, and we ran right behind him a couple of times for nice gains. He needs to get conditioned to play a whole game asap.

    9. The special teams look fixed. Whoever we signed, and whatever adjustments were made, Basascia has his coverage units playing well, considering how awful they looked in the preseason.

    10. If you're going to lay an egg, and let's hope this is one of only a couple this season, you want to do it against an AFC opponent on a day when the whole division gets wiped out. While an opportunity was missed, no ground was lost. There's your silver lining.

    That's a good Kansas City team. They will make the playoffs this year because their defense is legit, and Smith fits Reid's passing scheme very nicely. They play a lot of mucky games like yesterday, and they'll get good at it. I give them some credit.

    Heads high, everyone. I still believe there are bright days ahead as this finds its track.
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    Good stuff, erod. A couple notes: I think Dez wasn't tired so much as his back was seizing up and he needed to stretch it out. Still, it was bad timing. And I think the plan was to run a lot more on 1st and 2nd, but we just weren't successful with it at all and had to adjust the plan. I'll have to focus on Murray's 'running to darnkness' when I rewatch the game, because I didn't notice that the first time around, and you're not the first guy to bring it up as a real issue.
  3. anava

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    Nice write up but totally disagree on #5 with the timeouts. There was 4 minutes in the game they had just broke a 3 yard run and he wasted one and again after an 8 yard run. D wasnt stopping them, there so why waste them. One of two things could have happened one they continued to drive and score or teams get more conservative around the two minute warning and that's when you start using them. But to use while they are just running down our throat is a waste.
  4. DFWJC

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    Thanks for the read.

    I agree that this team is better than it has been in a few years.

    It was a missed opportunity, no doubt. But I think you'll agree that road wins usually do not come easily in today's league. For example, New Orleans kicked a FG at the end to win at Tampa Bay. They did win though.
    I suspect KC--who was favored by the way--will win a bunch of ugly games at home this year vs some decent teams.

    BTW, Dez had back spasms. I don't think he was too tired at the end.
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    Good teams use time outs aggressively. The Giants used two at the 4-minute mark, too. If you don't, they just run the clock to nothing, and even if you get them to punt, you've got 30 seconds left, if that.

    The advantage of being the team behind is that you have four downs to convert as you make your last run. With no time, it's not an advantage. You've got to have a lot of time, and you've always got the clock-kill play if you need it with the extra downs.

    And when your defense is playing well, you have to trust them to get the stop. It just didn't work out.

    Belichick, Reid, Harbaughs, Jimmy, Parcells....they would have done the same thing.
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  6. erod

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    OK, well that's a different spin altogether. I'll give him a pass on that, but not the drop.
  7. Staubacher

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    Good job Erod great thoughts. Dez missed all or most of the plays when we got to first and 10 at the KC 30 late in the game. That's why we bogged down and looked awful there he changes the whole game just being in there. Back sore or tiredness I don't care I was shocked when he took himself off the field during that vital part of the game.

    Murray is an issue. I hope the coaches see in their review how he is running poorly and decide to give more plays to the backups.
  8. Crown Royal

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    This is why I haven't started freaking out yet. I'm still not in love with the offense, but we don't look like we did last year. We were not going to go undefeated.
  9. IrishAnto

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    Nice balanced write up.

    Not something you see too often around here.

    Good job erod.
  10. erod

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    I should add that Mo Claiborne is looking more and more like an ordinary cornerback. Jerry should not have traded up and given a #2 for this guy, regardless of the system, I'm afraid.
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  11. Staubacher

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    Agreed. But were stuck with him now and he's serviceable. Will improve when he heals up. But Scandrick is better he covers and tackles better
  12. Zordon

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    erod why do you hate dez so much? first you wanted him thrown in jail last year after the incident with his mom now you are making up phantom reasons for him being out of the game. do you do this to protect romo or do you have some personal vendetta with him?
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  13. erod

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    Have I not lauded him with praise the past several months? Yesterday, he dropped a go-ahead TD and was in the sideline late inn the game. Didn't know about his back,b which is why I edited my OP.
  14. Red Dragon

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    I was very much impressed by the Cowboys' 3 sacks in the first half. All came at crucial moments.
  15. CowboysYanksLakers

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    Dez had back issues unfortunately
  16. McLovin

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    THe trade up for DB (if any) should have been for Barron. Safeties tend to make more plays on the ball than CBs in today's game.

    Still would have rather had Poe or DL
  17. Venger

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    Strong original post and strong follow up on Mo Claiborne. Spilled milk but I do hope some curds are extra bitter for those who railed against voices who thought the handling of this pick was poor.
  18. RS12

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    For god sakes can we stop with KC is the dregs of the league and how the Cowboys are so much more talented, yada yada. Take a good hard look at this team and the warts are blatantly obvious.
  19. erod

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    Read it again. I never called KC among the dregs of the league.

    I just pointed out that even our great teams of the 90s had a game or two that were ugly. I specifically remember Cleveland Gary and the Rams coming into Texas Stadium and dominating the Cowboys in '93 or so. One of the few games the Rams won.
  20. Dodger12

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    Sometimes teams play down to their opponents and lay an egg. But it's tough to compare what we're seeing now with this team and the 90's teams. We've consistently laid some eggs and consistently played .500 ball under the JG regime. It's funny because we look at teams like the Chiefs, Rams and some other previous cellar dwellers and chalk up a win while those same teams look at us coming to town and do the same thing. This isn't your Daddy's Cowboys.....

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