Rumor: Adrian Peterson to Dallas?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Deep_Freeze, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. dstovall5

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    What does our past success have anything to do with our chances THIS year? o_O

    You're right about one thing though, it's just an opinion, an unintelligent opinion, but still an opinion ... I guess. :cool:
  2. 5Stars

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    (even though it isn't true)

    So which is it? It isn't true, or you never know? You and some of your cohorts always use this double speak...that way, you will never be wrong.

    How pathetic...
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  3. jimnabby

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    Cap can be adjusted and if a team is willing to make drastic moves they could clear cap space but then you would not have much left on the team to deal with. During the off season contracts can be redone to clear space and of course players could be let go that could clear some space. Frankly I don't see either move for Miller or Peterson as good moves I think the cost would be way too much.
  5. ufcrules1

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    AD is not coming here but I do believe the reports about us looking for a RB. It's probably MJD but I fear he is way past his prime.. and not just because he plays on a sucky Jaguars team.
  6. 5Stars

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    IMO, this is not the time to make moves for marquee players that cost to much money. Roll the bottom of the roster like they have been doing and sometimes they just might find a diamond in the rough.
  7. Red Dragon

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    Can we stop these rumors about things that won't happen?
  8. Wolf2k5

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    I just hate that we are ALWAYS the ones who are trying to get these huge name guys. Won't happen. Only way it will is the override button on your madden game.
  9. DejectedFan1996

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  11. dragon_mikal

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    I'd love to have Adrian Peterson. The guy is a freak and would have our opponents shaking in their boots, lol.

    Man...Romo, Dez, Witten, T. Will and ADP? That would be awesome.

    Not going to happen, though. No money and you'd have to give up too much.
  12. big dog cowboy

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    Nope. That is why you have to limit watching ESPN and NFLN too much.
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