Rumor: Inside info on Cowboys draft/FA plans

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dboy214, Dec 29, 2011.

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    I haven't read the thread, but I am betting that guy is taking some heat, and rightfully so. Matt Forte and DeSean Jackson?

    Caveat emptor.
  2. Eskimo

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    I disagree that Harris and Holmes have more upside than Otree. Radway is intriguing because of his elite combination of size and speed. Otree is actually fairly big for a guy with his speed and quickness and he has good hands and RAC. He is not a good returner. He got off to a bad start but has been playing well at WR for the last 10 weeks and has made several tough catches over the middle. I am looking forward to what he can do next season.

    As for Harris, he is a returner trying to learn how to play WR.

    Holmes is basically a big body trying to learn how to play WR.

    Holley is a ST player who is turning into a surprisingly good WR. He used to look so lost out there. Now he can run routes and makes tough catches using his body to shield defenders and makes good use of his long arms. I think he will have a role on this team for a long time with that combination of skills. He also brings an attitude and toughness to the roster whose importance should not be diminished. Ratliff and him play with more anger and aggression than anyone else on the team.
  3. dools

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    I have heard the team is actually pretty high on Holmes.
  4. dboy214

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    dools you post on OB? isn't hookem legit?
  5. jjktkk

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    Olgetree has has multiple chances to prove himself, but has failed to establish any consistancy. I would be shocked if hes with the Cowboys next year.
  6. dools

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    Yes I'm on OB and yes most of his info is usually legit. That being said, I also have a hard time believing the team would be targeting Forte or D jackson. Doesn't Jackson have money problems of his own?
  7. Frozen700

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    Janoris Jenkins

    I like this.....
  8. skinsscalper

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    I was thinking the exact same thing.
  9. hra8700

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    Cowboys will target a Guard or DB In the first round and second rounds and look to a QB early in the draft to groom behind Romo,possibly Nick Foles or Kirk Cousins they dont plan on cutting McGee but they dont trust him either. They also look to take another back in the draft.

    This all makes sense and doesn't need an "insider" to tell you. I would have guessed the same.

    They really like Cordy Glenn,Michael Floyd,Melvin Ingram,Devon Still,Courtney Upshaw,Janoris Jenkins,Mark Barron,Vontez Burfict, Dont'a Hightower,Lamichael James,Robert Lester,Jared Crick,Stephon Gilmore,Andre Branch.

    Don't know enough about the draft to comment

    also the Cowboys top FA target will be Michael Griffin

    Certainly possible, the biggest need is FS, there is no one else in free agency and no one in the draft. I hope not though. But if we can't get carl nicks or marshall yanda (We will have no shot at calais campbell or mario williams because they will be tagged), I guess.

    and dont be surprised if they go after Matt Forte and possibly DeSean Jackson.

    Both are these are impossible, given we are stacked at both positions and that they will be very expensive free agents and that they will be tagged if need be. This really puts the credibility of this in doubt.

    Newman will be released, they will attempt to bring Marty B back.

    Expected, unless they are unable to get a cb in the draft.

    I have little doubt Marty B will be resigned.

    also Sean Lissemore will get a nice payday this offseason.

    I would LOVE if they pulled a trent cole on him.
  10. Frozen700

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    We need an Elite pass Rusher tho
  11. Cowboys Fan NJ

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    I am probably the only one, but I wouldn't mind D Jax here. I highly doubt it ever happens, but if we can get him to play for us, there's one player who would play with "swagger" just like there have been dozens of threads here demanding to see. There is your solution. He plays with a swagger you won't get from many other players. Again, I doubt it happens though, although I do think the Eagles will be letting him go.
  12. Fletch

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    Way to premature to be upset about anything. This season is not over.
  13. Fletch

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    Hostile. You've seen a few years out of Nick, right? He is the QB from the University of AZ. A Texas native. What do you think of possibly taking him in the draft?
  14. Wayne02

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    Holmes will make the roster next year. The Cowboys obviously thinks he's worth keeping otherwise they wouldn't have him active on game days while he's injured. Radway would have made this team this year (per Jerry) had he not gotten injured and Harris will also improve and has ST value. Holley and Ogletree will be the odd men out.
  15. casmith07

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    No. Ten cent head.
  16. RS12

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    For god sakes they cant see the pass rush is priority one? No mention of DeCastro or Konz because DeCastro will be gone and it will be too early for Konz? Michael Floyd when they are stocked at WR? Burfict complete knucklehead? DeSean Jackson me me me I I I?
  17. JackWagon

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    Foles is a good prospect but i dont think you take him in the top 2-3 rounds. Don't reach too high for him. Same with Cousins from Mich St. 4-7 anywhere in there is a good place to go get a guy that needs to mature as a QB.
  18. Hostile

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    He is very accurate, tough, and is a natural leader. He is not very mobile though. Big arm.

    I would take him. I know the Cowboys scouts were here for almost every game to watch him.
  19. Eskimo

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    I don't think we need an elite one as those guys are too hard to get.

    I was just thinking of maybe getting a 28-30 yo vet DE who would be better off playing about 50% of the defensive snaps as a specialty pass rusher. I want the kind of guy who will often beat 1-on-1 blocking so teams will pay for routinely double-teaming Ware.

    I am really hoping we can get a guy like Osi. It depends on the numbers for the cap. I hear that he and Ware are good friends off the field as they both wen to Troy - may give us an advantage. I also understand he doesn't want to go back to NY which also gives us an advantage. He is coming off an off-year so that should make him more affordable.
  20. perrykemp

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    I agree. I thought the Eagles signing Jason Babin this offseason was a meaningless acquisition. Instead, the guy is leading (or near leading) the NFL in sacks with 18. I was wrong on what his impact would be.

    The painful part... they signed him to a 5 year 28 million dollar deal --- very similar to what we just extended Orlando Scandrick for.

    Who got the better value?

    I do feel that these slightly aged pass rushers are the type of players that it is ok to go after in Free Agency.

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